Im 16 i cant go on like that anymore.(anxiety,Panic attaks)

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Im 16 i have anxiety and panic attaks i fear every day hour second that i will have hearth attak or somthing like that i used to think i have cancer becouse a lump was on my neck did blood test after blood test and they didnt show any cancer i still fear that might have also i get shortness of breath and whenever this happens i fear that i will have hearth attak.I just cant go like that its summer and im wasting my time worrying that i might die.My friends called me to go out i didnt becouse feel anixety all the time i had last panic attak 3-4 days ago and i fear i will have one soon...The only thing that keeps away from depression is the gym i go there with goal in mind focused and thats only place i forget about my anxiety problems and health.I feel if i stop going i will fall in depression and feel a lot worse.I dont want to tell my family about this anxiety and panic attak i fear they might think im crazy.What do i do to stop it?

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    First, I would say it would be a good idea to go to your family. I am 17 and have had some anxiety problems, probably not as bad as you but they are still there. I was terrified to tell my family when one day I was on this forum and was pushed by someone to do it. And then after a bit I told my mother by writing a letter that explained everything clearly so she would completely understand and I wouldn't mess up with my speech. And I learned that she has some anxiety as well and she called the doctors and made and appointment for me to get help. And I said in the letter to not tell anyone sense I don't want other people to see me differently.

    I would recommend that, your parents will understand. Maybe not at first but they will. And if they don't look elsewhere, outside your family, people do care about your wellbeing. I do and I don't even know you, and everyone else on this forum does as well. Dont worry you are not alpne in this.

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    I'm sorry to hear you are having this. I am 34 and began having anxiety at the age of 14. Here are a few things I have found over the years that have helped. First, do talk to your family, especially your mother if you are close. You need an outlet to let go of some ot that stress. I had pretty bad anxiety at your age, and at that point in time I found that a vitamin B12 suppliment helped, I'd take it with me if I were going to go out with friends and began to feel anxious. It seemed to take the edge off a bit. Please know that you are not going to die or have a heart attack. I have been to the doctor and to the ER many times with racing heart. I even once had a reading of 180! your heart rate generally is under 100. The best thing to keep reminding yourself is that it will pass, and it will, Go to youtune and look up cardiac cohesion. Its a video that will help you learn to breath correctly and slow your heart rate. I also find splashing my face or neck with cold water when I'm having a panic attack helps. A nurse told me it helps to reset the vagas nerve and lower your heart rate. Kinda shocks you into breathing more deeply. And finally, dont be afraid to seek treatment. Doctors see this stuff all the time! its very prominent in our culture and it ok to feel nervous. I myself am going through a rough patch at the moment. About every 5 yrs my anxiety seems to flare up and I need new medications to control it better. But just know its going to be ok, You will start to learn ways to cope with it and distract yourself, and even if you don't, there are plenty of people in the medical community to help you feel better. Try to just breath and carry on, kiddo!

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    Sheldon is right, Lightor, give your parents a chance to help you, Honey. I am way older than you, but I do know that if my son was in trouble when he was young, I would have been hurt because he felt he couldn't come to me.

    He is now a middle aged man and I still feel the same way...any way I can help, I do. There are still times he will call and ask for advice.

    I am among those who care what is gong on with you. Indeed, you are not alone. Really think about talking to mom or dad or both. When I was your age, it was my dad I would go to first, then he would go with me to mom about whatever the problem was. A big hug to you, Honey.

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    16 is such a young age to suffer from this anxiety. I am sorry to hear it. Despite the horrible feelings and sensations that come with an attack, you can learn ways to cope. I found out the hard way that depression quickly follows when you can't handle the anxiety and isolate yourself / bottle it up. It's great your still at the gym.

    Anxiety is always higher for me in the summer for some reason. I think the heat /sweat mimic's that hot flush sensation you sometimes get with an attack.

    I would definitely talk it over with your family, they will be supportive and it'll help you realise you're not going crazy.

    Things I have learnt to cope and at one point I was having attacks 3-4 times an hour. There was no respite!. Mine came on at 25 for no reason what so ever!

    Read - district your mind and get creative. Your thoughts will quickly flow to that book you recently read over your feelings.

    Tell your friends - this helped me in work a lot, if people around you know what your going through, you'll be amazed at how supporting they can be. If not, then I guess they aren't really true friends sadly. We all find out who true friends are in times of need.

    Don't Google -100% do not Google symptoms, medications, side effects etc. You will only send your anxiety and panic to another level. Health anxiety is so much harder to overcome when every sensation you feel is impending doom. If you think your heart rate is high, you will notice it, enhance it and trigger an attack. The thought process is the driver.

    Breath - There is a brilliant app called HeadSpace, it's free and it has 10 - 10 minute sessions that teach different breathing techniques and methods to control your thoughts and observe when they run away from you and how to get them back again. It has helped me dramatically.

    Face your fears - This is by far the hardest, but if you have a panic attack in say Asda, don't avoid it in the future. The enviroment and situation will never change, only how you deal with it will. Stay calm, breath, step back and try again. You'd be surprised at the number of people that struggle with anxiety and facing your fears will make you realise it wasn't that bad after all.

    Get.selfhelp - there is a good website that has loads of free material about anxiety and has a cognitive therapy module that is worth a read.

    Ask the doctor for a referral for Therapy, it seriously helps more than medication. Beta blockers can help take the edge off, but they will will slow you down physically, especially at the Gym.

    Hope some of this helps. Stay strong and keep posting on here, people will always help smile

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    You are young at 16 you should be enjoying your life not being scared of everything. I would talk to a trusted adult like your parents or teacher because you need to have someone to talk to about your panic attacks and anxieties. 

    Yes they are scary i fear the same thing and I am 48 and in menopause 

    Have your parents take you to the doctor because maybe you need something to help relieve these anxieties 

    At your age it could be your hormones causing the problem 

    Talk to your doctor please 


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    I'mean so sorry, Lightor. Ditto what everyone else said. If you really feel you can't talk to your parents, is there another adult you can talk to? A school nuse or counselor, someone from a worship community, or a friend of the family? Remember, your anxiety is likely to make you think that people will judge you - but I really don't think most people will. They will just want to help you. Please don't put yourself through the agony of going through this alone. There are also crisis hotlines you can call for any mental health issue - just Google mental health crisis and your city. There are so many people out there who can help you - and SO many who know how you feel!! Remember, you are not alone, and you deserve to have help in dealing with this.

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    I forgot to mention, keep up with the exercise!!! That is one of the best treatments for both anxiety and depression - good for you for noticing that it helps you!
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    I agree with Sheldon my lovely, its hard enough being older and having to cope but you my lovely have so much to look forward to. I am so frustrated as over the years I have let this control me and I have wasted so much of my precious life with it please talk with your family they may not understand at first because unless you go through it only YOU know what you are going through. It breaks my heart to see so many young people going through this, when I was your age I went through the same but i couldn't tell my parents as I would have been told to get on with it, so years later because I didn't get the right help I suffered on and off and this time was the worst, but I had a really fantastic doctor my family are really supportive and I am on the right medication and having therapy she has really helped and is helping me to change my thoughts and beliefs. please don't go through life like me, seek the help and hopefully, your parents/siblings or a good friend will support you to get the help now. If it was one of my children I would be upset to know they are going through this on their own and i would get any help needed. well done for keeping focused that's really good and helps, you wont die darling but its also not nice to stop doing things you would otherwise enjoy Ive done it so many times but im fifty three (geriatric to you lol) but it is one of my regrets the anxiety controlling my life over the years and missing out in so many things but now I am going to control it please keep on touch on here and let us know how you are getting on. we all genuinely care and support each other even though we don't know each other but i for one have had a lot of support and reassurance, and if there is something you dont understand there will be someone on here to help good luck my lovely 

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      You are so young to have these problems, I agree with all above to try and discuss and gain support from your family members.

      Talk to your family GP about your concerns and do not be suprised if no medications are offered at this time. CBT may be offered.

      Try and understand what has caused your concerns and then you can work out the best way forward.

      In this term time are you taking examinations or have you been studying heavy and this has caused your stress and anxiety


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