Input needed: Rotten egg burps, severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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I would love to hear from anyone who has personally experienced, or knows someone who has experienced an attack consisting of this set of symptoms.

I would also be extremely interested in hearing from medical professionals who have witnessed this in patients, or are able to provide insight for diagnosis or research.

Starting around the onset of puberty, I began experiencing recurring episodes of extremely foul 'rotten egg burps', along with severe nausea, severe abdominal pain spanning from middle of ribcage down to lower pelvic region, severe vomiting and bile diarrhoea. The attacks last around 6-8 hours each and are unabated by anti-emetics or prokinetics. These 'attacks' usually happened a few weeks to a few months apart.

These attacks are considerably more severe than traditional gastroenteritis from common 'stomach bugs' or infection.

I've been to hospitals, doctors and gastroenterologists multiple times for this, however it seems no medical professional has ever seen or heard of this happening. The gastroenterologist who assessed me during an attack once described it as "I've never seen anything come close to this in my 40 years as a doctor.". I also have asked all family members, and there is no family history of this occurring.

Pathology tests of vomitus and stool return negative for H. Pylori, Giardia Lamblia, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Shigella. LFT is within range, with no elevations for WCC.

Endoscopy screenings show no notable dysfunction, including gastroparesis. Acid reflux disorder was diagnosed early on and treated with PPI however attacks commenced during PPI treatment.

Noteworthy: These attacks began a few weeks after introduction of Ritalin 10mg and Fluvoxamine, and continued to occur for many years after discontinuation. There was no medication being taken at the time of attacks.

I'm currently in the stages of collecting data on this curiously under-represented 'condition', in the hopes that it may be presented for professional research.

My biggest concern is that this condition can prove fatal by leading to asphyxiation or heart attack, and is very often mis-diagnosed as more common and non-threatening issues like GERD or typical Gastroenteritis.

With that, if there is anyone who can help, I would be extremely grateful. This has admittedly been quite a traumatising condition to deal with, but with other people experiencing this too. Feel free to comment below, or send a private message to me. If you are interested in providing info on your experience with these attacks that may help, I would be very interested in doing an interview.

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    Hey There,

    I also have these attacks. The Rotten burps, the nausea, sometimes vomiting and always excessive liquid diarrhea accompanied by severe abdominal noises, cramping and intestinal gas. Once the diarrhea starts in motion the egg burps start to slowly diminish. The only thing that can stop the egg burps immediately is pepto bismol but it almost instantly starts the liquid bowel movements. I find is i completely eliminate ALL forms or sugar and processed/complex carbs form my diet my symptoms tend to stay away, but as soon as I reintroduce them it symptoms return within day usually starting with the egg burps.

    I have had a full GI work up. Awaiting a capsule endoscopy (pill cam) but every other scan, scope, blood and stool test is negative. If my Pill Cam is negative doctors are going on the basis that I have severe gut bacteria imbalance (dysbiosis). However I have tried probiotics which tend to make symptoms work. I take imodium & lomotil daily to help control the diarrhea to the best of my abilities. The only positive results I have ever had is during a course of antibiotics (Rifaxamin, Cipro, Flagyl just to name a few). During this treatment my stools normalize and the rotten burps subside and I can eat whatever I want without symptoms but as soon as I finish the course of antibiotica days to a week after symptoms start to return.

    I have been this way for almost 3 years and have only met one other person besides you with these symptoms and she also have no answers to her chronic sickness.

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      Thank you for your reply!

      Firstly, you're a very strong person for dealing with these attacks. I do know it can be isolating to find that it's so seemingly rare, but I feel that it's likely most people and doctors pass it off as "a stomach bug" and just assume they are eating something bad, or have poor hygiene.

      I've heard about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or imbalance being responsible, and it sounds like quite a plausible cause. Certain pathogens like Giardia or Helicobacter Pylori can be responsible for giving off 'egg burps', but it seems under-reported in medical literature.

      You're definitely on the same track as what I'm looking to research. Would you be interested in perhaps answering a few questions for me via PM (or even an instant messenger like Discord/Steam/Skype/Telegram?

      Also, do you think this other person you know would be up to answering some questions and providing some history as well?

      Hang in there. It's quite a battle, but getting the word out there like this is the only way info can be collected and analysed for consistencies.

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    I am sure it's food poisoning accompanied with indigestion

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    Hi Jasper, wondering if you are still looking at this forum? Im having the same issues with no diagnosis despite all the same tests. The burps themselves are so foul they make me want to be sick. Its debilitating. ❤

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      Hey Kelscot40,

      I still do check in from time to time. Sorry to hear you're dealing with this as well.

      I've been reading up on this in my spare time and I am seeing a very large number of people who report this when taking insulin medication for diabetes (Victroza, Trulicity, Metformin). There are also a lot of people reporting episodes beginning within a few months of starting antidepressants.

      One angle I'd pondered on is whether or not this is related somehow to some kind if enzymatic dysfunction related to digestion of carbohydrates (or rather, a lack of a particular enzyme or gut flora leading to microbiome dysfunction). It's purely speculation, but I'm hoping to query a gastroenterologist specialising in the gut biome about it someday, and perhaps an endocrinologist.

      Do you have any specific foods that set this off? Perhaps you could try keeping a food diary, and also try isolating certain things to see if something leads to a definitive answer on what triggers it? I have heard of some people successfully preventing attacks by placing strict limits on carbohydrates but everyone seems to react differently.

      On symptom relief, I've heard Pepto Bismol (available in the USA, not sure about overseas) has been effective for the vomiting and diarrhea. Alkta Seltzer (The US version, not the Australia/English version as this is just aspirin on its own) apparently also can help.

      Kind regards and be well - JCr

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