Is this anxiety??

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hi, i've had health anxiety for many years...its gotten some what worse this past year. everyday i worry about something new.

well recently ive been experiencing pressure in my left temple/cheekbone area. its like someone is pushing down on it! very unsettling. no pain, just pressure. i can sometimes feel it in my jaw too. ive always clenched my teeth...which im not sure if this is a factor? ive read that maybe sinus issues can cause this but i dont have an issue with that i dont think. i often have a stuffy nose but thats it. one side of my face can also feel tingly! only my left side tho. its really getting to me now. dont really want to see the doctor again as ive already been a couple of time (for other issues). im basically freaking out! google mentions things i really dont want to think about...anyone else have same sensation?

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    let me list all the symptoms ive had this past year.

    head pressure (temples and around head)

    facial sinus pressure (starts on one side of the face and sometimes both)

    jaw pressure

    ear pressure

    tingly numbness almost anywhere but most commonly on my face and odd enough in my right foot just one toe and sometimes one sided or both (between eyes forhead and cheeks)

    twitching anywhere most commonly face and body

    flashes in the corner of my vision

    trembling and shaking

    chest tightness

    throat tightness

    light headed (constant had it daily for 2 months)

    skipped heart beats

    fast heart beats to the point of reaching 160 bpm

    the feeling of my mind is frozen and cannot think (usually and always accompanied by the head tightness i mentioned above)

    these are all the symptoms i have experienced and if you told me this was anxiety or stress related id tell you you are lying (after countless visits to so many doctors and so many tests done in the time span of 8 months i gave up and started to believe this was anxiety related)

    went to a psychiatrist and started me on zoloft and gave me some xanax, all the above symptoms evaporated when i took a xanax it made me feel normal for a day but then it all came back the next day.

    stuck with zoloft and im xanax free now for about a month and only take it when i feel i have to.

    anxiety symptoms showed up unexpected and when i wasnt even anxious a lot of the times ( keep in mind i am not talking about panic attacks, i get those but panic attacks come and go) the above symptoms last most of the day and linger for months and months and dont go away) these symptoms feel very very physical thats why we rush to the hospital and start questioning if this is really mental but it is very physical.

    before i started the medication i tried everything from meditation, natural remedies etc NOTHING WORKED for ME except medication fortunately and unfortunately.

    hope this helps.

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    thank you so much for the reply! i can honestly say ive had almost every symtom you listed!! ive had light headedness for years and whenever i mention it to people they havent a clue what im talking about ots almost like im floating...its really hard to explain. i get tingling in my face as well as all over my back (mainly when im moving around alot) i get tingling in my feet, arms occasionally legs. ive recently been told i need glasses...slowly getting used to them. i sometimes have rubbish balance, and i cant even spin round once without being really dizzy (on a bad day) i get throat tightness..and the feeling of something in my throat. palpitations (had them for years now, had tests and came back normal) i have IBS, chest pain as well as shakes from time to time. most of these symtoms ive had years....the tingling face since i was a teen. im now 30 and lived with health anxiety since the age of 7! never been on medication...had therapy but not recently. i try to manage it myself but nothing seems to be working. hate it. i get the sinus feeling alot...can be when im looking down i can feel pressure above my nose.

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    no pain tho? just a pressure...similar to the kind you get top of your nose when you have sinisitus

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      no pain at all just discomfort and pressure that can get very intense and uncomfortable.

      i have done xrays and so many tests and nothing was there

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    it would be wise to see your doctor. if it was something serious, you would know by now, but you definitely dont want to wait around until it becomes something serious. i have sinus issues and i get pressure in my temple, jaw, ears, nose, eyes, etc so it could be sinuses. but definitely let the dr take a look, thats what they are there for.

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