Im bloody starving!!

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Ok so day 1 of orlistat and im bloody starving!!

I have done weight watchers before and feel like i am doing it again!

Do we have to eat hardly anything to loose weight??

So far today i have had porridge and fruit for breakkie, spaghetti on weight watchers toast for lunch and a jacket spud with low fat cottage cheese for dinner! (sounds more when you write it down!!) :oops:

I have had no side affects apart from boredom and HUNGAR! HELP!!!!! :twisted:

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    That sounds ok to me... :lol:

    Try and bulk up with veggies and eat lots of fruit. Muller Light yogurts are fat free and really tasty too.

    Good Luck

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    I feel the same as you kaz,started today and know I am starting to get bored and feel like I need to eat.I am finding this very confusing trying to understand what to eat and what not to eat.When I was on weight watchers I knew my points ect. so I therefore knew if I could eat anything else.

    please someone help!!!

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    It's quite simple once you get your head around it.

    Just add up the TOTAL Fat in everything you put on your plate and make sure it doesn't exceed 15g per meal while keeping an eye on the SATURATED Fat, try not to let that go above 5g. Yes the 5g of saturated is INCLUDED in the 15g of TOTAL fat (just in case you were going to ask) :lol: So that's on average 10g of GOOD fat and 5g of BAD fat per meal. Of course, if you can make the BAD fat any less all the better for you :!:

    I hope this has made sense :!: as I tend to waffle a bit :roll:

    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    I've eaten so well in the last fortnight better than ever before.

    My doctor just said this morning that porridge was the best breakfast if you could be bothered to make it, next was weetabix and shreddies the ones without the sugar on. I have veg soup and wholemeal bread or weight watchers baked beans on toast, lots of fruit, some snack size bananas because they're good for fluid retention. Sugar free jelly with a little bit of angel delight light on top made from skimmed milk. Sometimes a meringue nest with muller light yougurt, meringue nests have sugar but not too high in calories and if I need something sweet it does the trick.

    I make pizza using pitta bread as a base with tomato puree, a very low fat cheese and cherry tomatoes. Cauliflower cheese made with above cheese and skimmed milk, macoroni cheese done the same, quorn mince shepherds pie and loads of veg too.

    [b:0227e10722]This isn't all in one day but just some ideas.[/b:0227e10722]

    I'm a veggie as you probably see, I can have 1600 calories a day though, of course some of these won't be any good if you can only have half those calories? Doctor did say to make sure I have all the calories.

    Hope I've been some help. Good luck.

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    Hi Kaz

    I tried to reply to you last night but for some reason my response did not get to the site!!!

    Any way I found working out what and when to eat difficult at the start (Easter) when the Dr first said I had to lose weight

    I read the Food Doctor Diet and found the principles made good sense.

    I was able to follow these from March to June and lost about 5 Kgs (no orlistat) - oh yeah I was exercising 3 times a week - swimming or stationary bike

    Then in July I had heaps of work and jobs at home and it all went to pot - Ilost nothing

    The Dr said as I had done so well earlier I could try Orlistat so here I go

    The thing which helped the most this time has been the British Heart Foundation guide - So you want to lose weight for good. I am using the portion sizes to help keep a food diary

    So far I have not been hungry - I fill 1/2 my plate with veggies at each meal 1/4 with carb and the other with protien and this seems to be working. High fiber breakfasts also are good to start the day - All Bran, Dorset Cerials super high fiber muielsi or porridge are my faves

    Anyway sorry to go on so long but good luck]

    Happy Days


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    Thanks heaps you guys! you are all super super helpful! if it wasn't for this forum dunno what i'd do!!! xxx :wink: :lol:
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    I've actually been eating way more since on the pills because now I have a guideline of how much fat to eat. Usually I end up eating less than 15g a meal but I'm always stuffed. Here's some ideas of what kind of things I've been eating...

    Breakfast - Rice Krispies or Special K w/ skimmed milk; a slice light bread with LOW FAT peanut butter; fruit; Muller lights; porridge etc.

    Lunch - Soup; low fat crackers and extra light Philly; can of low fat/fat free chilli; salad; tuna sandwiches on light bread; 98% fat free Super Noodles; and of course fruit and veggies!

    Dinner - Fish or chicken with a baked spud and lots and lots of veggies; Quorn (the cheese and broccoli escalopes are sooo good so are the sausages!); baked potatoes stuffed with Weight Watchers grated cheese...

    Snacks - Snack a jacks, fruit, Muller lights, marshmallows, low fat/fat free sweets such as Haribos.

    Hope that gave you some ideas!

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    Where on earth do you get LOW FAT peanut butter from?

    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    Umm I think Tesco. It's like 5g a serving as opposed to 10+ with other brands. All in moderation but I do love my peanut butter!
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    Yep - its def Tesco as I bought some the other day having had difficulty trying to find the low fat version. you dont notice anything different in the taste and also if you fancy a pud - try the Skinny Cow range of icecreams - they are to die for especially being both low in fat and calories :twisted:

    I'm on day 3 with the pills and loving it, no accidents but I do feel bloated and about 1/2 before a meal suddenly get incredibly hungry, luckily the pot of grapes or orange segments on my desk at work is deal.

    Well done to all on the Forum and keep up the good work - your comments have certainly been invaluable :lol:

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    Yeah that’s happens to me am constantly battling the hunger about 30 mins before my dinner and before i go to bed on a night am starving.

    I have found eating quorn is allot cheaper and has less fat than meat e.g. i make Sheppard’s pie with quorn mince and instead of potatoes i have Swede and carrots mashed with no butter in it just a lil bit of semi skimmed milk. And it tastes nearly the same.

    i have be craving chocolate all the time because i haven’t had any for like 2 months now but i was shopping the other night and i saw the weight watchers puddings so i had a look at the pudding and they only have like 3 grams of fat in them per pudding which are ok for a treat now n than i think. I also found sorbet ice cream is very low in fat.

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