Is sertraline right for me? (citalopram previously)

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After reaching the end of the line with citalopram (40mg) earlier this year, I was switched straight over to sertraline, no tapering, just a straight switch.

I was started on 50mg. First week or so was ok, then I started to decline again. I saw my GP after just under 3 weeks at 50mg, and she suggested an increase to 100mg, which I have had for about ten days now. The first week post increase was ok, but the last 3-4 days I have really felt my mood slide downwards, I feel shakey, teary, agitated. I had hoped to return to work next week as things seemed to have been going ok, but I'm not sure now.

Do I need a higher dose? Citalopram had worked so well for me for years (until it stopped working) so this is a bit of a shock, having such a wobbly time with medication.

I feel hopeless right now sad

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    Hi Ruth

    I do feel for you as I am going through anxiety about my medication. I am not sure why you take it but I have realised that sometimes for these things to work, you have to be in control, you have to feel that you can input too. At the end of the day, as your doctor will tell you, You have to be comfortable with the decisions you make together; you and your doctor.

    If you are not happy I say go back and pester your doctor until you do get it right; that's what they are there for;....... their patients. Do not feel guilty ever.

    We know that some doctors get it wrong for some !!

    I started on 25mg of Sertraline to see how My body would cope with the change; it was fine so I increased the dose to 50 mg after 2 weeks. I am doing really well in 50 .....BUT.... had I not coped I would have decreased my dose to 25mg without asking my doctor.

    I think because I did it gradually, It was easier.

    I do not take any other medication just supplements.

    I take early in the morning never at night and on a full stomach so as not to encourage other problems long term.

    I wish you well and really hope you eventually get sorted. Stick in there with PMA.


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      Thanks Jinny,

      I've just sat sobbing for twenty minutes or so, and am still crying now, I don't know why. I just feel so empty. I see my GP again on tuesday so I'll tell her how I have been.

      I too take my medication in the morning, with breakfast.

      How long have you been on the 50mg?

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      hi again

      I'm sending you lots of hugs 💝from me and Beth🐾

      Please don't feel sad, empty and lonely because you have so many good people on this site who will keep you busy if you reach out!

      I have had such a lift from people giving me advice to sharing with others. We are so lucky to be in such a privileged position.

      I am tired at the mo so going to have a nap but will get back to you later.

      Get some comfort from the things you love.

      I just walk on my own with the dog and appreciate all the little things around me; Nature at its best !

      Speak soon


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    Hi again Ruth

    hope you are feeling better this evening.

    I've tried to sleep but all I managed was a quiet lie on the sofa but that' s better than nothing , I guess.

    Do you feel better for having those tears or has it dampened your spirit ?

    Sometimes I feel better; it's like a storm after a heavy sky. You release lots of chemicals from your body in doing so.

    I have been on Sertraline for 3 weeks nearly and it's made a huge difference for me. It seemed to impact on my body quite quickly, the next day !

    I am confident it will work because my support person has told me to have faith in it....and I shall.

    I am trying to eliminate all the nasty things that I can to begin with...I do feel sometimes, it's me against the world .....and that does feel like my world is isolated and empty. I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything because if I do, at the moment, my world just comes crashing down!!!

    When I feel empty, I try to armour myself with lots of things by furthering my knowledge. I read, research, look for alternative actions and in doing so I. seem to get to know others who set examples for me to follow. Of course, I can only do these things when I have the energy!! which is rare.

    I don't want to preach to you or make you feel in any uncomfortable in any way. I certainly don't want to offend you,...trying to change your mindset is one of the biggest challenges you will face but with positive

    , persistent thinking, you can and will make a difference. You will start to view life differently.

    I often wish there was a magic wand out there you could just grab any time , any place but....alas...there is not.

    However, we do see magic in all areas of life, maybe we just haven't spotted it yet ??

    Best wishes


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      Hey Jinny, thanks for your reply.

      I'm a teeny bit better tonight, but not much. I've managed a bit of dinner. I am hoping that this is just a blip in my recovery from this bout of depression.

      I felt a bit better after crying, but spent the rest of the day agitated. I did manage to go out for a short walk to the supermarket and chemists though which was something!

      Like you, I do have faith in sertraline - other SSRIs have worked for me in the past, so I know that sertraline should help me too. 

      I'm not a massively negative person, so its very hard to pinpoint negative thoughts or patterns or traits. And when I am well, I am great!

      I know I can, and will get better, but I just need a little help along the way.

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    Hiya love they do usely take a while to kick in when i was on serterline they took about 2/3 month to finally start working and i felt great but i stopped taking them and now back to the beginning :-( i am going to the doctor on Monday to be put back on them x
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    Last night was the night from hell....

    I've been having trouble sleeping on these tablets (I take them in the morning), and last night I had total insomnia. I was lying in bed wide awake, and as a result my anxiety is through the roof. I snatched an hour of sleep at most sad

    I see the GP again tomorrow thankfully

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      Hi again Ruth

      Are you doing relaxation before you go off to sleep ? I'm exactly the same and it's hit or miss every week.

      It's worth it if you persevere; find music that takes you somewhere else. I like running water and piano. music...I practice breathing deeply about 20 times but only using my stomach not my chest and shoulders. I also breath out with shhh..... or whooooo....but I have to be on my own doing it because my hubbie finds it funny !!!

      Stick in there Ruth

      Jinny x

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      I do try to relax yes, but it just got nowhere sad
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      Well, that's good if you are trying....

      It's not an overnight fix; it's a change in lifestyle and not easy. Maybe you need to persevere. I am not what you would call a routine person so I am struggling but having CFS, I am learning the hard way.....No change means no improvement...... and like so many people, I want to live life and share good times with my family.

      Be strong, be firm with your self; I'm with you all the way.

      Jinny x💝💝💝

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      Thanks Jinny - I'm hoping all this is a sign the medication is working its way into the system. I was so alert last night that I just couldn't stick with relaxation exercises but I do know it takes much practice!
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    Hi Ruth

    sorry to hear you were unable to sleep last night.  I did manage to sleep but was up at 6pm which is so unlike me so it has got to be the full of negative intrusive thoughts about how I have failed my family. On one hand I know this isn't true but can't seem to stop.  Kinda like a life review. I don't think sertraline is working for me but I will try it for another week.  Occasionally I do have a glimmer of hope.  Just a glimmer and want so much more.  I'm here if you would like to share.


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      Thanks Lynda. It was awful and meant I had to cancel a day out with my sister as I simply felt that the lack of sleep would catch up with me, and I felt in no fit state to drive.

      I remember having this happen with citalopram - very bad anxiety before I saw an improvement, so its possible that is whats going on

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      Hi Ruth

      just checking to see how you are doing.  I went out last night to a fundraiser.  First time in weeks.  This morning I crashed.  I feel so lost and sad.  Last night I seemed to be enjoying myself but. This morning nothing.  Just apathy. What is with these meds?

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      I can understand the apathy *hugs*

      I'm ok today - my anxiety was sky high this morning, but I think that was because I was having an endoscopy this afternoon, but I had that and I'm fine now (a bit dozy still!)

      Have you had a dose change recently? I found I crashed a couple of weeks after a dose change

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      No dose change yet.  Are you now on 100mg.  Did you notice a change in how you are feeling?

      had an endoscopy a couple of months ago.  High anxiety as well.  Always do when I need to take tests.

      thks for replying.


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      I'm on 100mg yeah, two weeks at it now, and I do feel some improvement yes I think
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      Ruth are you feeling better on your increased dosage.  I am going to my dr tmrw to discuss increasing.  Just scared that I will have to go through all the negative side effects again.  Did you.  Just finished having a crying jag.  Feeling hopeless.
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      Hi Lynda, I won't lie - when I increased I did get the side effects again yes, and that culminated in the insomnia but since then I have had improvement.
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      Hi Ruth

      just checking to see if your feeling better.  Are your days getting any better.



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      Hi Lynda, I had a great feeling 2-3 days (see below), yesterday and today my mood has dropped a little, but I am still ok smile

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