I've been sick for 2 months now

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I've been to every hospital I can go to. I have Gerd they say along with heavy head,blurry vision,tingling hands and feet,can't sleep at night seem like I got a golf ball stuck in my throat. I just want my life back all EKG come back good all blood work good anxiety is terrible.

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    I have had similar situations over the last 2 years. Started with chest pains they said I had esophagitis and gerd but I never feel any acid in my throat. I've had stress test EKGs colonoscopy endoscopy I've been to the ER probably 12 times in the last 2 years everything comebacks normal. I have terrible anxiety I have borderline panic attacks I just cannot believe that my body feels this way because of anxiety but it's starting to really look that way. I'm getting my second endoscopy tomorrow morning, my body vibrates I get sharp pains in my throat and my neck I get pains in my wrist I feel like I'm going to pass out my body is just making all these rushing feelings. I want my life back to I'm trying everything it really sucks I'm still convinced the doctors are missing something

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    Hi Big Baby

    From my experience so far you have come to a good place for resources of those who have suffered as you have with Gerd, and Reflux in many forms.

    When I initially started with it over a year ago now, it was painful, scary, and depressing. Even now when I develop a new symptom I am not used to I get easily stressed, and anxious. In fact one of the most common effects of this problem that I have found so far is anxiety. 

    Since this started I have gone through intense burning, gas, slowed food evacuation, extreme bloating, sensations of my abdomen being asleep (the only way I know how to describe it) extreme dizziness, extreme fatigue, tingling on my scalp, very sore legs, tingling hands, over the past two months the left side of my face is sore, the teeth on that side ache, and are sensitive. My left sinus more than right burns, the roof of my mouth on left side burns sometimes, sore throat, my eye water on the left side, as well as an earache on that side.

    I literally feel, taste, and smell the fumes from the acid in my stomach.

    I cannot say all of the symptoms are strictly linked to the reflux, and acid issues. The fact is I have been in and out the doctors for a year now, with multiple tests and blood word that have come back clean. Other than gastritis, and H Pylori showing up. I have gone through antibiotics, and PPI's.

    All that said, there is hope, and I am going to just paste what I posted to someone else earlier. And you will find lots of others on here who will more than likely tell you the same thing. I am sorry if this runs so long.

    I have been dealing with the same thing for the past year. All my life almost no doctor visits. All of a sudden an entire year spent in, and out of doctors, and still not done.

    It can be very frustrating when they give you that look, or when it seems that because they cannot physically see the results of the pain you are feeling. Then comes the questioning glances as if maybe you are a little hypochondriacal. 

    Well, in my case they are not totally wrong. I have the tendency to overthink, and seriously stress over little things. That being said, I know the pain I am feeling is real, at least to me.

    But, as other people are saying here, I am finding the doctors are not wrong when they say that stress, and anxiety can create some serious health problems.

    I have found that getting a very honest hold of my diet, exercising at least as much as my health will allow, breathing exercises, and meditation have gone a long way to helping at least bring the symptoms under control. Then when I add to all of the above getting a firm grip on my thoughts rather than letting my imagination run away with me, I definitely am more functional. The fear, and anxiety makes an already painful situation much worse.

    Also, riding the Google search pony on a regular basis, big no no for me. This turns anxiety into an addiction, and almost an art form. It is a hard habit for me to break, but man alive, if I don't stop every freckle or bump becomes a life threatening disease.

    I think it is wise to talk with the Doctor, find out the test that need to be done, get the information, get a good grip on diet, and life choices, keep the stress to bare minimum, and get down the business of healing.

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      Hi BigBaby 

      When it comes to medication I hate to tell anyone yes or no, unless I have experienced it myself.

      I will say this, my Doctor offered to send me for a mental health evaluation, and I told her I did not want to be put on antidepressants. That is me, I don't want them because while some may be helped by them, I have not heard good things about the long term with them.

      There are many things a person can do to help their depression, and anxieties. I prefer personally to exhaust those, I think I would only ever go to the chemical medicine as a last resort. Again that is me.

      I do not know the seriousness of your depression or anxiety, or if you feel that you are beyond taking any control of it. I would not want to tell you something that is going to get you hurt.

      There are some things you can try in the mean time until you and your doctor decide on the medication.

      These are things that help me, and many people on this site I have come across.

      You can search the web for deep breathing exercises (which even the medical industry says shows promise for reflux suffers), meditation definitely helps, exercise where you can handle it if nothing else just walking helps me, warm sunlight, improving your diet.

      One of the most important, spend your time thinking about getting better, not how bad off you are, don't spend lots of time on google searching your symptoms, and definitely don't overthink all the little things. All of these will defiantly increase your anxiety, and fear, and looking for the worst.

      Your thought processes will definilty make or break your health in the long run because stress causes your body to release the hormones that creates inflamation and toxins in your body. Whereas relaxing your nervous system causes your body to release healing hormones.

      Any other questions feel free to ask, I will respond where I can. I know there are lots of others on this site also who have been dealing with it much longer than me who have healed from it as well.

      Take care of your self. Michael

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    I have the same exact symptoms, but I feel sick everyday like I'm going to throw up and I have a fear of it so that just make's it worse, also I have been getting bloated everyday and can't sleep at night because of it, when I wake up eventually after falling to sleep, my stomach as gone down but it just bloats and gets really tight again when I eat, I have seen multiple of doctors and they are saying that I have got Gerd and IBS but surely all these symptoms can't be that, it has only been happening the past two months before that I was out everyday and now I can't even go out because I can't walk properly cause of my blurry vision and feeling sick everyday all day, I've tried endless of tablets that the doctors prescribed me but none of them seem to be working, I'm just getting worse, do you have any ideas and how are you feeling now.


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