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Lately my lower part of my body aches. Inside and out its my lower back, front and legs. It happens tregularly. Had internal by gyno, everythin ok. Could this be hormone changes? I'm 53 and know I'm going through a lot of menstral changes.

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    Hi Nancy,

    I will be 49 in April and I have been having same pain off and on that you just described for about 12 months. Have had CT scans MRIs and many internal ultrasounds of pelvic area. The only thing they have found is Fibroids and enlarged retroverted uterus. Doctors don't think my uterus or fibroids are causing my discomfort though. Must be connected to Peri. I have never had any period or ovulation pain my entire life until now. Have read many forums where other women get these aches and pains in pelvic region during perimenopause. I think the pelvic pain radiates to the hip groin and leg region. Oh wonderful perimenopause. I pray every morning for this transition to pass quickly. Hope and pray you feel better soon.

    Debbie ❤️

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    Hi nancy...................yes thats normal due to perimenopause, fluctuating hormones make our muscles weak, and our joints loose lubricants which use to keep them supple, plus anxiety levels incease during peri, and long term that causes us to lose cortisol, which, then also makes us achy, and when were post menopausal were at risk of osteoperosis, you can take calcium with vitamin d for that, the vitamin d helps with achy joints, but it also absorbs the calcium into our systems better, as calcium on its own doesnt absorb as well, you may also notice you will start with oesteoarthritis which, is quite common during menopause, thats simply down to wear and tear of joints due to age, i never noticed until then..............ha fibromaylgia is also common during peri which affects, muscles, tendons, soft tissues and nerve endings, so, if you stub your toe, or knock the end of yor finger, its a lot more painful as it use to be, thats caused by chronic fatigue during menopause, the fatigue and the fibromaylgia go together, but you wont necessarily get all of this.


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      Hi Elaine,

      I must have banged my elbow at work?

      Anyway that was weeks ago, no bruising or swelling but the pain hasn't gone away, sometimes it feels like a burning sensation

      Mentioned it to GP and he just dismissed it

      Just wish it would go away, I can't lift on that side anymore

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      i have osteoarthritis as well, and if i bend one of my toe joints and finger joint they burn it happens normally when the joint is stiff,  you could have oesteo in your elbow joint, so the burning can be  purely down to stiffness, especially during this time of the year, and the knock could have triggered it off,  how osteo works is, due to age and wear we lose our cartiledge which is our cushioning  between the joints and it can happen all over the body, so then the bone grinds on bone, and your fingers/toes/ knees/back/shoulders  start to  click very easily when you come to move after the cartiledge has all gone, in time  you then develop bone nodules, which,  are painfull whilst developing, and  these can also burn, you can feel them and see them on your smaller joints, like at the ends of the fingers, and toes, its under the skin, very hard pea size, and painful to touch, and its what makes arthritis sufferers hands change shape, elbow joint as well, however, once the nodule has finished developing the pain then stops, i believe osteo in the spine is the worst place to have it.

      With fibromaylgia the burning will be down more to either, nerve ending pain especially after a knock, or, possibly wear of tendons etc, try reading up on, carpel tunnel syndrome, and in particular tennis elbow see if this is you? i also have this, sounds a lot but its not, its all down to age thats all.   Is the pain actually in your elbow joint? or, in that big muscle in the forearm just round the front of the elbow joint, if so, then that is tennis elbow, which is wear and tear of tendons due to repetative use of the forearm elbow joint, mine can be particularly bad after carrying heavy bags of shopping, worse in the right arm than the left, feels like my arm is getting longer and longer, as tendons are our elastic!! you can get a strap for that, works brilliantly, pain stops as soon as you put it on, so no need for meds, if it doesnt take the pain away but your sure you have tennis elbow, then you havent got it in the right place, if pain goes, but then comes back a few hours later, take the strap off, as you have had it on for too long then, its a velcro strap, you can get them on amazon, about £7 or, $11?? definately worth the money, not particulary nice to look at, but you wont be wearing it long, and ive not used mine in years, to test for tennis elbow, when you press that muscle in, on your forearm close to where the elbow is, dig in somewhat until you hit the painful spot, if its painful then you have tennis elbow, then carrying on pressing into and all the way down following your vein where they take the blood from, on the inside of your arm, press it in  all the way down to your wrist, thats the long tendon running down your forearm, if thats painful then thats another sign of tennis elbow, can even go into the tendons in the palm of your hand, so press in there also, just to see how far the tendons are affected, if it is tendons, it is more related  to fibromaylgia, which is common during menopause, pain will not be as bad though with it being caused by menopause, which is a plus, and not all drs are up on the subject, so, total ignorance really, and if he does know a little about it its bound to be the bit thats says,  its caused by emotional problems ................ha so, i would just sought it myself, its less frustrating, comes to something doesnt it when going to the drs is more stressful than actually having the illness..............ha 

      Sorry its long, just hope you can pick something out of it to help you, good luck with it.


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      Elaine You are so incredibly sweet. You are encouraging and helpful so full of wonderful information for all of us Ladies. You give me such hope during this awful time in my life. I just wanted to thank you. You were so thoughtful to answer my questions regarding my enlarged uterus and fibroids. What you went through was so awful and painful but by you sharing your journey you gave me peace and hope that I will pull through too. Have a blessed day Elaine and thank you so much for your caring encouragement 😊❤️


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      Debbie thank you so much that was very sweet of you also, everyone seems like that on here though dont they? i just wanted to share what ive learnt, from what  were all going through, in the hope that it helps some of us, and saves a lot of anxiety and frustration going through our drs, but we cant do that can we, we  still need them, in my experience, drs have only made all this worse, and they take your hope away, that shouldnt be allowed from people we go to help for, and instead we get wrong diagnoses, or, labelled and they dont even know us. So it was you then that made me have a blessed day, because i have had a good day thankyo for that Debbie, I have a sister called Debra, and a friend called Deborah, we have been friends for 45 years since high school, cant believe how bad her health has become,  my dad past away in 2013, and he had nick names for us all, and he use to call my sister Debra, Debbie Duck use to make her laugh, it was from a childrens animal puppet show, we use to watch together as a family and love, and one of the ducks was called Debbie, but debbie duck, had long blond hair, wore beautiful clothes, high shoes, and had huge fluttering eyelashes, and for a duck that was pretty neat!!...........haha........... i think about that now evertime i see the name, i even call it my friend now after losing dad.

      So thankyou Debbie.............. Debbie Duck!! take care, take care of those fibroids, you can do it debs.................xx

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      Dear Elaine

      Sorry it took so long to.reply but absolutely shattered, as off today made myself go out for a walk and was exhausted when I got back. Zzz to bed early

      Just woke up for no reason as we do with menopause

      Your advice and info is really helpful

      Many thanks

      ......... .Mrs M

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