im 21 and suffering with anxiety. i find myself unable t...

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im 21 and suffering with anxiety. i find myself unable to do simple tasks such as catch a buss into town alone, go out clubbing with friends, go out for a meal with friends, go to visit relatives i cant do any thing.

ive no confidence in my self always feel down and depressed, im never happy with the way i look, and wen i have these panic attaks i cant help sweating i have sweat dripping off my face and i feel every1s looking at me thinking ' look at her all sweaty' and laughing at me

i just need to no can i ever get better

i cant see light at the end of the tunnle

ive lost count of the amount of times ive tryed to commit suacide

i cant see any other way out

i just want to talk to someone who has been through wot im going through i feel so alone


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    You are not alone. There are hundreds of people out ther who feel the same as you. You can overcome this with some help. Go and see the pracctice nurse at your drs surgery and ask her to refer you to councilling or self help groups where you will meet people going through the same things as you.

    I am now 45 years old and my anxiety was nothing compared to yours but it has got easier as I have got older. Are you working or studying? You need to be with people of your own age.

    Good luck



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    I know how you feel - you are definately alone. You need to talk to someoneand be positive.

    You need to see your gp urgently - you cant carry on like this! Maybe medication will help and you definately need counselling. I have also heard hypnosis is good.

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    hi, im 19 and from 9 months ago started suffering from similar problems as you. However, after jus being told its in my head and letting the problem get worse i made a trip to see a doctor specialising in nutrition, allergy as well as hormonal probs etc. he did some tests and treated me for my deficiencies b12, b1, zinc, b6, magnesium all needed for the synthesis of GABA seretonin and other key neourotransmitters. 3 weeks on im starting to see signs of progress....and i feel a lot more positive about life!!! sure u can take drugs.but it will just cover up your symptoms and never solve the main problem!!!

    hope this gives you some food for thought!


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    First of all, I know you must hear hear this all the time but, you are NOT alone. Anxiety is common. We all feel stressed, self concious, down, annoyed, upset, deppressed, etc. It's all about how you deal with this. That is what I have learned.

    I am 22 years old and have been suffering for a while now. So much that I can't remember doing something (going out for example) without blaming myself for something or, putting myself down, over-analysing stupid small things and fall into a pit of depression over it. I felt to blame for all bad things that would happen to my friends. If they had a bad day I feel guilty for not being able to do something about it, when there is absolutly nothing I can do.

    This went on for a good few months. I repressed all my feelings and didn't talk about them. Not even to my best friends, whom I live with. I felt that I was wasting their time. That it was my fault if I bothered them eith my "small problems" when they've got far worse problems in their own life.

    I stareted to self harm as a result of this. I felt angry with myself. "That girl won't like me, I'm an idiot", "You shouldn't have said that. Now he hates you."

    I stil feel like this sometimes. Fortunatly, there are many things that can be done. I went to my doctors and she refered me to a councilor. I've only had one session but it's given me alot of things to do. Whenever I feel like harming, I do one of the relaxation techniques my councilor taught me.

    I still have panic attacks. But whenever I do it's time for a secleuded place, room, garden,etc, for a relaxing breathing technique. In (count to 7) and out (count to 11). I almost fell asleep in a field near the beach in Devon the over day cus it so relaxing. I've waffled on now haven't I? Yes. Yes I have.

    The main thing is, don't repress your feelings. There are always people out there that will listen. It's only going to hurt you in the end.

    I've been Josh and don't forget to tip you waitresses.


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    My life has been affected by being anxious all of the time for the last six years, since I left my husband to start a new life. I have sleep problems and find that my anxiousness and guilt feelings are affecting my relationships and my work. A few months ago I went to my GP to ask for help, as even little worries are getting out of hand. First of all she gave me betablockers. They gave me terrible headaches and now I have been prescribed Gabapentin to take this pain away. I was referred to our mental health unit. Last week I had an appointment with them. I was really looking forward to finally being able to talk about my worries and getting some help. I was seen by a psychiatric nurse who seemed more stressed than I was! The appointment lasted only ten minutes and she wasn't interested in my problems but gave me a handful of leaflets which I had already read. She said I could go on an anxiety management group course, which doesn't start until December. I am at my wits end really and don't know what to do next. I just long to be normal again.

    Does anyone have any experience of anxiety management? I'm not sure whether to go or get some counselling privately sooner, which may cause me more stress due to the cost. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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    Hi there

    Sorry to hear that you have had an awful experience with a Psychaiatric Nurse. It appears that you do not feel validated and that you feel as though you have been tossed to one side. I have had a few experiences the same. I might as well have done my own diagnosis, rather than what any services have done for me!!

    I have been on betablockers and they made me shattered all the time untill I become used to them. I came off them gradually, as they are not good to take them long term and did not really help with my anxiety atall.

    I experienced panic attacks which lead to agoraphobia and I can tell you I was afraid to even have a cup of tea before I went out, incase I might experience panic in a shop I might be sick or run screaming from the shop!! It seems I was embarressed of myself.

    I laugh now, as that problem was huge to me then. You will become stronger, when you realise you have a right to be who you are and accept who you are and not to fear anybody and what other people might think of you.

    These funny fears come when our bodies have been under great stress or we feel guitly and a bad person for what ever reason, may have happend in your past.

    Learn to love who you are. Take care of yourself. You will relax and one day without realising it, your lists wil probably become smaller and the worries I hope will begin to cease.

    My regards


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    where to start, suffered for about 12yrs now the last 4 yes 4! yrs wiht help

    I tried to fight this on my own thinking I was getting old ( Iwas 37!) untill one day I wanted it to end. with the help of my wife and the thought of my young children I it the bullet and went to my Doctor.

    (At this point I must state I'm a 6ft2in man 16st and look as if I could chew broken Glass! ) Boy was it tough, but unlike you the help was second to none. I think the cpn you saw needed a slap! i'd allowed myself 6 weeks to recover, 4yrs later I'm now able to get my head around it, but still trying to be free of it

    Please seek Help! IT IS AN ILLNESS!

    Good Luck

    Cheers Take Care Ian........ :D

    Sorry for any typos :oops:

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    hi S.

    i went through your experience and even worse, and this is my 4th year with GAD. Me too, 21 years old.

    I was the most popular at school, very clever and hard working with A+ grade for all coarses. Now, my grades declined, as everything else....its been along time since i last laughed from my heart, i felt that i dont deserve to live....

    Look S, i didnt go to doctors, and i will not, i believe that i will recover and take the lead of my life again, and im working on that.

    My approach is to be more faithfull, to believe that god will help me, that he is very merciful and that he didnt bring me to this world just to torture me, no, he brought me to this world and gave me life because i can change the world to be a better place...

    well, i hope i inspired you dear S. when i read your experience my heart bleaded, it was as if i was reading my own experience...

    I hope we both get recovered S.

    plz keep in touch, i joined the forum today, im Noowa.

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    I know how you feel.

    I used to have trouble going out with friends or even a night out, usually I would make up some excuse to stay in. It's getting better now as I have a girlfriend who loves and cares about me smile

    Anxiety is very hard to live with, I've had to literally force myself to go out sometimes and it really does mess your head up - but believe me it does get better.

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