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I was born without a properly formed hip joint and had a...

I was born without a properly formed hip joint and had at least five operations before I was five to correct it. When I was 10 I had a nasty road accident and suffered a bad compound fracture of my ankle and I had at least three operations and thankfully this saved my ankle although I was prone to spraining it at the slightest twist for a few years. I did everything that I was supposed not to do played sport and was very active until I had my two children. Early Osteoathiritus led to a full hip replacement when I was 35.It was diagnosed when I was suffering badly with my back which had been damaged and consequently I had spondylosis of the spine.

About four years ago I suffered a bite on my leg from a mosquito which turned into an ulcer, that took some time to heal only for me to then be bitten on the leg by a dog! (The same leg)I went on holiday to Thailand and suffered symptoms like cellulitus badly swollen legs puffy red and shiny. I ignored this and it did calm down. However, last year I went to Mexico and was in total agony - my legs were red swollen, puffy, blistery and I could not bend my ankles. The day after I arrived back I went to the doctors and was sent straight away to hospital where they treated me for suspected DVT, a drip for three days and a high dose of antibiotics. On the third day after a scan it was confirmed as cellulitus. After that I was free of it but now it is creeping back again in one leg. Interesting to read comments as I believe that it is connected to wounds or weaknesses/operations on the legs and also overweight. I am overweight by at least 2 stone. Rather long history but it may help others and share common contributory factors and symptoms.

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