Is it my Gallbladder?

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Hi guys,

January 24th i went to the hospital because i had severe right upper quadrant pain located a little left of my bottom right rib cage. The pain was so bad i could bearly walk. I was so weak and nauseated. Blood test, ultrasounds came back normal. I also did a CT scan last year in 2019 everything came back normal. They referred me to a surgeon to talk about my gallbladder sense my mom, grandma and aunt had theirs removed i figured maybe it was my gallbladder. She said its possible but the answers were not clear sense my HIDA showed a functioning of 75% and "acid reflux" mind you I'm a little lactose intolerant and they gave me milk during my HIDA scan. Ive never had acid reflux problems ever and i still don't i just have gas all the time when I'm hurting. I got referred to a GI that prescribed me protonix. I ended up going to the hospital again and the blood tests were normal sense i then thought maybe it was ulcers. Got a upper endoscopy last week on the 22nd and everything came back normal. Now the pain has gotten so bad its not going away. I can bearly eat. I have a hard time sleeping. The pain wakes me up at night. Its radiating to my chest and back. Its scary. I was in the hospital Tuesday night and they did blood work and another ultrasound and everything still came back normal. At this point no body knows what's going on. I'm constantly burping, gas is always moving around in the location the pain is in. I've gotten no answers. The MD at the hospital said i should go back to the surgeon and talk to her about gallbladder removal anyway sense he still thought that it could possibly be my gallbladder even though these test are coming back normal. I talked to my GI the morning after and he was like well you dont have Chrons, SMA Syndrome or any sign of IBS. So I asked if i should get my gallbladder removed, he didn't seem confident answering but he said it doesn't hurt to see what she has to say. Do you guys think its my gallbladder? It's a squeezing, gnawing burning pain that is persistent. I've red a lot of forms where people have gotten test and everything came back normal and they got it removed and don't have any problems at all. I appreciate any feedback, thank you so much.

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    Hi Tyler .... It would appear, whatever the test results might show, that you do have a diseased gallbladder .... I had mine removed back in 2015 and suffered similarly to you regarding pain.

    You are going to have to be very careful with what you eat ... fat is a definite no no, which rules out lots of foods. Drink plenty of water, but leave off soda types of drinks. I was advised to take apple cider vinegar, but couldn't hack the taste; however, fortunately I found cider apple tablets from Holland & Barret (I reside in the UK) and so I've been taking these every day - it does help. I also have to take Omeprazole every day.

    If you follow a fat free diet as far as possible you may be ok but if you eat something fatty and have another attack I would say that you have your answer - your gallbladder isn't functioning properly.

    Sending you very best wishes.

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      Thank you so much for replying, I've been on a blend diet, zero fat, for months now plus i don't drink alcohol. Last Friday I decided to eat some wings, they were not spicy but they were fried to test the fields and let me tell you i made the worst mistake of my life by eating them. Its been non stop constant pain everyday and on top that even if i eat something little in fat a still have problems. I'm going to the surgeon Monday and were going to talk about removal. The quicker this gets out the better.

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    hello, I agree with moonday!!! I experienced those same problems. You need to watch your diet now. If you want to feel better stop eating fatty foods and also spicy. No alcohol or carbonated drinks. I was in and out of hospital and sent home. Doctors told me it's not time for removal. You have to be deathly sick for any help from a surgeon. Hopefully, you will not suffer as much as I did. I was sick for over a year and a half. Not very fun being sick from sunrise to sunset. I had very bad nausea and dry heaves. It was a nightmare for me. So happy now I don't suffer anymore. You have a long trip ahead of you. I hope you get help faster than I did. Hey, good luck and be optimistic.

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    Hi Tyler, We have gall bladder problems on both sides of our family, I had mine removed in 2015 packed full of tiny stones, my husband suffered for 10yrs with his gallbladder, there was no HIDA scan then but, ALL his tests were negative, too...... he would pass out from the pain...the fact the CT is normal, ultrasound neg, no ulcer, no reflux, rules out most everything else...HIDA is 75%...if its mostly working but, causing you terrible pain, they should still DO SOMETHING....My husband finally convinced a surgeon to take a look, and had it removed...the surgeon said it was the worst one he had EVER seen, it was so diseased, it was on the verge of gangrene & he said he couldn't believe he could live with the amount of pain, it must have caused, he was in his 30s...our Daughter had hers removed in her 20s(tests normal, HIDA 68%function & our grandson starting having problems as a teenager, not bad yet...the fact it runs in your family should also be a clue!! I would ask for an exploratory laparoscopy, if its okay they can leave it, if not take it out, even if they don't do that type procedure, they will get how far you're willing to go...if it isn't THAT, they have done ALL these tests which were negative...what do they think your diagnosis is? Wait & suffer, is the solution? Absolutely fat, fried foods are a NO-NO, even oils & margarine cringe alert anybody with gb issues will cringe at this; I thought it was grease only to avoid...I had chocolate brownie, w/ice cream, hot fudge & whipping cream....holy mother... I thought I was going to die(I think I actually asked to, at one point) food is an important component but, eating bland you need be sure to still get your vitamins & minerals(ask your Dr about supplements) you will get run down, be sure to eat enough calories, small regular meals are best, with snacks... the special vinegar does help some people, fluids for sure, liquid calories like ice and real fruit slushies are great... I had such bad nausea/dehydration I was hospitalized for 2 weeks then released with an IV port until my surgery a week later, if nausea is bad, there are OTC & RX meds for that, ask your DR... ALSO avoid milk products(some can have low fat yogurt, due to the probiotics) husband was lactose intolerant too, so he needed calcium, we used antacids, like Tums, during attacks as they worked, some liquids work well & faster, anti gas like simethicone can help, sounds like you're doing your best...I would ask DR about any meds even OTC, it just sounds like your to convince them?! Good Luck, I have total empathy for you...its awful, wish I could help more BEST WISHES💒🎶♾🍀☮🌈🐾

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