I've had a chronic headache for 9 weeks! HELP ME!!

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Hello readers,

I am a 12 year old female and some of you may have read my post in headache- headache for 5 weeks-help me!!!!!!  I am not pregnant and I haven’t got my periods.


My headache started on the 2nd May and I came home from school early with a headache like I usually get- see below. My headache is continuous there in the morning and there in the night. Early on it was band like but now it is mainly at the back but it moves around a bit.  I feel like there is a lead weight tied around my head. My headache is worse when I focus or read or around loud noises. I also feel like my headache gets worse everyday.


I also have a few other symptoms:

- I struggle to get to sleep, I got to bed at 9:30 but don’t fall asleep to around 11:30 and my headache wakes me up at night up to 5 times a night, most commonly at 1 am, 3am and about 7am.

-I’ve also felt sick on and off much of the time but otherwise I eat a varied diet.

- I also have back ache although that started when I saw the chiropractor.

-Lastly I go from hot to cold and can be sweating and then need to clutch a hot water bottle.

-I am tired all of the time and constantly have to rest


I usually get a lot of headaches that are at the front of my head which go either over night or after taking Paracetamol. There is also a history of migraines in my family; my mum gets them so she is on a daily beta-blocker, my great grandmother also suffered with them.


I have tried quite a few medicines: Paracetamol, Calpol, Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol- a form of Codeine- which gave me really bad tummy ache. We suggested relaxants to the GP but she said it wouldn’t help so not to bother. I tried yoga which made me feel a little better but for only around 10 minutes. We also took me to the chiropractor but now I have really bad back ache, so we stopped that. Also, I found swimming good while in the pool but my headache got worse when I came out.


As of today, I have been to the GP 6 times. They first few said it was a virus. But the 3rd and 4th times I got a referral to CDU.

I’ve been there three times where I have had neurological tests, an MRI, to sets of blood tests and I also went to eye casualty where they took photos of the back of my eye. All of those where clear; I’ve also been to the opticians and I don’t need glasses. We’ve also rung 111 twice, been to 3 pharmacists and been to A&E twice. None of which was much help and I can’t help feeling like they’ve missed something simple.


I have been of school for 8 weeks now but I tried going back in twice but it became to much to bear and I really want to be there doing in the work. I am also a perfectionist. So I wander if the answer is for them to send some worksheets home so I can do it in my leisure?


Recently I have felt really low because of the pain and not seeing my friends and when I do people say I should because I’m ill so then I feel guilty and don’t but then I feel lonely. Some days I can feel very bad like I don’t want to live and lock myself in the bathroom because I want to get away. On those bad days like I mention above there is a voice in my head telling me I want to die. But who wouldn’t feel low if they had been in pain constantly for 9 weeks?


I am going to the paediatrics Friday.

Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been through this too?

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for any spelling mistakes, if you made it to the end- I wanted to include everything.

Thank you again, Jemma (jemstone49)

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    Hi Jemma

    I have a 13yr old daughter who has had 24/7 non stop migraines since Aug 17 last year. Her first lot started June 19 last year and lasted 23 days. She has gotten used to them but that's not the point. She is also a cluster headache sufferer. Migraines sit behind the left eye. Attacks are really horrible to watch as there's nothing I can do except hold her hand and wait until it passes. No school since August so now being home schooled. Great for a young teenage girl...

    Like you, she has been to multiple people. Neurologist, physio, naturopath, paediatricians, headache clinic, optometrist. Blood tests, mri, scans, meds. Been there, done that. Too many specialists don't believe her. Her neurologist said that there's no such thing as stress related migraines. I beg to differ. He also said migraines are common in girls around this age and that her migraines will be gone by the time she's 15. He put her on topiramate then propanolol to no avail and she's now allergic to both. She's allergic to migraine relievers which are from the triptan family. Have you tried them? They may help. Maybe a naturopath? My daughter no longer takes anything and rides it out. I no longer complain of a headache as I can only imagine the pain she and you and many others go through on a daily basis. She does sleep and always has been able to. It's probably her only time of relief other than drinking a frozen coke.

    Her gp is stumped. The neurologist wants her to continue trying more meds. There comes a time when enough is enough.

    My heart sincerely goes out to you. Please exhaust every avenue you can. You may be one of the lucky ones who will eventually be helped. ?

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      my mum is on propanalol and it works for her is there more chance it could work for me?

      i'll mention naturopathy on friday

      thank you you sound like you really love your daughter, i hope one day you find something that can help her


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      Everybody reacts differently to all meds. My daughter was prescribed propanolol after immigran/sumatriptan and the wafers were prescribed and didn't work ( her throat and chest closed up so now allergic). Propanolol was prescribed after topiramate. Same reaction with topiramate as the triptans and was also making pain much worse. Propanolol wasn't any better.

      Migraine relievers given before beta and nerve blockers. Unfortunately, any form of preventative /pain relief doesn't do my child any good. Weaning off topiramate and propanolol was harsh. My cousins father in law in south america told me to get her off those types of meds as they were doing her more harm than good ( they are generally prescribed for over 18s here in Oz).

      I'm not saying for you to try propanolol as there has to be something else to try before you get into stronger stuff.

      Good luck ?

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      Hey, how's your daughter, I was just given amityptiline, nope no idea how to spell that, to help me sleep and am waiting for a prescription. Hang on in there!

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      Hi Franca, Just before I went into menopause I had a similar experience to your daughter, and was off work for nearly 3 months.I will keep this short, I had two diagnosis, my nuerologist was also stumped and diagnosed migraine, gave me meds and sent me on my way. My additional diagnosis was from a bone specialist, cant remember their medical name, they said I had cervogenic headaches, which is caused by a worn disc in my neck, and is aggravated by stress. These headaches were crippling and went from the middle of my back, up to neck, bottom of my scull on the left side over to my eyes. Had a painful head on the outside, and pressure with pain inside. Photophobia, and pain around left eye socket. Your post also caught my eye because of your daughters age so am thinking, puberty, looking down at phone alot and school work pressures. I was perimenopausal, and under alot of work stress. The chiropractor couldnt help me. I now have it under control due to lifestyle changes. I hope she feels better soon, my heart goes out to her.
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    today i went to the paeds and they did bloods testing for vitamin b12 deficiancy and thyroid- i'll get the results in a week

    i will have areferal for psycology unit to help deal with it

    the consoltant (how ever its spelt) said it could be post viral or a mix of migranes and headache

    here comes the best bit...

    if the bloods come back clear, i will have a 3 month trial of Pizotifen, which could help

    anyone here who has experience with pizotifen?

    thanks again


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      Pizotifen is a migraine reliever. Hope it helps and hope it's the only meds you're prescribed.

      My daughter has also seen a psych. It's to help get everything off your chest. My daughter isn't big about opening up but she still tried.

      All the very best, Jemma

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    Migraines suck whatever age you are. So sorry to hear you are going through this. If the doctors have ruled out anything serious, and you've tried numerous prescription meds, I say go the natural approach. Here's what I've researched and what is working for me:

    magnesium supplements, (not oxide) - migraineurs are usually low on magnesium but there is no good blood test. 

    Vitamin B12 

    Feverfew - herbal supplement for migraine. 

    5-htp - to increase serotonin. Migraines deplete serotonin levels.

    co q 10  (used to take this but it is reported to help)

    Vitamin B2 (if you don't eat much red meat you could be deficient)

    These are all natural and will not cause you side-effects, plus they are inexpensive. You'll have to try a couple of them together since they are not as strong but they work! Keep at it. Don't give up. You will get thru this. 

    Lastly, you said you haven't started to menstruate. I'm wondering if your hormones could be adjusting to start your period. Ask your gyn. Hormonal imbalance is a big factor in migraine as well. 

    Keep us posted. 

    Blessings to you, 



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    hi all 

    i have meeting at the school tomorrow about me hopefully returning and i feel sick to the pit of my stomach as they haven't been the best and i am absoloutely dreading it 

    can someone please say something calming or soothing?


    ?many thanks

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