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Hello, I have had a cough for about 2 years now and have been to the GP and hospital many a times but they  just give me some tablets that don't work or think i'm lying (one said it was a habit and basically told me I'm lying).  The cough is constant all day and most often i cough up mucus, I also constantly spit up mucus but sometimes the cough is dry (but it's not out of habit i have to or my voice goes funny and my throat goes all tickly).  I also get colds ALL the time and i feel like i just have a mild one 24/7.  I have a history of asthma but it's pretty much gone as i've only used my inhaler about twice in the last 2 years.  I get out of breath very easily for example walking up the stairs i find myself breathing heavily when i get to the top.  Sometimes by lungs get very sore and i feel like they're just expanding.

I have been diagnosed with anemia a few months ago and take 2 iron tablets a day, that was found as i was dizzy/ sore heads/ irregular periods, yet i am still ALLWAYS very tired and find it hard to concentrate and i just feel very lifeless and weak.

But for the past 3/4 days i have had a headache, it's not like a normal headache; when i move my eyes it feels like they're touching my brain which has a big bruise on it, also sometimes it feels like my brain is swelling up and my skull is going to crack open. Whether this is related or not i don't know.

If you have any idea what this could be then please please please tell me and ask me about any other symptoms i may have because i will have not noticed them or forgot about them because all of this has become an everyday occurance to me. I am so fed up with this constant cough, illnesses, tiredness and useless doctors that I feel i'm going mad.

Thank you for your time and suggestions

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  • barrie73120 barrie73120 mhairikellaway

    Go back to the doctor and mention (excuse the spelling) Barats Asophicus. My wife had a cough for 1 year and they were treating her for "postnasal drip". After she was told of the above by her daughter they put a camera down and found a tumor inher oesophicus (again, excuse spelling) Not to alarm you, but have it checked asap. My wife is noe 3 years in remission.

  • Fxyt1868 Fxyt1868 mhairikellaway

    I have had one for 1 year im 20 years old been to doctors they done jack all, guys what helps me is go to poundland and buy XXX mints it will stop it thru the day everytime I have one I don't get the feel I need to cough. Hope that helps and let me know if you find anything better 

  • ray31021 ray31021 mhairikellaway

    I do not know how you could contact me directly, but I feel I could help you understand where your problem is.

    Your internal system is very weak and certainly you need to act fast to regain your energy and start your life again.

    You must improve your metabolism and make sure you get to the bottom of your problem, because as you rightly said - medications are only temporary elimination of you symptoms, and in fact they cause much more serious side effects. Which you started to feel. For now i can tell you - you need to eat warm, cooked food. Elimintation of sugar and cold food is must. Also drinking juices is not good for you.

  • SunnyUK83 SunnyUK83 mhairikellaway

    There's a lot of things a cough can be.

    Post nasal drip that you are unaware of could be cause the lining of your throat to be irritated, causing you to cough.

    If you have asthma as you seem to mention, a cough is a symptom of your asthma not being in control. Dry coughing which leads to wet coughing can be a product of you irritating the lining of your lungs, causing mucus and fluid to collect, which you cough up. Do you have a red/brown and blue inhaler? The red one should settle the irritation down on your lungs, but won't necessarily stop the cough, thats what the blue one is for. The blue inhaler should relieve your symptoms. Although the red/brown one doesn't appear to do much, you still must take it for the effects to work. Especially if you are prone to colds/flu/chest infections.

    You say you are coughing up mucus sometimes, is this clear? Bubbled? Clear whitish or does it have a colour, brown/green/yellow/light yellow etc?

    If you are coughing constantly, the pressure on your body from doing this can cause headaches. I would google this so you can see if the symptoms of your headache sound like they could be cough induced.

    Barrie is also right in that it could be stomach related. Do you have acid reflux or feel uncomfortable after eating spicy or rich food? Many things can cause acid reflux, not just Barratt's aesophagus. Being over weight, eating rich food, smoking, the h.pylori bacteria in your stomach being out of control. If all other avenues keep coming back with normal results, perhaps ask your gp about stomach issues, it can be overlooked very easily.

    Lastly having chronic colds is a sign that your immune system is not performing at it's best (sorry you probably know that already!), which is probably why/ including the anaemia, you feel tired. The anaemia itself if not treated correctly can cause you to have a weakened immune system which inevitably will lead to catching viruses and them progressing into a cold.

    Can I ask what medication your dr prescribed previously?

    Can I ask what your diet is like? Have you tailored a specific diet to support your anaemia? Do you work a stressful job?

    This is going to sound like the same old tired rubbish people spout, but diet is really important for your body to function at optimal levels. Fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables, vegetables in general, chicken and turkey and fish. All these things contain vital nutrients your body needs and converts into specific energery to power your body. With anaemia this is probably especially true.

       Taking supplements is not the answer. They are good to take if you take them with a meal as the fats in the real food will be used to bind to the vitamins in the supplements. But taking supplements alone is not the best way for your body to get what it needs.

    Do you exercise? I know it must be hard when you are feeling tired all the time. But exercise is also good for your immune system (in moderation). It increases the blood flow to parts of your body, helps your circulation, all vital for good health. I know that non-impact sports are probably better for you, as running in itself causes capilaries and damage in the feet which, if you have severe anaemia may not be a good thing. But going for a walk, cycling etc....

    Lastly, if you are not getting anywhere with your gp, try a different dr. Most gps have a website which allows you to look up what they specialise in. Find a gp that has experience with anaemia. Lastly if you are still not getting anywhere is there a different way you can approach the gp. It may be that you aren't clear in what you are wanting to achieve, or clear in putting across how serious and life impacting this is for you. You could try writing down all the symptoms and how it impacts your life?

    Let us know how you get on, good luck

  • Nikongirl2 Nikongirl2 mhairikellaway

    Hi there.  First of all have you had a cat scan of your lungs since this all started??  Have you been to a good pulmonolgist??  I have Bronchiectasis and it makes you cough a lot.  What it is is the wideing of the airways in your lungs so you can't get rid of mucus like people with normal lungs do.  I have to do sputum clearance daily with a percussion vest and nebulizer with a saline solution Hypersal 7%.  I had a cough for years before being diagnosed because I got really ill with another life threatening lung infection that almost killed me.  They diagnosed both at that time.  Bronchiectasis can make you short of breathe also and can leave you open to other lung infections.  I also had Mac Lung disease 2 years ago.  Not saying you have Bronchiectasis but you very well could have it.  You need a good Pulmonolgy Dr. That knows what they are doing where do you live what part of the Country if I may ask.  You can write me any time my name is Beth.  Hope this helped you some.

  • max7707 max7707 mhairikellaway

    I've had the same signs for about a year exept that headache part.I also have seasonal allergy n suffer from asthma whenever I have to deal with the allergens... I cough 24/7 n sometimes it's dry but other times I cough mucus.I have to clear my voice most of the time when I wanna speak with other people.Right now that I'm writing this comment I coughed 5 or 6 times n it's disgusting even for me n I dunno what to do or where to go.I went to the doctor 2 yrs ago when I just started to cough like I do now n he gave me some medicine n I got better.But since the last year it came back n my life turned into a nightmare

  • 122375amy060480 122375amy060480 mhairikellaway

    I had similar problems but with scar tissue and being a female i did not absorb iron pills i now take ferrous sulfate elixer iron supplement and have broght my iron and ferritin up talk to your dr about iron and b12 blood tests. i was severly anemic with lung issues . I also had IViron pumped in me  as well 3@100 and 3@200 mg


  • lori18907 lori18907 mhairikellaway

    Reading this was amazing. As if I wrote it myself. I have also been coughing for 2 years and cannot breath. I have been through so much testing it's rediculous. I have been reading like crazy because I seriously feel if they don't pinpoint it soon they will be discovering the cause in my autopsy. I stopped going out so I will remain single forever and it takes everything I have to get through a work day. I feel like I am losing my mind

    • liz198657433 liz198657433 lori18907

      Hi. Just wanted to see if you got an answer to this. As ive had mucus cough for over 12 months now. Find it hard to breath even with the smallest of things. Ie stairs. My heart starts racing with it. N my muscles fel weak. Worried sick.

  • ShannonCS ShannonCS mhairikellaway

    I know this discussion was started 3 yrs ago, however seeing a few people have responded as recently as 5 month ago, I figured I should register and mentioned what happened to me, as it might be helpful to someone else.  I live in Colorado, which is at a high elevation, but I've lived here almost my whole life.  In March of 2015, I was in my late 40s, overweight with some knee problems but otherwise fairly healthy.  I started to notice that I tired easy and then that when I walked a distance or exerted myself, I would get sick to my stomach.  I went to my doctor several times and she prescribed some PPI for reflux.  Eventually it got so I couldn't walk 50 feet from the couch to the bathroom or from the elevator to my desk at work without getting sick to my stomach, and automatically doing this coughing/gagging thing.  Sometimes I would throw up but most the time, eventually the gagging would calm down and I would be okay, until I had to walk somewhere again.  

    I went back to my doctor but she was on vacation and the PA filling in really didn't want to deal with me, telling me to come back next week, he did write me a doctor's note to take off work and sent me to get some other diagnostics for my leg as it really hurt and i know I had a lot of edema.  During that week of waiting until my doctor returned, I got a lot worse with my leg hurting so much I could barely stand it and I could barely move without a gagging fit.  The morning before my appointment, I awoke with a swelling in my chest and right shoulder/neck, and called the office insisting on seeing someone today.  

    When a doctor I had never met before saw me, he immediately told the nurse to put an oxymeter on my finger and test my oxygen.  I don't know the reading but he said he was calling an ambulance as I needed to get to the ER right away and didn't want us driving there.  I noticed my weight was 10 pounds heavier than last week and I was up considerably since I got sick.  So the EMTs carried me out, gave my oxygen and transported me to the ER.  There they did a bunch of tests and admitted me with heart, kidney and lung failure.  I was in the hospital for 5 days, they took lots of tests and got almost 40 pounds of water off me with Lasix.  I was on disability for 3 months from work, meanwhile going to doctors daily and having lots of tests and I was on supplemental oxygen all the time. 

    I had a sleep study and was diagnosed with really bad sleep apnea and was told I had to get a CPAP.  It took months to get the sleep study, then the CPAC and then also a portal oxygen concentrator; so that I didn't have to use canisters of O2 and then I was able to go back to work.  My kidneys seemed to have recovered almost immediately, and I've had periodic heart ultrasounds, one due soon.  Until now at least my heart is enlarged but there was no change; so that's reasonably good.  I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension caused by sleep apnea, there are no drugs or procedures they could do to help me improved but using the CPAP regularly for at least 4 hrs a day should eventually get me off the supplemental oxygen.  Apparently, having sleep apnea causes the blood vessels in my lungs to constrict and thicken and that affects the functioning of the heart and lungs.

    The stomach upset and gagging I was experiencing was related to tachycardia (heart attack symptoms are frequently felt as stomach trouble in women).  My doctor weighted me, took my temperature and blood pressure at every visit but never once tested my oxygen saturation until I saw a doctor I didn't know and he sent me to the ER.  I never felt faint, had chest pains or anything else and I guess I really didn't notice lack of oxygen from living at this elevation all this time.  The one thing I did notice was over time before I was diagnosed I started hearing my heart beat in my left ear all the time.  It was something I had complained about to my doctor and other specialists for quite sometime and every one just said "that was interesting" but found no problem.  After I was diagnosed I read up on pulmonary hypertension and a sign of it is hearing one's heart beat constantly in their ear. 

    So 2.5 yrs later, I would love to say I was totally off the portal oxygen concentrator, but I'm not completely.  I did get to being able to not use oxygen when I was sitting down, after about a year and trying hard to use my CPAP for at least 4 hrs a night.  However, I still need oxygen to do anything more than a few dozen steps and I do use it at night; I have a home oxygen concentrator as well.  In fact I frequently use it at home most of the time, as I never know when I will be climbing stairs, taking a shower or otherwise really need it and having more than 88% oxygen saturation is actually good for me.  It is nice not to need supplemental oxygen out in public when sitting or taking short walks from one place to another and awkward carrying a 10 pound portal concentrator when walking.  However, I need it to get around and I keep working at using my CPAP to hopefully get off supplemental oxygen completely some day soon.  

    Losing some weight, building endurance and even moving to a lower elevation are all things that can help me but using the CPAP all the time is the main key to getting better and off supplemental oxygen completely.  The problem is I can't use it all the time.  I used to be addicted to Afrin type nasal sprays and that made things difficult but I recently got off them completely and can breath well without them.  I do have a lot of claustrophobia with using the CPAP and I have one of the best (smallest) head gears for that issue and can take sleeping pills if needed.  It's just that during my work week, I have so little time to get some sleep, I can't really mess around with using the CPAP.  Plus I think I have central sleep apnea instead or in addition to OSA, as even when using the CPAP I seem to have had apnea episodes.  I also never wake from using the CPAP feeling better, I always feel worse than if I had slept without it. 

    I know everyone says that once you get used to it, a CPAP will change your life, as you will feel so much better.  However, I''ve struggled for 2.5 yrs trying to use it off and on and I'm more miserable with it.  I will be going to a new lung doctor at the end of the month, so hopefully things might improve for me.  Recently my partner and I have been sick with a cold, flu or something and have both had really awful coughs for a long time.  I haven't' been able to wear my CPAP at all with the coughing and it's reduced my oxygen saturation some.  I got rid of the congestion fast but have had a dry, hacking cough for a few weeks, my partner has had it about twice as long as that and his doctor said it was bronchitis; nothing to do except what we've both been doing with expectorants, tea/honey, rest/time, etc.  Anyways, I still have a pretty good life and hope to get off oxygen someday soon, before modern technology and diagnostics 1 out of 3 people with pulmonary hypertension died each year.  So having pulmonary hypertension was a 1 to 3 yr death sentence, fortunately today with tests, technology, CPAP and supplemental oxygen, that isn't the case. 

    However, the reason I wrote all this was to hopefully let a few people know about pulmonary hypertension and sleep apnea.  My former doctor at least, as well as probably many other doctors, never even tested my oxygen saturation and we all live at 6,000+ ft elevation and did take other vitals each time.  I used to wake with killer headaches, which was because of the apnea.  I rarely have them anymore, even w/o the CPAP and using supplemental oxygen.  For years they thought the headaches were due to bruxism and I had different dental devices but nothing worked.  So if you have lots of coughing, are feeling tired a lot, might have some edema, have your doctor test your oxygen saturation at your next visit or buy an oxymeter at a drugs store (they are about $30).  Also consider getting a sleep study done.  About 5 yrs before getting ill, my blood pressure suddenly started to get high, after being perfect all my life.  I was treated with meds and got it under control but there seemed to be no cause beyond age so a different doctor suggested a sleep study, at the time I turned him down.  Hopefully the people who posted recently get a diagnosis, treatment and get better, and hopefully the information on this page will help someone some day. 

  • Amernurse Amernurse mhairikellaway

    I have history of pnemonia from post nasal for years.At 53 was diagnosed w asthma. Had bronkitus and pnemonia for 3 years then had sinus surgery for deviated septum & turbinates reduced. Have not had pnemonia but now after 3 years have Clear thick mucus back of nose after 6 months starting affecting asthma. coughing worse at night, sleeplessness and fatique. Meds include gentamycin nasal rinse 2 × day. Zrytec, mucinex, dulera inhaler, spiriva inhaler. Zantac , anticholergic nasal spray along w pulmonologist & ENT think Allergy related W asthma exacerbation..have alreay taken 2 antibiotics and 2 medrol steroids all summer nothing works now on 40 mg oral sterioids 5 days. using nebulizer daily. last immune tests were normal.. take probiotics too. My fatigue is better sleeping alittle better. cough at night still waiting for blood work..I think mold or fungus deep in sinuses.. CT of sinus normal...

  • allison64611 allison64611 mhairikellaway

    I’ve had a severe cough now for 3 months, I’m only 14 and i do have asthma but nobody smokes in the house. I’ve went to my pediatrician various times and all they say is that i  have allergies, but i never had them before and it’s not even allergy season. My cough has been giving me headaches and I’ve been coughing up mucus every time i cough.  They say i don’t need x-rayed but this has been going on forever and i feel weak

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