Just started taking Sertraline

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I got put on these yesterday morning by my doctor.

Started taking them in the evening thinking 'if they're gonna make me feel sick at least I don't have to do anything in the evenings'

Well. I'm supposed to be in college today. But I woke up around 6am, still feeling really tired but very restless and sick. Managed to get some more sleep between 8am and 8.45am. And here I am.

I have work on Saturday and I need to be in no matter what as financially, I can't afford to take any time off at the moment.

Has anyone got any tips for not feeling so sick from these meds? Or is it something I going to have to push aside and try to ignore until it calms down?

My main worry is being on the bus or being at work and actually being sick.

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    Hello Kay, it's hard to desire if it's the tablets making you feel sick or if it's you worrying about taking them. There are lots of people who say Sertraline has been brilliant for them and have been on them for some time but they do take a while to kick in. You don't say why you are taking Sertraline but it seems to me you could be suffering with panic attacks. If you feel the Sertrline is causing your sickness tell the doctor to change them if you think it's you worrying then give them time. You don't say what strength you are on you may have to increase the dose. You can go up to 200mg a day. But see your doctor first.. good luck.
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    Hi smile

    Ooops sorry I've never really used forums before. I've been given them for anxiety, and I'm currently on 50mg a day.

    Yeah it could be the worry of taking them. I've never been much of a fan of pills but counselling hasn't worked for me. I think I'm reading into everyone's bad experience with Sertraline too and thinking that everything's going to happen to me lol.

    Thank you

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    They last for a good 5 to 10 days in my experience, you're best to beat the mindset and to challenge yourself to live life as normal as possible and let the medication help you in the long run.

    Keep at them and try to take them in the morning, it'll help your sleep too as you're usually knackered by early evening on those pills.

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    Hi Everyone,

    i wanted to give you my story and tell you my experience on Sertraline so far.

    I have been prescribed Sertraline by my doctor as Fluoxetine wasn't working for me other than for my depression (making me more anxious etc) I'm on day 6 of 25 mg Sertraline and not noticing any major side effects yet, it does have an alerting affect on me like waking me up mega early but that helps with going to work. I also find in the evening i am extremely tired and can drift off to sleep easily but, still wake up in the night feeling sick.

    Im no expert on AD's as this is the 2nd one i have been on but i tend to find if i stay away from caffeine it helps a little as i seem to get more anxious thoughts following a coffee, i also try to find things to distract

    myself like watching videos on my tablet/phone on the bus etc, it doesn't make them go away but side effects dont shout as loud when you don't pay them attention. (its not easy but it helps)

    Its not easy being depressed and being anxious, I have Panic disorder and PTSD from some very stressful post relationship experiences. I have found though that being open with my colleagues at work and letting them know my situation makes them more understanding in fact we can even laugh about it now and then so when im

    having a minor panic attack I have the support i need and most of all they respect my honesty.

    From what i have read about Sertraline it seems to help alongside therapy which i am due to have soon (CBT) which i believe will compliment my meds.

    I hope someone can read this and take some comfort from knowing that your not alone and and sometimes

    when the side effects/symptoms really attack, your not the only one suffering in silence, i take great comfort from knowing that im not alone, i would give anything to feel my old self again to not have the "thoughts" but i can see from other peoples courage and determination that we will eventually overcome our discomfort and lead a normal life again as a stronger person.

    (sorry for the soap box bit there)


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    Hi Mark smile

    I read somewhere on here that someone took them before they went to bed to help with the side effects, so that's what I've been doing at the moment. Obviously I'm still early in. This is only my 2nd day on 50mg.

    Aw no.. okay I'll stay off the coffee haha! Only just begun to get a taste for it now after being off it for ages as I got to a point where I was drinking so much i couldn't sleep for days ha!

    I'll give that a shot too, I usually try to keep myself busy but recently my phone has been dying on me when it's still had good battery.. and thinking back now it has made my anxiety worse.

    That's good that you have a supporting team around you at work. smile

    I'm speaking to my manager Saturday about it all but currently my team isn't a very good team. Work it something that's made my anxiety worse and driven me to have to get medication.

    Aw no never apologise for soap boxes haha!

    We will all get there in the end! and I'm glad I've participated in this forum as everyone I've spoken to so far is so lovely and helpful.

    I hope that I can help in any way I can in the future if needed smile

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    Hi guys, 

    I know its been a long time since this discussion was added. I have just started these tablets too. Did they work for you??? 

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      Sorry for the very late reply! 

      I left the job I was at whilst I had started these. The enviroment change was a huge help for me and I ended up going cold turkey. 

      A year and a half later I'm now back on them. This evening will be the journey starting itself over again. 

      How're you feeling now? 

      K x

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