Is this due to Anxiety? I've never had it before.

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About a week ago, I started having a weird sensation in my head throughout the day. I find it really difficult to explain, it's just like a wave that lasts less than a second. Then a few days ago I had a very mild headache and my vision started to go blurry every now and then (this does happen on occasion, but was happening more frequently). The thing that worried me the most was that I would also get a feeling that I needed to quickly stretch my arms and legs. I couldn't sleep at night because my eyes were moving around and the slightest sound would wake me. I slept better last night, but when I woke up every muscle in my body felt heavy and achy. I keep getting heart palpitations (which I've been to hospital for many times only to be told everything is fine)

I sometimes feel presure behind my nose and eyes as well. I do suffer from crippling anxiety, but I wasn't anymore stressed out than usual when it started to happen. I completely went off of cigarettes and tea which I drink often. I went to my Doctor and she told me all this was due to a tension headache caused by anxiety. She checked my eyes, blood pressure and heart beat and told me to come back in the week for antidepressants. I tried to explain that I didn't even really have that much of a headache, just that weird wave going through my brain, but she didn't seem concerned.

Today I was feeling more dizzy than yesterday and I was walking through the supermarket and had a disagreement with my partner. I felt that I had no control over my anger and my heart started to flutter and I got lightheaded and then I suddenly felt that I wasn't in my body anymore. I was moving really slowly. It didn't feel that I was outside of my body, it was like I was in there just not understanding what was going on.

Could anyone just let me know if they think this is anxiety? I keep thinking it's a problem with my brain because I should not be having these strange waves along with poor vision all of a sudden. I don't have any pain, I'm just more worried than anything. I do have a hell of a lot of anxiety symptoms, but these have just come on suddenly in the last week.


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    Hi Jadeinda, youve just described perfectly everything i feel. 

    infact im at work alone now and im experiencing a pulse through my entire body and my stomach keeps flipping, and i keep getting little rushes of adrenaline through my chest. im so scared and i dont understand why i cant reason with myself. 

    The doctors have told me its anxiety, although i havent been tested for naything like MS with scarely seem to have all the same symptoms

    im terrified of being alone, and dying when im on my own, do you get this too?

    Hope your feeling okay xx

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      Hey, Courtney.

      The feelings you have described there are feelings I have had before and been to the Doctors AND hospital for. I had 5 different doctors tell me they were positive it's anxiety and went on to describe what happens to the body due to it. Sometimes we will read about a symptom of an illness and we end up with it a few days later.

      I do fear dropping dead when I'm alone, that is definitely due to anxiety so you're not alone. smile xx

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      Thank you so much for replying so quickly as i am at work alone and i am freaking out. i feel so guilty because my boyfriend is at the cinemas and i keep texting him and he is offering to come back (which i wont let him) but i feel like i am ruining his night too.

      I get that too! i will read a symptom and then a few days later get it! its ridiculous how the mind works! 

      Have yo had any treatment for your anxiety? xxxx

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      I haven't, no and I've had it for a very long time now. I'm going for treatment and anti depressants on thursday. What about you? It's good that you don't want your boyfriend to come back and for him to enjoy his night. You're being strong and you're dealing with it. That's a good sign.
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    it does sound like anxiety and panic attack in the supermarket,they are scary Ihave had many of them.It is hard to accept that anxiety can cause so many symptons but it does,and the more we focus on them the more anxious we get a vicious circle.

    You probably have nothing more than anxiety I don't say that loosely because as you probably know anxiety is not nice.

    Try to do some deep breathing,and perhaps a relaxation cd.

    By coming on here you will find it helps to know you are not alone.

    Always somebody will answer you.

    take care


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    Ive been having terrible symptons what doctor says is anxiety heavy feeling in head eyes dont feel like there focus light headness feels like im not in my own body,dont get so much pulpations but because these head feelings there all day its hard nt to focus on it.hope you feel better soon.
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    What you describe is the fight or flight syndrome. Your body is ready to fight the enemy or run from it. Time slows down, hence you feel like an observer , your muscles are ready for action and your heart rate increases. You may feel sweaty. Your body is pumped full of adrenaline. This must subside so you will return to normal and you cannot come to any harm or hurt yourself. I know how scarey it feels. You need to identify the stresses in your life and remove as many as you can. Your mind also must not be allowed to dwell in worrying thoughts. The thought must be acknowledged and then pushed out of your mind. This takes practice, meditation is very useful. Again it must be practised every day. I also think a healthy lifestyle and diet will help. Your hormones may benefit from healthy fats ie. olive oil, and coconut oil. Good luck.
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    I too have had these strange waves -mine actually go straight down my arms and feel like icy cold water. I have been told that this is Adrenaline and not to worry but this is easier said than done. The Dr has prescribed Propanalol which is a beta blocker that has worked pretty well in controlling these. Maybe you could ask your GP about this?
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