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Hi everyone I am posting here as I need some help while you through this....

I have been on sertraline 50mg for 6 days and recently today up to 100mg I feel so depressed and my OCD is going crazy I haven't eaten hardy anything in a week and have a constant guilt / bad feeling in my stomach I think of food and just want to spew I wasnt this bad before I went on it and the doctor does say it gets worse before getting better but I don't know how much longer I can do this for? When am I going to feel better someone plz help me xx

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    Hi Kat.

    i feel for you I was just the same, I didn't think I could keep going on sertraline.

    Everyone is different on how long it settles in your system, I slowly started to feel the benefit after about week 4 full benefit after about week 8 when I had no anxiety and side effects had gone. 

    But it's gradual some days bad some good, keep a daily diary and you will see that they are starting to work. 

    Also every time you up your dose the side effects do come back so iv read.

    iv haven't increased my dose 25mg seems to work for me, I'm not very good with medication so I'm lucky I have settled on sertraline.

    I lost weight the first few weeks because looking a food made me feel sick, being a cook in a busy kitchen wasn't easy. stick with it, I was going to stop taking it because the side effects was herrendous but I'm pleased I carried on.

    good luck Luv xx


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      Thankyou Julie, I only started on 100mg today but have also read that the side effects get worse when you change your dose I may just take 50mg tomorrow .... I was hoping a higher dose would make me feel better 😔 I have only done one week and feel like I can't even manage another day let alone 3 more weeks.....I hope this get better sooner rather than later xxx

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    Hi Kat I too am taking sertraline 100mg for OCD and depression im on week 8 and feeling a bit better although scared to admit. There are good days and bad but i needed to deal with the depression caused by ocd before i could properly deal with the ocd if that makes sense. I would say that if your on 100mg after 6 days then your body needs time to adjust and you will defo feel worse at first but stick with it. Sertraline has so far been great for me after wasting 3 months on mirtzapine which had no effect on my anxiety and plunged me deeper into depression. Sertraline is an approved OCD drug too so it should work for you. I took 50mg for 4 weeks then went to 75g and 100g after 6 weeks but the side effects for me were much better than depression if you get my drift?
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      Hi cuffy.... the depression isn't bothering me too much it's my OCD thoughts and constant thinking which I feel got so much worse this past week it's like I just can't escape my own head not even for a moment of peace it's crippling me physically it's just the waiting game to feel better I suppose this is the hardest battle I have even been through and I feel so alone xx

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    I think your doctor upped your dose too quickly. If I were you I would alternate 50mg I Day and 100 mg next. That is what I am doing but I want to get down to 25mg. I have worked my way down from 200mg.

    it seems to me doctors are too quick in upping the dose.

    Hope this helps and good luck

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    Its a horrible illness OCD and there is not enough awareness and a lot of misconceptions about it. No other disorder that i know of preys on your worst fears and manipulates your thinking, you just have to get through the next couple weeks and things will loom better. Are you on the list for CBT which is also a shocking wait in the Uk i have waited 4 months for my first appointment.
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    I have just had my dose upped to 100mg too amd today is my first day of taking it. I was on 75 before that for 6 weeks and 50 before that. The sife effects do seem to reoccur when upping so try to stick with it flr a few weeks. Its hard i know as i feel awful. Good luck

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    Also watch different brands as you body gets used to one and they are not all the same. Doctors and people that work in the medication industry say they are the same but i can speak from experience thier not. Your pharmacy can throw any generic at you for cost savings but there is a very good chance the side effects will re-occur? I thought it was in my head but i found an honest pharmacist that said they get reports all the time of generics varying in terms of side effects re-occuring.
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    Tottaly agree with cuffy. Iv tried 3 different sertraline and I had a argument with a receptionist because she said they are all the same, 


    I did like for like on the ingredients of the 3 and they all differed.

    iv been given 6 months supply on the brand iv settled on but gp said to put my percription in early so I stand a better chance getting what I want.

    wishing you well x

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    Hi Kat,

    Sorry to hear you feel rubbish. The first two weeks on Sertraline were terrible for me, I was a complete mess. However, something changed a few days ago and I feel the best I have felt for several years. If you can, try and stick with it for a couple more weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I've been on 50mg, today is my 11th day and the first week had good and bad days just because I was anxious about going on medication due to my past, but I've been feeling good the past few days stay with it I've heard good things about Zoloft just remember it's always one step to the bad but two steps forward to the good, you got this!

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    Hi Kat,

    if it's any consolation i know exactly how you feel, i started sertraline a week ago and have been feeling manic with constant obsessive thoughts. I know it's to get better but at the moment it feels unbearable. I plan on going to the doctor today to see if they can prescribe anything to help for the short term until the sertraline takes effect.

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