Is there a rock big enough for me???.

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Hi everyone,

I spoke with my GP earlier an he suggested I join this forum to seek some common group and help from like minded people.

Where to start.

I'm clinically depressed. I have bulimia nervosa. I've had CBT sessions they didn't help. I've recently been on fluoxatine and citalopmine(sp) antidepressants to try control my binge eating.

My GP today wanted to put me back on the antidepressants as I've gone cold turkey. But unfortunately due to financial difficulties I cannot afford the £8.95 prescription.

I've had a crappy 2016. I DID own my own business until my managing director an registered manager decided to both resign on the same day. Unbeknown to me they had procured my staff and contract over night leaving me with about 45k worth of personal debt. then in August I split with my long term girlfriend due to depression etc.

I literally just want to climb under a rock somewhere and never come out. I'm just not sure there's much left worth bothering over

I'm hoping someone has some advice.

Thanks for reading.


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    talk about comes in 3 m8,lets be honest what else can happen really,so now you  had all that the only way is up,go see citazens advice about the debt is probly the first thing to do second if you can afford the medication look into what foods and exersise help and third KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT MY FRIEND,if u need to chat pm me
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    Really sorry about everything that has happened. One thing you should never do is not take your meds. I don't know why something this important seems to go over Dr's head and they don't tell patients. You could ask for a cheaper med. Or for samples. I was taking cymbalta and couldn't afford it and got samples from my doctor until a generic came out that I could afford. There are programs provided for those that can't afford doctor or meds. I understand wanting to crawl under that rock but we can turn things around. Going to therapy groups in your area could prove very helpful, And the person leading that group may be able to tell you how to get help. Life can seem so unfair but I think you want to get help and I truly want you too. I know you can get help and one day you will be helping someone with advice. This disease is impossible for people that have never experienced this depression to understand. We are here to help each other and feel free to post anytime you have questions or just want to talk. I have personally been where you are, as have many. We made it through and want to help you. Take one day at a time and look at the future and not keep living the past. Tommorrow is your concern and we want to wish you the best. I believe in you, God bless and comfort you.Barbara

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    A lot of the depression may be down to your financial problems.

    If you have been diagnosed with depression by your GP and are taking guidance and medication from your GP then a good place to start is the C.A.B.

    They will go through your financos with you and draw up a payment plan to keep your debtors off your back. Don't do anything rash like remortgaging to pay off any debts your only adding to hem.

    Once you have the financial problems sorted you can concentrate fully on your mental state.

    Of course you may be very rich, can easily afford a 45k hit and are not in financial difficulties, then good luck to you.

    I lost my company, my creditworthiness, but not my home or wife. I still suffer depression, anxiety and ptsd, but take meds for it. There is help out there, it's finding it that can e difficult.


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      Hi mike, unfortunately I wasn't rich but I had a very good credit history to get 25k loan plus vehicles on finance for the deadbods who screwed me over!.

      I feel for you losing everything. It's not easy is it.

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    It is important you get back onto your medication, do you have any lft from your old script ??

    With your Depression and no medications. Are you on any State benefits that would allow you a free script ??. If not talk again to your Surgery or CAB and see what can be arranged.

    Relaxation Techniques may help keep your mood stable, your GP may have tapes that may help. Breathing Techniques can also help you control any Anxiety you suffer from.

    If you are unemployed you may be able to get free prescriptions, talk again with Surgery, Job Centre and CAB for advice.

    It is important that you start your medications again. Has your GP offered a course of CBT to explain coping exersises.

    We are here to talk with you here if needed


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    Hi Villa,

    sorry this year has been so bad for you!  So upsetting to hear what your staff did to you. I kinda wonder if there is anything you could do legally? hmm 

    I agree with the others that you must somehow get back on the meds. I thought Gary had good advice about getting samples or generics of maybe even some kind of free mental health service will have something.

    To combat my depression in addition to meds, I run an hour a day and try and eat food that is proven to help depression like beets. I don't know what to do about the binge eating except for me I can eat a ton of sweets so I never keep it in my house because i could binge through it.

    I wish I could help more, you have a lot on your plate now but you can and will get through this. It may take some time. Make small goals to figure out your financial situation and seek help from a free mental health service.

    Good luck

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    No, it's not easy when you lose so uh but it puts things into perspective.

    A lot of people , when given a second chance at life go on about the air smelling sweeter, the songbirds sounding louder etc. etc.

    All I know is the debts are still there, the mental and physical difficulties havn't gone away, but the things that seemed huge in the past now look tiny.

    You can only do your best, if that's not good enough then too bad. Life's for living just maybe not as we knew it.


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      Very true Mike, thankfully I'm a workaholic. I've gone from the company to being self employed. Which isn't easy as work isn't always as frequent.

      I'm fighting the individuals through the solicitors now I've got to find 3k to take it to court.

      All the proof is there so it's a case I really shouldn't lose.

      I wake up every day to do my best but most of the time it's not enough!



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