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I was pescribed sertraline last week 50mg for depression.

I am on my forth day now, so far i have the following side effects:

-Dry Mouth

-Aching Jaw

-Complete Loss of Appitite

-Upset stomach



-dizzyness (i have a heart condition that causes this too so could be that)

-inability to sleep at all 4 days now, not even a minute of sleep, but im so very very tired

I feel light headed like ive got no energy and im being hit by wave after wave of intense anxiety its 3:40am right now and its that bad im considering calling for an ambulance.

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    16:25 now, almost 12 hours since my above post.

    Still no sleep, going to stop taking these now, cannot concentrate simplest tasks are difficult, i find myself sitting stairing into space like zombie, still getting intense waves of anxiety.

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    If you haven't slept for four days, I recommend you go see a doctor asap, it's dangerous to stay awake that long.
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    I intend to go first thing in the morning. Its now 20:07 feeling euphoric, abnormally cheerful, 30 minutes ago i was zombified and all numb, wat a strange drug this is, the experience has not been pleasant at all.
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    I slept well last night, a good sleep from 12am until 8pm.

    My previous side effects have dissapeared, however tonight its now 1am and I find have found myself since this afternoon pacing round the house and being very restless, I must of done about 1000 laps around the house so far to day.

    However I do feel ok, but not a hint of tiredness probably being caused by this anxiety driven pacing.

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    Hello. I'm sorry to hear you are having so much trouble sleeping. If it makes you feel any better I to cannot sleep often. Several nights ago I had my first proper nights sleep in around 4 months...I understand how frustrating and strange it is. Sadly I can't sleep again but I'm trying to remain hopeful.

    When I took citlopram(I have recently be changed to sertaline) I would experience that strange euphoria you are describing. It is very odd.

    How are you getting on now?

    I hope it helps that you know others are going through the same thing, hope you manage to get some rest.

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    Hi Alison, its not nice.

    I feel ok, still getting anxiety but not in intense waves, at a more fluid acceptable level.

    I suffered a very fast heart beat at 12am onwards today however, I have cardiomyopathy and this is bad news for me, so I called the NHS Direct who classified it as an emergency.

    When the paramedics arrived, they had an ECG machine with them, the ECG showed abnormalitied and the guy said \"right mate we gotta get you to hospital\"

    Anyway, while I was having the EGC electrodes fitted I had given some of my doctors note (i always get copies) to the other paramedic, and it showed that these abnormalities were normal for my heart/condition.

    So the ECG was normal, no explaination for the tachycardia other than these drugs (190bpm), however whilst the paramedics were here it settled down to 100bpm, which I believe is a safe level. So I opted not to goto hospital.

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    Slept from 4am-6am, woke up with combination of rapid beat and very grumpy stomach.

    Dry mouth has ment that my apitite is almost compeltely gone, and im very hungry just unable to eat enough. Spoke to doctor about this today who assures me its all ok and will pass.

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    just want to add my experience to this.. started taking it on monday for mild depression (50mg) in the evening as doc thought it best incase it causes drowsiness.

    I like you have had very little sleep, so tired but the moment but when i get into bed im wide awake and cant switch off, I spent the night tossing and turning. On top of that i feel constantly nauseaus and which gets much worse after food. Ive no appetite at all. I feel dizzy and anxious and my chest feels like its got a weight rest on it. I had none of these symptoms prior to starting sertraline. I rang my GP today who told me to persist as the symptoms may settle. Dont know if i can. Im already contemplating stopping.

    Does anyone know when the symptoms become less?

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    I know exactly how you feel, my doctor has perscribed me Diazepam (Valium) 10mg, 3 times a day to put a stop to the anxiety, I have not been taken it 3 times a day because it has a profound effect on me, and certainly I cannot drive without 3-4 hours of taking it, doing so would be dangerous.

    I have tried other anti-depressants in the past, and one thing I have never had is side effects. Having spent a lot of time both in Hosital and GP for various reasons over the last couple of weeks I can tell you that side effects are GOOD, because it means that the drug is having an effect on your system.

    You know why your taking them, plough through it, its not nice but there is light at the end of this tunnel, giving up early will certainly not give you chance to experience the benefit of the drug.

    My doctor suspects (because of the circumstances surrounding my depression) that my dosage is too low, however I insisted that I finish this 28 day course of 50mg before moving the dosage higher, because then I get my body used to the drug, and I can see what sort of effect its having on the 4th week.

    Good Luck, and stick with it. Your doctor may perscribe you a short term sleeping aid such as Zopeclone (excellent drug) or even Temazepam/Diazepam just to kurb the anxiety whilst you adjust.

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    i had a real bad dose of anxiety about 3 years ago - it totally took over my life

    it dosnt matter how long it takes for the sertraline to work - if you dont take it you will still have the symptoms anyway

    But keep taking it and the time does come when you can be free from the grip of your illness

    It does work

    also do some research on anxiety - and try to understand your problem

    there are ways to help you through the day - keep yourself busy - if you feel that you may have some mild symptoms approaching then do something - tidy up - go for a walk - think of a job you have been meaning to do for some time but not got round to it

    I see anxiety as a downward spiral

    you have a bad thought - the bad thought leads to another bad thought - then that bad thought maifests into another bad thought

    Before you know it a thought of feeling unwell leads to a thought of impending death or as near as damn it.

    The best advice I can give is to keep busy - adjust your mind into more productive things - do something - anything - make a list of jobs you have to do in the house or outside - and do them

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