Is this Prostatitis or am I dying of some wasting disease ?

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Hello everyone.  (Thank you in advance if you took the time to read this.)

It has began with what appeared to be Prostatitis and now I feel like I'm completely falling apart. 

I am a 35 year old male and here' how it all started.

One day I held my urine for too long and after I went to the bathroom I had severe pain in the right abdominal area. 

After it went away everything went back to normal. Next day i noticed i started having foam in my urine. 

Few weeks after that I started having odd pain the prostate area between scrotum and anus. And shortly after that I started getting

odd penile retractions.  Basically the type of shrinkage which you get when you take a cold shower.

My urination became a bit spasmatic and felt like my pelvic muscles were going crazy but still ad full and strong stream.

Naturally I was panicked and stress and paranoid and went to my urologist. The urologist gave me the finger exam and said it feels fine.

He diagnosed it as Non-Bacterial Prostatitis and gave me 2 weeks of Miloxicam and 2 months of Tamsulosin (FlowMax).

I went on my way and things seemed to be ok while I was taking it. After I was done I wanted a month and took nothing and wanted to see what happened. 

The entire time  I had slight burning in the urethra but only after urination, not during. And I feel like that slight burning is what was causing my shrinkage.

This entire time I kept on digging on google for symptoms and stressing my self out big time. Constant stress and worry. 

Eventually I went to the urologist and he took my blood and urine and found that I had low testosterone. 240  (Minimum for my age bracket should be 265)

Also for those who are wondering about the foam in my urine, the test did not show any protein in there so it is still a mystery.

In addition to all of this I started experiencing worse than unusual stomach problems and blow movements.  Started with diarrhea and now kinda light brown but solid. 

Also its worth mentioning that i started to cut down on meat consumption since i read its bad for the prostate so Im eating fish and other stuff for now. 

After having gone through all that and mega amounts of stress, now I have poor urination. weak urine stream and also not much urine comes out per session. Definitely urine retention.

But wait there's more!! Now suddenly for the past week or so I started to develop major fatigue. I can sleep all through the night get 8 hours and then wake up totally tired and have that all day long. Feeling tried and drained. 

I hope someone with similar condition responds to this. I am feeling weak and terrified and feel like Im falling apart. Jumping to all the negative conclusions and doctors aren't being helpful.    

Symptoms Summery:

1. Discomfort and pain between scrotum and anus area. 

2. Burning and discomfort in urethra, AFTER urination. 

3. Weak stream and urine retention but no real urgency to urinate.

4. Foam in urine. (Not protein related. Had blood and urine tested.) 

5. Low Testosterone 240 (35 Year old male)

6. Change in bowl movement and digestion.

7. All day fatigue for about  2 weeks now. (could be meat detox or not)

8. Major stress and anxiety due to looking for matching symptoms and causes. 

Please respond if you have had similar experiences and can help possibly figure this out and fix it.

Many thanks. 

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    Best advice: body heals itself. Research healthiest diet. Go organic. Go for walks. Cut out sugars and vegetable oils. Keep adjusting diet according to what makes sense in your research and respond to the body's increasing sensitivity to how all of this affects it.   Good luck,   Paul   Also have blood tests to show what if any deficiencies you might have and adjust diet accordingly. Try to avoid supplements. You need whole food for proper nutrition. Also supplements make you neglectful in terms of dietary nutrition.

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      That sounds like a plan and also alot of work since it takes a while to see how you body reacts to certain foods and it doesnt show it right away. But yes its definitely the play to follow. 
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     I went through the same scenario as you.  Started off as a mild problem and escalated with the stress I was putting on myself.  You probably have week pelvic floor muscle as I did and adding a bunch of stress to an already compromised pelvic floor your are making symptoms worse.  I have recently been doing PT for the pelvic floor along with daily stretching morning and evening.  The PT and stretching seems to have slowly help the symptoms improve, but thIs is a long road to recovey and the PT and stretching will most likely be a life long commitment.  I know it Is not easy when you are feeling the way you do as the pain and discomfort are fueling the stress, but the stress is also fueling the pain and discomfort.  I have also embarked on a meditation regiment to help with my stress levels.  Just a word of advice in closing the more you stress out about your current situation the more pain and suffering you will cause yourself.  Take it from someone who has done just that.  Good luck with your journey and try to incorporate some stress management into your life.
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      Hi. Im not too sure if its the pelvic floor muscle but it is possible. And yes you are absolutely right. The new symptoms that show up with this thing is keeping me on edge and i tend to stress ALOT about it. And so many sub symptoms which are included and they show up and i feel like its just to much to handle  and i start to panic and fall apart and just have panic attacks. One fuels the other and vise versa. Its very hard to stop and calm your self down.  What kind of PT are you doing? Any links on that or videos? I heard people talk about it but cant seem to find a specialist or anything on the web. 


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    The symptoms you have are usually found in the elderly not someone in the prime of life. Suggest you have a cat scan in the area you complain about.
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    I might suggest getting a multiparametric MRI scan of the prostate.  This should show if anything within your prostate is restricting urine flow.  Not to add to your stress and anxiety, but you may consider getting a PSA blood test.


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      Max, I was replying when I accidently his "Send".  I don't remember exactly where I was but I will be advised by the Moderator when my response is Posted.  I'll watch.  Someone mentioned PSA Test.  Simple Blood Test that can be helpful when used in conjunction of other tests.  Someone also suggested a Major Modification of Your diet.  Healthy Eating and Exercise is definitely Key to one's overall Long Term Well Being.  BUT, for an Acute Situation, You don't want to waste time to ensure nothing is wrong that can't be fixed by a round of the appropriate antibiotics! (And Yes, I saw where You said Your Urologist said it was non-bacterial".  At 70 Yrs Old, I've seen a LOT of Lab work come back WRONG!

      ?I would tell you to "Quit Stressing" but I realize that having this much happen in such a short time IS STRESSFUL!   Get to a new Physician!  I am confident You will be fine when a Caring Internist takes you on!

      Good Luck!


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    Hi don't muck around if its more serious than you want it to be , getting a mp MRI and first discussing it  with one of the best professional prostate doctors around, he is very willing to discuss it you can email him Dr Karamanian you will find him on the internet he is in Houston Texas. prostate laser center

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