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I was almost in a wheelchair but actually 20 years of CS

Im amazed that few of you mention surgery. Having had 2 fusions and a decompression, I suggest a good neurosurgeon can help to stabalise a bad case of CS. However, make sure that he goes in the front door, as the only time my man opted to operate on me face down for 3 hours, it caused a lower lumber problem. If its any consolation to new sufferers, I managed to build a business into a quoted plc, while suffering from chronic CS. The worst part was having lots of strange symptoms, which have only recently been recognised as part of it. Im currently having tests for angina, which may turn out to be another aspect of CS.

Incidentally, if anyone is not yet sure what they have, look out for mis diagosis. 20 years ago, when it first started, I saw a neurologist who diagnosed shako marie tooth disease. This red herring confused my teatment. I was almost in a wheelchair, with permenant damage to the spinal chord, before the true problem was recognised and I had an operation to eliminate the pressure a damaged disc was putting on the chord.

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  • Mike5172

    Well now I am offiicially impressed. Yorky how on earth did you manage to run a business? I have to assume that your operation really worked for you - I've also heard of others having had no benefit at all. I always wonder how much of it is down to the skill of the surgeon. I've been told that its too risky to operate on my neck but this leaves me hanging in a kind of limbo life not able to achieve much, just waiting until I'm so bad that they will take the risk and operate - with no guarantee of success.

    I would really like to know how you managed - or is the angina perhaps a result of the massive effort you must have made?

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