is this gallstones?

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hi all,

I was admitted to hospital saturday evening (first palpitations, high heart rate started Wednesday last week), after abdominal pain, sickness, pain in right side (real shooting, acute pain at times), and I have been passing blood on and off in stools for nearly 6 months,

I had a fatty liver diagnosed some time ago, with high enzymes.

bloods take on saturday in evening show elevated liver enzymes. (not as high as test done previously)

my ultra scan is this coming Monday,

I have been worried about my liver pain getting worse recently, well pain is in that region

after I eat, an hour or two later, I get increased heart beat, feeling of nausea, pain in right side.

I have been feeling unwell for over a week, and then all climaxed on saturday when I was taken to hospital,

I am home now, but am my appetite has gone right down, feeling sick every day now, seems later in day I am worse.

Had some real shooting pains again tonight in right side,

(doctors seem to suspect pancreatitis possibly caused by gallstones)

the wait until Monday feels like a long wait, obviously my anxieties are running high which does not help

best on my symptoms, does this sound like gallstones ?

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    Sorry to learn you're going through this! It could be gallstones, or it could be other conditions.  Are you seeing a gastroenterologist?  If not, I would recommend that you get a referral to one as soon as you can.

    No one on this site can assist you with a diagnosis.  But we are here to offer comfort and support and practical suggestions.  Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!  

    Till Monday, please try to rest and keep yourself hydrated with water or tea.  When you eat, keep to small, frequent meals, and no fats.    

    Please let me know what happens on Monday. xx

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    I also had gallstones and the pain mimics a heart attack. Every breath is painful, right side to Back top rib pain. Yes your right pancrititis can be caused by gallstones both are very painful.

    Have you a X-ray or tested for gallstones and tested for pancreatitis. I am sorry to hear you have been in so much pain. Waiting til Monday To see a gastrointerologist is tough. They are specialists and get you back on track and feeling better soon! I pray you have no more attacks before you see your doc. I had several and off to ER many times They thought I had a hearattack took blood tests and no evidence on a heart attack so home I went with pain meds. The next attack sent me again to ER till I finally went to a gastro. There they were those nasty stones in black and white on X-ray. 

    Was as so glad to get that sucker out! Many blessing sent your way for a few days of peace .

    keep posting . 


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    thank you all for your kind words, you are right, I have to sit tight until Monday,

    I am in the UK (sorry not sure if this is international forum), so have to stick with good old NHS,

    yes, I am finding fatty food is real trigger, and meal size is big one too,

    Is latter part of day I am worse, shortness of breath definitely, heart palpitations, right flank pain, is horrible sensation.

    they x-rayed me saturday, but found no sign of stones, I understand x-rays are not 100% effective at detecting stones. Scan is more detailed analysis

    I had some weird pains in my liver region over past year, and passing blood on and off. Trouble is I had 2 back operations to get through too, so these right side pains had to wait until back operations were complete

    thanks Lynda and hope4cure for your kind comments, is very reassuring


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      Hi, I'm in the UK also but this forum is great to speak to people from all over the world with similar symptoms. 

      I've had a ultrasound, CT, gastroscopy which are all normal, I've just had an mrcp which I'm waiting for the results and if that comes back normal then my consultant will put me in for a hida scan. I'd never heard of this until I came on this site and listened to our friends in the USA as this seems a common test over there but not here immediately. My meal size has reduced considerably. The pain seems to have increased over time after meals so now I'm in really bad pain in the evening and when I go to bed, I should probably go to A&E but I'm a bit scared to tell you the truth so I just put up with it. 

      I hope they find something on MOnday for you so they can treat you and you don't have to wait for more tests. Hang on in there we're only an email away if you need some support.

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      thanks Katherine , sounds like you have been through the meet grinder with diagnosis,

      meal sizes are a problem for me now, I need to lose weight, so this is a game changer for me, last saturday I was very scared, I hate that feeling of racing heart rate, shortness of breath, nausea.

      can I ask, is the mrcp done on NHS ?

      I have had some long term dealings with NHS with other medical conditions, to get them to take action, eventually they did, but was long hall

      as a precaution, I have made an appointment with consultant next thursday through my works private medical insurance.

      I have very odd pains varying in intensity for some time now in my right flank, and with known fatty liver from previous ultrasound, I just dont want to stick my head in sand

      appreciate your kind support


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      hi, yes the mrcp was done on the NHS but I'm just waiting for the results now but from what I've been reading from other people on this site I expect it to come back as normal so then I can go for a HIDA scan. I think my consultant believes that my gallbladder isn't working properly but they have to justify why they need to do surgery.

      I had ibs years ago I still have it slightly and it took ages back in 2001 before they came up with a diagnosis, at least this time everything is happening a bit quicker but its still not quick enough when your in pain is it. Thats a good idea if you have private insurance why not use it especially if you're suffering.

      I finding eating small amounts but more often easier but its still very painful in the evening. I think I've lost about a stone in weight since it all started, I'm not very bit anyway and I really don't want to loose anymore. 

      Yes my pains have varied in intensity too on the right, going straight through to my back and shoulder and then every few weeks it seems to go up a notch to another level completely. Have they given you some decent painkillers to help with the pain?

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      2001, wow, that is long time ago, so you been suffering for 15 years ?

      I am over weight, so now I am sticking to low fat, small meal diet,

      tonight, I feel slightly better, I have not had a bad turn tonight, first night in 5

      guess the symptoms come and go,

      thought booking the private appt would make a good back up plan, I have some bad experience with NHS in past, taking inordinate time to diagnose previous health issues,

      only been taken ibuprofen,


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      no, I had ibs previously and this only started in May, waking me up in the night with severe pain. My gp thought I had gallstones but then when the ultrasound came back as normal she fast tracked me to a consultant and he arranged the gastroscopy and CT encase I had anything really nasty.I'm just fed up with it now and want the pain to stop. I've been prescribed codeine which I can't take when I'm at work as it makes me light headed.

      I'm glad you're having a better day today. some days are better than others. 

      take care and keep me updated with everything. 

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    thank you Katherine

    feel real sick this morning, feel like I can taste blood in my mouth,

    I maybe just panicking because if imminent scan tomorrow,

    am taking ibuprofen at mo and grape seed extract now and again, and turmeric, all are suppose to help with inflammation

    I sure I read somewhere that need to give gallbladder, pancreas a break from food, maybe as long as a few days ? (stay hydrated with water) . To allow the pancreas to call down, get the inflammation down.

    is this a good idea, I certainly do not feel like eating at all today

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      Morning, yes I've had that feeling too but nothing has come of it. Its understandable that you're panicking, we all do its natural but try not to worry too much, you need this scan to help diagnose whats wrong then the doctors can treat you correctly. 

      I've heard of that but only for 24 hours otherwise you could do yourself more harm.  I have gone the day without food due to the pain but had to eat in the evening otherwise I pass out and I don't want to get too weak. If they do this in hospital they give you the correct fluids with salts for a longer period so I'm alway cautious of doing something like this for longer without your doctor knowing. Just eat small amounts today, little and often is better than nothing. I expect that you can't eat for about 6 hours before the scan so I would definately try to eat something today to give you some strength, you don't want to pass out! I nearly passed out one time after a test, I felt so embarrassed, I know its a hospital and they're use to it but I suppose it was my own pride, I felt so silly.

      I've just had a date for my HIDA scan on the 12th December and I know I'll be exactly like you so try not to panic too much, its doesn't do you any good when afterwards you end up going 'was that it'.

      Perhaps you could go out today to distract you from tomorrow, I'm heading to a few shops to look at the xmas decorations as it makes me happy and excited and take my mind off of the pain, only a suggestion but it works for me.

      Good luck and take care tomorrow and let me know how you get on.

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      thanks for reassurance Katherine. I am hungry, but dont want to eat because I will feel sick.

      I must admit, distraction is best tactic at mo. Little and often is good idea.

      I am over weight (which no doubt has played its part in all of this), will be surprised if I dont lose weight now.

      12th December must feel like years away, think when you know you are going to next scan, MRI etc, each day until that moment has arrived, can seem like a week.

      new symptom today, is metallic test in my mouth, weird,

      my appoinment is in morning, I will update tomorrow afternoon.

      thank you for your support


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      hi Katherine

      scan showed cyst on liver, radiologist said ultrasound not good at detecting colon issues,

      I still not feeling good, pain in right flank does feel like a abscess like pain,

      pains shoot round to left side, feeling of sickness has reduces, but comes in phases, with metallic taste

      I have appointment with consultant on Thursday for private medical.

      I will get MRI done on stomach, right side organs,

      as far as I can tell, all the symptoms I have point to pancreatitis, passing blood, terrible bloated stomach, shooting pains, some very strong from liver region around back to left kidney area, sickness, weight loss,

      apparently the cyst was there in my last US scan 4 years ago, that news to me. Liver is pale and fatty

      find it hard to accept that cyst can cause the way I feel at minute

      how are you feeling at minute ?

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      Hi, so this sounds that you're none the wiser at this time.I would've thought that if it was your pancreas that they've would've admitted you, unless they're not sure. They obviously weren't worried about your cyst on the liver 4 years ago.

      Are you having a MRCP, type of MRI as that specializes in the organs around where the pain is. I've just got the results of mine and they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or gallbladder or abnormality in the pancreas or liver lesions, which I know is good but it doesn't help with the pain. Hence my appointment for the HIDA scan. 

      The mrcp will certainly help diagnose if you have something wrong in the pancreas. They gave me pineapple juice before the scan as it helps produce clearer pictures.

      You're probably fed up with the pain, I know I am. Couldn't go to work yesterday but have been in for a few hours today. I'm probably lucky as  I'm self employed with my husband but no-one does what I do so I have to catch up some how. I've had some pain on the left too but most of mine is on the right going through to the back then upto the shoulder blade. I've noticed that I've got patches of psoriasis now too which must be due to this as I don't have this normally. 

      What time's your private appointment? Let me know later how you get on.

      How are you feeling now?

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      is 10am tomorrow, I have been signed off for two weeks, good job I have a supportive employer,

      is so debilating, I have been off work with back operations, pain too. 2016 not been good

      I not sure what scan will be taking place first, with private medical

      had bad day today, and anxiety has kicked in,which does not help,

      thanks for support


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      Evening, I'm day off tomorrow so send me a message and I'll be able to get back to you a bit quicker.

      That's lucky you have a supportive employer, you hear so many bad stories at a time that you need not to worry about work. I wouldn't think that they want to go over the same ones again. I expect the doctors are the same for nhs as for private so will have access to the scans you've had before. They are where I am anyway.

      There's no point me saying don't worry  cos I'm the same and what we don't know about our mind fills in the blanks and makes it worse. All I can say is let the doctors do their job and provide you with the tests that you need to get some answers, in the meantime try not to get anxious and speak to us on this site. It helps to share what your going through as we're going through it too.

      take care

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      Hi, poor you. Don't forget if it gets too much call an ambulance. No-one would expect you to suffer if the pain is more than you can cope with.

      How did your appointment go today? Did they do any tests as they may have aggravated your pain. I always find that when I go in and they examine you.

      Have they given you any stronger painkillers? You may need something stronger.

      Whats the pain like, can u describe it?and where?

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      he was very nice doctor,

      he thinks pain could be from fatty liver, personally I think I may have ascites, from portal hypertension, my bloated painful stomach fits, and I have gained weight over past months, (only lost weight since coming out of hospital)

      is only my speculation, based on my symptoms, he think pancreas should be ok, from what they have seen so far on US,

      CT Colonography now on Monday,

      some anxiety has come down,

      how are you feeling ?

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      Hi, it makes it easier when they're nice, much easier to explain whats wrong. I don't know much about the liver so I can't say but if you're having a colonography then hopefully that may explain the blood.

      Do you feel a bit better now you've spoken to someone? At least your not so anxious which plays havoc on your symptoms. I use to get a really bloated stomach thats painful, so I can empathise, mine in the end they couldn't diagnose so they said it was ibs. I still have it occasionally but not so often.

      I'm not too bad today, I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain but gets steadily worse throughout the day because of food. I do struggle as sometimes I just can't bear it anymore. It wasn't all the time initially but has steadily got to this stage. I think I'm just coping between tests, I'm just hoping that they find something on the HIDA scan.

      Is your pain better today?

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      had bad turn last night, had to call ambulance, had massive shooting pain attack in my right side (it shot all the way from right leg, through liver, (or some other organ), then up to head

      , by the time medic arrived 45 mins later, the right side pain, and massive distended stomach, had subsided, Medic was very good, helpful, got a reasonable night sleep in

      have to do special diet over weekend now in prep for CT scan

      took blood pressure, pulse, all ok at time,

      yes, was good to chat to consultant, hopefully CT scan on Monday will find out what is going on,

      strangely, I have had x2 fresh crushed garlic cloves today, and my bloated, distended stomach has come down,

      I wonderes with ibs, but does not explain blood in stool, or right side pain,

      I seem to be worse in evenings, is all very odd,

      your hida scan is not far away now smile

      sometimes I feel for a short period, that maybe I am wasting doctors time, but, this right flank pain is something else, and the sickness, bloated stomach, I have been feeling unwell for over 6 months, that feeling of general decline,


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      oh no, has it all subsided now? They didn't take you in then? Did you eat anything that may have aggravated everything I wonder. I did last night and had a really uncomfortable night. Some of the paramedics are really supportive but its just really scary when its something that you can't explain.

      Worse in the evenings seem to be a common think with gallbladder pain, if that's what you have. I hardly eat all day and not much more in the evening but I'm in real pain at bedtime so that I can't get comfortable. 

      You can't fake when you're in real pain, people can see it in  your face as well as the blood so don't think that, there's a reason for you being unwell it sometimes takes a while to get it diagnosed.

      6 months is a long time, I know, mine's just over that and its all coming out in my skin but I can get into some of my trousers much easier now!! Hang in there, these tests will give some answers its just getting the right test done. 

      Only a week away now, I hope I can hold out that long.

      How are you feeling now?

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      thanks Katherine for your kind words,

      yep, is so weird I feel worse in evenings,

      I agree, feels like pancreas related, which I guess gets more inflammed as day goes on,

      I did not go in, he took blood pressure, which was fine, which is good, pulse ok

      anxiety, as said, plays such a massive part,

      pain, feels like abscess like, throbbing pain in general, then sharp pain on occassion

      fresh curshed garlic seems to have go the distended stomach down, which is one thing,

      we have to have faith, mantra, that we will get back to full health,

      I have not felt this poorly since my motorcycle accident over 30 years ago,

      maybe some anti-inflammatory pain killers will help you sleep


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      I'm glad your feeling better tonight. 

      I think you have to believe that things will get better otherwise we don't have hope.

      Been decorating a couple of xmas trees today which has been good therapy, as I do enjoy it. 

      Hopefully it'll be a bit easier tonight but at least its saturday tomorrow.

      Take care and I'll see how your getting on over the weekend before your test on Monday.

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      thank you

      had one bad turn today, last night was not so bad,

      am listening to

      432 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music on youtube, is so healing...

      pains are very up and down, one minute I feel slightly better, then I feel poorly again,

      abscess like pain in right side still there

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      I'm not too bad, we went out to dinner last night and I was very sensible but its always a bit rich so I'm in pain a bit more today hopefully it'll ease off a little for tomorrow. 

      Yes I know what you feel like, its a rollercoaster isn't it. Alot of my pain goes straight through to my back, its all on the right upper quadrant and then going upto my shoulder. 

      Was it the same severe pain that happened the other night? Are you worrying about tomorrow?

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      I am concerned about these internal pains,

      have lost 4lbs in 4 days, not really surprised, since I can only have liquid at minute before scan tomorrow

      and appetite is down big time

      scan is not until 3-15, so will be long day


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      my appetite is up and down also so don't worry about it too much, just eat what you can when you can manage it, remember little and often and then it tends to stay down. Mine was terrible in the beginning and I hardly ate anything hence I've lost a stone but the weight loss has lessend since I reduced my portion size and fatty or too spicy food.

      Don't forget when you worry about it, it effects your whole body so your symptoms seem to get worse because of the anxiety.

      Are you still loosing blood? 

      I know its all very worrying but at least you are having tests done to help find out whats wrong and as your going private too things will happen a bit faster.

      Take care and try not to worry and if you don't get back to me tonight, contact me after your scan. I haven't had that one  so I'll be interested to hear about it.

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      was bit of a mess up,

      the gas machine broke down as I was on table,

      had to get dressed and walk across to NHS hospital, use their CT machine,

      took 3.5 hours to do a 20 min scan in the end

      had first solid food last night in 2.5 days,

      pains this morning, something is wrong with my digestive system, maybe is liver not producing enough bile,

      results on Thursday

      will have to go back to work next week, dreading that, considering how I feel at mo

      (company is suggesting reduced hours, so they being supportive)

      how are you today ?

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      Hi, oh poor you, its bad enough having tests and worrying about that let alone taking so long. At least you won't have to wait too long for your results.

      Don't forget if you gallbladder isn't working properly you'll be in pain when you eat, if they don't find anything on your tests. I tend to have a constant ache, pain that is sometimes is very sharp then goes away but still leaves me with this constant pain.

      Eat very pain food, I find jacket potatoes or at least half of one ok and nothing deep fried or overly spicy, that is a real nightmare. Pasta or rice are ok but with something fairly plain or certainly not a rich sauce.

      Work sounds as though they are being very good, try part time hours. I work for a few hours in the afternoon (3 or 4hrs) depending how I'm feeling. I don't know what you do but don't do anything where your rushing around too much as I find this aggravates everything on the right and causes more pain, so you just have to find what doesn't over tax you. You will feel tired and feel really sleepy and totally worn out but this is common when something is wrong its your body's way of telling you to slow down and rest.

      I'll survive, thank you for asking,I think I'm just getting use to it! only a few days till my scan but still expect it to come back as normal so I don't know what I'll do if it does.

      Are you still in pain today?


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      thank you for your support,

      yes, had bad day again,

      one of my biggest fears is that I have made things worse, like too many antioxidant supplements, I didnt realise until now that too many can be bad thing too,

      pain in stomach is becoming sharper, more stabbing, shooting like, up to my upper chest, down arm,

      pain in right side varies in intensity

      I get results thursday, seems a million miles away,

      plain food, yes, I can only do small portions of healthy food now, no junk food,

      fatigue is large part, I agree,

      one minute I think I am getting better, than bam, I am feeling worse,

      no know you mean, I am very worried deep down, I had a serious motorcycle accident when I was 18, that was life threatening, but I pulled through,

      this pain is weird, and scary, feel like I am in internal battle at minute with health

      you are from the UK , sorry I cannot remember what you said?

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      I really don't know about supplements as I don't take any. 

      Is there anything your eating or drinking thats making it worse?

      Yes I know that feeling of not so bad for a while then kicking in big time. Could you be overly anxious about it all because of what you went through when you were 18? Don't forget this is different from then, you know there's a problem but not sure what just yet, but you will get a diagnosis and its more gradual process but you are getting tests done to get some answers. At least if it gets intolerable you can call for an ambulance. Has anyone prescribed any painkillers as you could probably do with some, mine don't get rid of the pain but they do take the sharpness away so I can cope a little better. Perhaps you should ask on Thursday when you get your results.

      I know what you mean with a battle with health, if its not one thing its another and its just hard work all the time trying to struggle on, but you do, so stick with it and you'll find what makes the pain more tolerable.

      Yes I'm from the UK.

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      am taking ibuprofen occasionally

      just feel so drained, making the most away from work, to recover, just feel like my body is fighting something

      tomorrow at 12 hopefully they can tell me what is wrong

      as you know, all these visits to hospital add to stress, fatigue,

      feel so drained at mo

      hope you are ok today

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      Hi, I wonder if you need some painkillers rather than anti-inflammatories. 

      I had a bad night, I ate too much and was in instant pain. I couldn't get comfortable in bed so I had to take a painkiller to take the edge off of the pain, so its not too bad today but I'm on a day off so that helps, I can just potter at home. I felt drained yesterday early evening and fell asleep in the chair which is really unlike me, but this whole thing just wears you out doesn't it? I'm trying not to worry about it anymore as that just makes it worse, I have faith in my consultant that he'll do whats right for me and you've got to have hope.

      Yes I'm hoping they can give you some answers tomorrow then at least you can start being treated.

      How are you today?

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