Is this sciatica? Does anyone have similar aches?

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I recently started getting low back pain in the tail bone area which feels cramp like, it also travels to my legs, buttocks and sometimes groin, the way I can describe the pain is a constant nagging/pulling ache, tingly legs. Worse when sitting especially at night! Does not seem as bad when busy throughout the day. Hot baths work but only for a short while, I have seen 2 doctors who both agreed it sounded like sciatica, I just wanted to know what others is like as iv never had this before. I'm taking nefopam. Thank you for any comments.

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    Hi Donna  It does sound like it is sciatica you could try hot and cold bags place them on buttocks for about 20 minutes  i was told this from my Doctor when i had sciatica hope this helps   Best Wishes


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    Yep sounds like sciatica hot water bottle wrapped in a towel works wonders had mine since last August had physio having a mri scan next week my disc are the trouble 

    If you get in in both legs tell your Gp 

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    Thank you for your comments, everybody seems to have similar symptoms! Why is it important to tell my GP if I get it in both legs? I mentioned this today and nothing was said. Think I might try hot water bottle tonight actually thanks for the advice. X
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    Oh right really? Thanks for letting me know il bear that in mind, I will be asking for an xray if it doesn't get any better. Hope we all find some relief soon! X
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    Not keen on MRI scans! U find out things you didn't want to find out about lol, they see everything that's going on! Why did you have to wait a year?
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      Saw 6 gps all said no was until I saw the last one who said yes after I said the pain was in both legs I was sent to see a specialist who said it was disc prolapsed  I take 6-8 tramadol a day they don't help much it's only the amitriptyline that works at night 30 mg
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      Marshall, I couldn't help but reply to this as i can relate to it! I was also on tramdol and they do more bad than good! they relax the muscles, which sure is a good thing if it was a muscle problem but it's not and when they are relaxed they can not give any support and cause unwanted tension on the discs! I have been told to stop taking the tramadol and ony take the anti inflams! 

      Give it a try you might be suprised!

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      Hi Ellis,

      I found your comments exceptionally helpful. I've been suffering from extreme sciatica for the last 2 months and just began to think I was the only person in the world who had it. Is there any way I can get in touch with you via email? I think I just really need someone to talk to at this point, primarily because I am so worried and upset.

      Thank you.

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    Hi donna, 

    It does sound like sciatica but don't accept that as an asnwer, the tail bone is knows as the sacrum which is made up on discs naturally fused together, I had a slipped disc here that pressed on the nerve going into my left leg!

    It gave me all the symptoms you have but it is not sciatica just a trapped nerve! 

    I recently saw my 'back doctor' I forget the official name but that irerlevant and he was very helpful, he told me to stop lifting anything above chest/head height and to stretch even if it hurts, you wont do any more damage by stretching and it will allow for the discs to open up and take pressure of the nerve allowing the swellings to go down and with time heal.

    I've been like this for almost a year and i'm finally having some pain free days!

    Talk to your doctor about Naproxen! it's an anti inflamitary and it works wonders with me! it allows me to do so much more than I could, try and keep active also and dont sit for more than an hour, if you have to for work or whatever take regular breaks, just stand up if you can and stretch out take a little walk for a few minutes to take your mind off the pain!

    It will take some time to heal! some cases only last a few weeks some for several years!

    Ask your gp to book you in for an Mri, It will take some time as the waiting list is long but it will allow you to make sure there is no other underlying issues like degernative disc diseases etc! I know this all sounds like scary stuff, and it can be when you don't know what it wrong or how to treat it, so just take each day as it comes and listen to your body, If it hurts more than normal stop what you're doing and rest! It's not great to lay down for too long unless you are sleeping because everything closes back up again and that is when it will feel its worst in the morning.

    If you are just laying down because it hurts either lay on your side, either will do and place a pillow between the knees, this aligns the spine naturally and will stop any unessary pressure or lie down on your back with a pillow under your kees! 

    Im rambling now but if there is anything you want to know or maybe just some advice feel free to message me!

    All the best and hope you have a speedy recovery!


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      Hy ellis, I too have found your comments true. I was told I had sciatica

      in 1994 after  x-ray, and told to go swimming.

      I developed it after learning badminton in 1987, I slid and jerked

      myself.  It healed up but then started to hurt each autumn and

      thro the winters.

      I did find in 1994 I couldnt sit for long, and niether could I stand

      for long either.

      Naproxen I took from Oct to Feb, for a few years, then I had a reaction to it and tried Ibuprofen and that helped a lot.

      In recent years - 2004 plus I began caring for my mother and

      found I got spasms in my back from bending or from sitting too long.

      I have been offered 2 sessions of physio - simple excercises

      to improve muscles in the back.

      didnt work.

      I had an MRI scan 3 weeks ago.  After asking my speciast

      for one !  He agreed and two weeks later 

      I got an appt.

      Specialist says Ive got nerve damage, makes me wonder

      after over 20 years of GP appts,  my back problems have

      been overlooked, maybe I've made it worse, but I didnt expect these past

      2 years of agony and also the waiting time to be seen by a

      pain specialist.

      He gave me Feb this year a spinal injections (not epidural)

      and put me on Gabapentin.

      My GP didnt want me on any anti inflamatories (stomach probs)

      but upped my dose of gabapentin.

      A m looking forward to my injection on tuesday of a caudal epidural

      cos I cant stand the pain much longer.

      Cant do my housework or shopping.  I am 62, just retired in May

      and my life seems unindurable.

      sorry have gone on but there ya go.


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    Hi Donna.  I've been having pain and numbness in my left leg. I've always had some lower back pain on and off through out my life but never numbness until now.  My left foot and upper leg sometimes feels numb/tingles depending on how I am sitting (in the car, at work, etc).  It started when I over-exercised one day on a treadmill. Had the treadmill elevated to the max - was walking at a good pace for 40 or so minutes.   Next day, fealt really bad pain all over my left leg for at least a 2 months which has been replaced by intermittent tingling.  I was told sciatica by my GP.  Strangest thing.  I've been athletic all my life - but not so much now at 61, but still try.  Anyway, at 7 months now, most tingling has subsided,  and what's left is some numbness in foot and leg every now and again when sitting or sleeping on my side (all just just annnoying at this point).   It goes away when I stand, exercise or do not sleep on my side :-).  Back pain is fleeting these days.  I've been seeing a chiropractor and he is able to adjust things back to near normal for me.  But, enough about me, here is what I suggest to you based on a couple of your comments.  If you say hot baths help, loosens up when busy thoughout the day (I suspect there is activity in your work (not sitting alot), then part of your problem is muscular - in your lower back.  That was my problem.   I'm asusming you have not had a major accident. if so, then regardless of whether it's a pinched nerve or a diagnosis of Sciatica, it's the strained muscles that are keeping you that way.  Pinched nerves also keep the muscles tense holding those unalligned vertibra in place and sometimes making them worse - viscious cycle once it starts.  A chiro practor will help re-allign, with a goal of un-pinching the nerve and ultimately helping the muscles to relax.  Muscle relaxers are a short term fix and are unhealthy.  Anyway, here are some of the things I would suggest.  Hope these help -  1) see a chriopractor, let him give you several adjustments  (he'll take xrays too) 2) Get a good mattress (temperpedic or even a water bed - that cured me some years back - a bed needs to contour to your back - water has the least resistance  3) continue to stretch and exercise (moderately at first - don't over do it in the beginning) 4) get into a hottub (jacuzzi) more often (maybe at the gym) after a workout.  Sounds kind of basic I know - but I really beleive you will begin to see some results - it did for me.
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    Hi thanks for all your comments, iv just bought a vibro plate which is supposed to be good for muscle aches, it's the dull nagging pain in buttocks and lower back that irritates me, I get about 2 days a week break from it and then it's back again! X

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