Im depressed , I think I smell

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So I've been battling this since 2012 , and I don't know what to do ! I'm 23 year old , and I am depressed at all times ! This issue of depression is caused by me thinking I smell.

This smell I sometimes have around me I cannot put my finger on what it is. But other people are quick to take deep breaths , and mark snide remarks and say it smells like poo.

I shower 2/3 times a day before I go anywhere and when I come back. I feel fresh for like 10 mins after shower and then feel like my body is decaying and I smell bad. This causes me stress , and it makes it worse.

I've failed my years at uni since I never attended , due to this problem. It has made me stay indoors almost all the time. I only go out when I think bit many people are around.

It has made my life hell to be honest. I cannot even hold down a job to start my career. I cannot explain this to my parents as they don't understand. The GP doctor said I didn't smell , but everyone else can.

My bad habits are smoking , eating junk food. These habits are slowly coming to an end, as I feel they're a contributing factor. I feel like my pores in skin just leak bad odour for others. Anything else apart from smell I could deal with , but if one smells even though they clean themselves so many times a day , they cannot have a good life.

No socialising , no career prospects , no real friends.


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    Hi There!

    I'm sorry you are going through this!

    A question for you...Have you got a 2nd opinion from another doctor or even a Naturopath Dr regarding the odor?

    Have you been to see a therapist or counsellor regarding your depression? It may help you to have someone to talk to about your issue. Therapy can be very effective for treating depression.

    Hang in there!


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      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for ur reply. I will definately find a Naturopath in my local area and get a second opinion on my condition. 

      I don't like going to public places like GP's as I am paranoid because of my smell. But at this moment in time I am making a change and trying to battle it, making appointment soon with a counsellor. 

      I appreciate ur feedback. 

      Thank you

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    Hi there,

    Im sorry to hear you're going through this.

    Questions, has any body told you that you smell,

    Do you feel it's an all over body smell or a defined area,

    Have you asked a close friend or family members if there is an odour, mild, strong etc..         

    Have you been to your doctor?

    If it's a defined area, first let's say vaginal, then you talk to your doctor. You could easily have an infection, simple as use a yeast infection. I have a friend, rather on the large side, Sadly but true, she had body odour, even though she had great hygiene. The doctor confirmed. that she indeed was smelling herself. He prescribed a deodorant, that he used over the total body.and it worked. The doctor went over his entire body, history and a complete blood work file. Either way a doctor was able to help.

    Another question, which likely doesn't include you, Do you like things that are spicey. I know garlic actually seeps through the skin if used regularly! I nursed with a lady, who came to Canada from a country that had been raised on hot, spicey foods from the day she was to start eating and her  first solids. She did have a continual distinct odour about her. She explained this to her nursing buddies, so we didn't wear gas masks. There are several foods that can do this, via skin and mouth and of course rectal.

    Diabetes tends to have a fruity, sweet smell if blood work is out of whack? 

    I do not know, how much you smoke, but I can smell cigarette smoke a mile away.. I think because of my asthma I am very sensitive. Do you smoke in your house, do you wash clothes after wearing them, as even second hand smoke can get on people's clothes. Do you hang up a smokey sweater in your closet against clean laundry?  Believe me smoke adheres to every thing. 

    Anyway, if this has been going back as far back as 2012, my advice would be to start with your doctor. You also stated you are depressed. If it has been for some time, please do tell your doctor how it is making you feel mentally. Depression is not fun and you shouldn't suffer alone! Hope things get turned around fast.

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      Hi Sandy, 

      Thanks for your reply. 

      I am not sure where the smell is coming from, I feel as though it may be all over but not sure. I am too embarassed to ask a relative or friends regarding this. Although I think its time to ask to get more clarity over this situaiton. 

      The only time I got courage to see a doctor, and she said you do not smell, which put me at ease but since then its got worse so I am not sure what to make of it. 

      I will definately go back to the doctors but a different one to seek their opinion on my condition. 

      SPICY FOODS!! It's a must in my culture to have spicy foods day in day out. Hence why I think that may be a contributing factor in my downfall. 

      I smoke everywhere from my room to my car etc. I think I will need to give up smoking in confined areas and stick to outdoors. 

      I appreciate you taking your time out and replying to my discussion. I hope to find a solution as soon as possible in order to live again. 

      Thank you. 

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    Hi how awful for you.  I can't really add anything to what's been said but I will say that excessive bathing can cause the good bacteria to die and can actually make the situation worse.  If you bathe twice a day,  wear clean clothes etc.every day and there is still a smell then it must be medical.  See your doctor.  Pick a different one if yours isn't helpful.  x


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      Hi Hypercat.

      Thanks for your reply. I will definately be going to a different doctor to seek their opinion. As it has been mentioned by a few others too. It gives me confidence that there are people out there who are willing to give advice. 


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    Outside of what everyone else has said if no else has mentioned the smell is it possible you have a problem with you nasel passages?

    I have a friend that constantly smells of garlic and he does not eat it. He just gets on with his life and it doesn't seem bothered.  But I can totally understand how this is effecting your whole  life..

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      Hi Laura, 

      I wish i smelt like Garlic, but the comments I recieve are the worst ever. Smelling like poo is something I am not proud of. But I will look into nasal passage? Not sure what it is at the moment, from the words I can tell its the airway, I will look it up. 


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    you may be experiencing sense of smell hallucinations so you might not smell bad when you think that you do. It must be very hard.
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      Hi Richard, 

      I don't think its smell hallucinations. As I can smell something, but it is definately not what people are saying. I just need to find the root of this problem. 


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    Could the smell be to do with smoking. ?

    I used to soke sixty a day and people would say you smell of tobacco smoke.

    I was like you I washed and used all the aftershave and rollones etc.

    The smell was in the car on my clothes and followed me around the office.

    I stopped smoking in the mid seventies and the car retained its smell until I purchased a new one.

    My Grandparnts used to smoke and when they died we moved in and the walls were stained with tar and nicotine. The house still hung on with the smell  until the house was modernised and plaster was rplaced.

    I know when I pass a smoker I can smell them smoking before I see them, I also smell the smoke a good way away.

    Sorry if I upset you that was not intentional, it could be that they smell

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      Yes I think smoking is a big contributing factor. I know exactly what you meant, no need to be sorry. I need to seek help to smoke smoking. And once I get over that, I will need to see if there are improvements. I do appreacite your reply. 


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      Hello Waqy

      If you go and see your GP, He can give you medications to stop smoking on the NHS this will help you reduce the amount of nicotine you are pouring into your lungs. There are also those electric cigarettes that may also help you. If I stopped smoking you should be able to do it as well. I was very weak willed when it came to smoking. I never looked back and now would never smoke now. Being a Pensioner I could never afford them anyway

      If you need to chat we can always have a chat


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