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hi everyone i will try to make this as brief as possible.

i have been suffering from anxiety and ocd since i was in my late teens im 32 now.

all my life i only suffered mentally and the only occasional physical symptom of heart palpitations.

begining of this year however has been different. i started getting dizzy which later became constant head pressure is the only way i can describe it, and the most mysterious symptom was and still is facial tightness pressure pulling feeling that starts anywhere from between my eyes, forehead and sinus area. please keep in mind that i have visited so many doctors and have undergone numerous tests all of them said i am fine.

i will list the physical symtoms that i got this year.

  • facial tightness (forehead, between eyes)
  • aching jaw
  • head tightness pressure
  • heart racing and palpitations
  • finger numbness and toe numbness usually on right arm and foot
  • head tingling
  • blurred vision
  • throat and chest tightness
  • tense muscless sometimes all over
  • lost tons of weight

i am currently taking zoloft for the past 8 weeks and honestly has helped i would say by 50 % and has helped some of the above symptoms.

my question is are these physical

symptoms really anxiety related ? especially the face forhead tightness, tingling or pressure ?

the reason im asking is because the above symptoms happen to me even if im not anxious and in fact id be relaxed mentally and it will hit me it doesnt matter if im stressed or not.

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    it sounds like TMJ, when you sleep if you're stressed or anxious you clench your teeth which can cause all the above symptoms

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      yes to all the aforementioned. Aj! Anxiety's a tricky thing (for sure!)

      I DO agree the jaw issues maybe tmj.....I too do a whole lot of clenching and grinding my teeth! it sucks cuz I've really worn down my teeth badly.

      I also experience numbness and tingling in my calves and feet....do you?

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      the thing is ive always clenched when sleeping why have my sympyoms showed up recently. its confusing to be honest, on top of that i just started taking zoloft and i have insomnia and it causes clenching aswell.

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    Yes, I have had all of the symptoms you have described. I believe the forehead and sinus sensations are from clenching your mouth/jaw during an episode of anxiety. I never noticed that I did that until i made it a point to. My anxiety symptoms change occasionally. I will have a period of time when dizziness is the main symptom, then a few months down the road it will change to a racing heart rate, then stomach issues, etc. All the symptoms you have described sound anxiety related to me, and like you mine started in my mid teens, and I am now 36. I've now had anxiety issues longer than I have lived without them.

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      thats so true. the symptoms morph and change into something different every few months.

      do you also get the forhead numbness and sinus pressure ?

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    AJ, what you mention is exactly what I am going though at the moment.

    In particular the weird head pressure feeling and the blurred vision.

    The weird feeling/pressure has been going on for 5 weeks now but the blurred vision in one eye only started suddenly last week, it's anything in the distance that's now blurry.

    I also got weird feeling in my left temple and I went a&e on Friday worrying I had temporal arteritis and they tested my bloods and said everything was fine and told me to see my Dr today which I did and he didn't even seem that bothered all because my bloods where normal.

    I tried to tell him about my vision being fine and suddenly over night going blurry and he answer was to get my eyes tested despite me getting my eyes tested in August and having 98% perfect vision.

    I also for the last 2 days been getting nausea and dizziness and again all because my bloods were fine he didn't seem concerned about his and just said it's probably sinus related.

    now I am no expert but your vision in one eye doesn't just suddenly degrade over night?

    at the moment I am really anxious about it all. I am worried it's something serious like a tumour or bleeding on brain. and all cos my blood tests came back normal they aren't testing me any further.

    I know anxiety can mimic symptoms but surely not blurred vision?

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      i cant describe the feeling i just got reading your post.

      i went through exactly what you are going through and i have went to every doctor possible and have done so many tests. i thought i had a stroke i thought i had temporal artiritis and brain tumor because of the dizziness blurry vision and weird facial and head tingling numbness pressure.

      im telling you this and please take my advice i tried everything under the sun to help my symptoms and the only thing that worked is xanax, it completely removed my symptoms temporarily. i am currently on zoloft and stopped the xanax unless i feel its unbearable. im at the stage where im praying the zoloft starts working at 100 percent.

      go see a psychiatrist who knows about this and can give you something to help it.

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      hey AJ

      my Dr hasn't tried me on any medication.

      It's like as I am typing this right now i can feel pressure in my head at the front and I feel dizzy. surely this has to be a sign of something serious??? it can't be just anxiety?

      I sleep quite bad, get about 4 or 5 hrs a night, as for teeth grinding, I don't know, I don't recall grinding them

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      do the symptoms come and go ? do you feel pressure and dizzy for a while and then you dont and then comes back ?

      if it was serious the symptoms wouldnt just go away.

      anxiety is serious and is debilitating. i have been like this since january this year.

      my sleep is bad aswell, and i get these symptoms even when im not feeling anxious at all.

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      Yeah they do come and go. in particular about an hour after waking up and tend to stay with me most of day, only thing that takes my mind off it is playing ps4.

      only thing I don't get is headaches which the logical part of me says that if it was anything serious then surely I would get headaches? but then the anxiety side of me thinks that maybe I am one of the few people who has something serious but don't get headaches.

      The dizznyess and pressure is awful, it doesn't make me dizzy enough to need to sit down but when it happens I feel everything around me is too busy or noisy if that makes sense

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      i get it i really do. it got so bad for me that i was bed ridden. my symptoms would last all day but gets better at night. its a horrible feeling and not a way to live

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      im telling you the best thing you can do is get your mind off of it and try to find a good doctor to prescribe something. how old are you

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      ive always had anxiety but it never manifested physically like this, which is why i keep thinking something is wrong with me physically

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