I think I'm going to end up sectioned

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I give birth on Saturday I felt I was having palps so took my pulse it was in low 50s again took it said 40 so thought must be exhaustion as I was laid up feeding my baby I never mentioned it to the nurses as it's a phone app anyways before I left I got a ecg due to mentioning the palps which the doctor said is sinus arrhythmia ( normal ) he explained about valves ect and also told me sometimes they can't pick everything up on ecgs and if it carries on to go to my go for a full check up ect I wasn't at all anxious I felt really calm and I was fine .

I got home felt crap for a few days then gradually starting to feel human well we are on day 5 since baby been born and today went from amazing to absolutely horrible basically I went out shopping cleaned the house I felt so full of energy for once and like me ! I got home and my anxiety about blood clot starts playing up I have yellow phelm and I coughed and a blood clot tiny little thing was init I've coughed up stuff like this before due to sinus infection ect so I shouldn't of worried but as I've been put on fragmin ( due to giving birth to my third child apparently your more at risk of dvt) that put it in my mind that I have a dvt so I start crying and all night been very angry with my poor partner and very emotional crabby and all in all a horrible person when he's been perfect I then tonight take my temp which keeps going from 34 to 35 (35 is my average temp normally ) so I thought I'll take my pulse too just because it brings up oxygen and I felt like I couldn't breathe right well my pulse was 45 ! Panicking I did it about 50 times for the highest it to go was 60 I started having a panic attack and still it stayed 52 bpm while I'm shaking like a leaf my partner says I'm shaking so much I'm going to make him bring his tea up instead of laughing like I normally do I was horrible and snappy to him now I can't stop crying I feel like I'm going to leave my babies without a mother I can picture it clearly and I'm absolutely petrified !

How is it I felt amazing to now having a low heart rate and low temp and generally panicking every five minutes I'm now back to Googling and checking my pulse every minute I'm exhausted my eyes are rolling back for sleep but instead I'm too busy checking my heart and temp I need to be alert for my beautiful family but I won't be able to if I'm in a anxious state I don't even know what I'm asking boot wanting but I think this is it for me I am actually dieing I'm now even panicking over the kids getting poorly or hurt ect I can't stop my mind from worrying I can't enjoy life when my life had just become so perfect 😭

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    Thanks currently I'm having palpation and my hr is 125 bpm ! I just feel I'm probably doing this too myself I'm back into the habit of checking constantly and Googling I've just Googled you can have a enlarged heart and heart attack days week months after birth and just die like that I hate this so much I can remember having palpation after both my children so I don't know why I find this one different although they did ignore me last time and I ended up been very poorly this runs on my mind constantly I'm a nervous wreck and I can't even be left alone now so I'm not able to sit and rest xx
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      Relax sweety. Its true. You are anxious which triggers fight or flight response and your hr will go up. You Tube search guided meditation for anxiety this helps me and i have palpataion too have had them for almost 13 year and im alive. I knowthey are scary realize its a vicious circle. Anxiety causes palpataion. And palpataions cause anxiety around and around. I deal with anxiety without meds.. Hard to fo but surely manageable.. Around my mensuration it is horror but i keep tellung myself this to i shall over come and i cant worry about something beyond my control... Hope this helps you..
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    Well I've just had my last fragmin injection so hopefully my anxiety will calm as that was a trigger also I don't like the thought of somebody not a professional injecting me and of course my anxiety was telling me the worse of all possible I've had a higher pulse most of the day im just hoping it stays normal although I did have attacks where my pulse was 125 ect but I was very anxious at the time too I think sometimes when life's going good anxiety doesn't like that and I get scared of something going wrong so it does I'm going to try my hardest to be strong for my family hopefully it won't go low again xxxx
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    OK well last night I managed to feel normal actually I felt amazing and I felt so great that every symtoms I had I could ignore woke up this morning fine then all of a sudden my right hand has gone nunb this lasting over a hour now it's got better but still not fully back they was no reason for it to start and I had just sat down to relax .

    Well I had a panic and had all the symtoms of anxiety running to the loo burning scared feeling in back of neck I got a wash and carried on trying to ignore all the symtoms I came to sit down I did my makeup with my right hand still numb and weak when lifting or trying to use a blusher brush even ! But trying my best to tell myself it's not a stroke ect I'm OK now my right face also feels strange i have a twitch in my right eye too and I kind of got like a static shock in my finger which was strange as I was washing my hands not touching any metal well now it's turned into a right side headache / migrain and again I'm panicking it's a stroke again and yet again my horrible side has come out snapping and not wanting people talking to me ect I keep looking in the mirror and telling myself I'm OK but my brain is saying it's a stroke and I'm ignoring it I had carpal tunnel with my other son so I keep just telling myself it's that but anxiety won't let me at all .

    I've got to go into town to get my baby to doctors for conjunctivitis and I'm scared I'm going to have a stroke / collapse in front of everyone I want to lock myself away again but I know I can't 😩 I'm exhausted with stress from anxiety it won't leave and I have different symtoms everyday before I had baby my doctors wanted to do a ct scan on my brain due to headaches vision disturbance ect and said she couldn't due to pregnancy now I'm also scared I have some sort of tumour it just never stops until it ruins my life 😣 xxx

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