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hi all,

i keep giving practical advice to everyone and i do try to spur people on to stick to it and all.

but i dont feel im using my own advice as much as i should do!

i dont know whats wrong with me i think i am doing fairly well, havent had my weigh in at docs yet, thats on the 7th. i feel i just keep slipping back into my old ways, last night we had fish and chips and as i was eating it i was thinking 'this is so unhealthy' i shouldnt be eating this.

our evenings are quite busy so sumtimes it gets to a point when i aint got time to cook and end up getting sumething unhealthy or cooking something that had way to much fat in it!

i have loads of time during the day so am happy to cook meals in advance during the day that wont take long to heat in the evenings, any suggestions???

i dont want to give up.

i have a career in mind when all the weight is gone which is to perhaps train to become a personal trainer. i have a feeling that if i can show clients what i used too look like and how far i'd come, it would inspire them to do the same, only problem is i have to actually shed this weight first. im 17st have a long way to go.

currently im a stay at home mum, my partner works, and i know i have time to get off my arse and exercise, i am a member of a gym and i do try to go every week, sumtimes twice, and i do water-robics once a week too. i know i have time to do what i should be doing but its sumtimes being bothered too. but i need to be bothered if im gonna get to my goal, but most days i just lack motivation. im used to putting my family first and now its time to put me first its quite difficult to get into the swing of it.

am i the only one who feels like this.

your kind words of wisdom would be greatly apreaciated!

nora x

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    Hi nora.. I have read some of your posts on here, and you a great help too us all.. Dont feel down you are doing great...I also am a stay at home mum, and i never find the time to do the things i should be. Dont worry you are not alone... Here are a few things i so that might help you.. :D

    1.. buy a slow cooker, they are great you can prepare everything in the morning and bung everything in raw no fat added leave all day on slow cook and by 5pm-6pm everything is cooked for you hassel free.. I put any raw meat in mostly chicken with muchrooms and onions a bit of sause any you like, longs its not high in fat.. I do this about 9am and at 5pm its cooked.. and all i do is add some veg or whatever you want to put with it.. You can do allsorts in it... Its great... :D

    2.. A steamer is fab too really quick at steaming veg..

    3... What i do to get some exercise is dance around with the kids,, they find it fun and i can add any exercise moves in while the kids are danceing around..

    I hope this helps????? You might have done all this, but i just thought i would share with you what i do,, as i am a busy mum too...

    You can do this.... :P All the best... lola...

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    OK confession time - I sometimes eat fish and chips.

    It is a rare treat (except this week - but that's another story) and if I do I count the calories and miss the pill.

    No it is not unhealthy, it can be part of a healthy diet, just make sure that what else you eat that day balances out your total fat and calorie content.

    I'm working on the premiss that if this weight is to stay off then I have to be able to eat out occasionally and have the odd high fat treat.

    OK as for time to cook - I agree with the slow cooker. I'm not using mine much at the moment because I'm cooking for one so if I do use it I portion it up and freeze the portions.

    I will have a day when I 'cook for the freezer'. I might make 20 meals that are individually portioned and labelled with the calorie and fat content - these can then be thrown in the oven for 30 mins when I want to eat them.

    Things you could cook in the day and warm up

    shepherd's / cottage / fish / chicken and broccoli pie (pie as in topped with mashed potatoes not pastry) add up calories and fat as you add ingredients and think about using quorn or soya mince instead of meat. Chop slice the veg when you are cooking so in the evening you just put the pie in the oven and add boiling water to the veg.

    One of the things I have in my freezer is peppered pork. I bought lean pork steaks and dry fried them with lots of salt and pepper.

    I turn them into a meal by chopping veg and adding the steak and veg to passata (yes I am obsessed with passata) and warming through.

    How old are your kids? Can you get them involved with coking? Maybe make cooking a meal part of the family routine?

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    sashh i think thats a good attitude to have, if we're to keep this up once we're no longer on the blueys then we should adopt a diet plan/lifestyle that we can maintain. i can't believe that theres anyone who does not eat out for some occasion or have the rare takeaway, i think as long as these are treated as an occasional treat then its a healthy approach - and like you said looking at what else you eat on the day you treat yourself!
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    i love this site cos there is always someone on hand when you need them, thanks guys, you have given me some good advice, i am going to aim to have a really good couple of weeks!

    let you know how i get on

    nora x

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    you are completely right about developing a lifestyle you can maintain.

    I lost a load of weight a few years ago (8 - 9 stone) but put it all back on coz I basically gave up everything nice and lived on allbran (hmmm!!!)

    So now, with the help of the blueys I am basically good. I follow a low fat diet but I do have the odd treat when I fancy it. The weight is coming off but slowly and steadily. Still have the odd bottle of wine with my mum as well!

    I am certainly happier doing it this way than the self sacrifice \"look at me, I'm eating a carrot stick\" methods of the past!

    Lelly xx

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