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Ive been suffering with anxiety and depression for years now. I was severly bullied as a child at school, so often used to shut myself away and concentrate on my school work etc. Well Im 34 years old now and I still shut myself away my mum and dad live in weymouth which is a long way from me so I dont get to see them that often. I dont have any close friends, just a few aquaintances at work etc. I have worked for the company for 12 years. 5 years ago we were relocated so I had to move away from the very few friends that i did have and start a new life somewhere new. The only problem is that it actually made my condition worse. I feel so lonely. last weekend was the final straw I realised that I had not talked to anybody from friday evening right the way through to Monday morning was I was back at work sad. I dont know why but I decided enough was enough and I went to see the doctor yesterday. Ive been reading some of the other posts on here and I agree with what some people are saying about GP's. The GP i saw at my local practice just kept going on about helping myself and that she couldnt just create a social life and a group of friends for me...well yeah doh I know that. she has then prescribed my 10mg of Citalopram for next 4 weeks and has referred me counselling session, the only problem is there is a massive waiting list and I wont get to see one for 3months!. Anyway she has said that I need to go back in 3 weeks to see how Im getting on.

Ive only had one dose yesterday evening and it made me feel so poorly I went straight to bed. Just felt Like throwing up all the time...I still do and Ive had an awful headache and I couldnt sleep a wink last night...not that I sleep very well mind you.

Is this what its supposed to be like or do I go back to the Docs and say give me something else cos these things just make me wanna vomit big time?

thanks for your help and its reall comforting to read some posts on ere.


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    Hi str33tb0y,

    Do you feel comfortable with your GP? Because, to me, a GP has to be someone who won't judge me, and won't make me feel uncomfortable about talking about my feelings and difficulties... I'm not sure your GP would meet my requirements there. Maybe I'm just fussy about how a GP should act towards their patients, but if you feel the same way and aren't comfortable with your current GP, I'd suggest changing and finding one that will be more sympathetic towards you, and therefore more helpful.

    As for the counselling... It can take a while to actually get a session booked, which is a pain. I remember being told it could be a while for me to get to see one - I think it was a slightly shorter timespan than the one they gave me, but it's still long enough to be an inconvenience when you need that support. Have you tried phoning the samaritans? In the meantime, I've found that these forums can be helpful - no-one judges on here, and there's always people who know how you feel, and can maybe offer some advice or even just words of comfort.

    As for the side effects you're currently suffering... It's common for citalopram to have side effects for a period at the start of taking them. I think most people experience something when they first go on them - I felt like I wasn't quite in my head, and felt quite dizzy a lot of the time. I also got a dry mouth the first time I was on them, and my jaw felt horribly strange and full of bone without being cushioned, if that makes any sense... Probably not. I found myself gnashing my teeth more than usual, too (and I already do that a lot).

    See how you're feeling in a few days time - if the side effects haven't lessened in a few days, then you should think about going back to the GP and talking about it, and perhaps seeing if you can be put on something else if you don't feel comfortable with citalopram.

    I hope you feel better soon x

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    Hey Frogerlla,

    Thanks for your reply that really helped. Im going to see how I get on for the next few days and If I still feel like this over the weekend Im going to go back to the docs and ask for something else. This morning I have felt so out of it, I know what you mean about the teeth gnashing as well as Ive been doing that all morning...which is probably not helping with the headache! I think I should have read some more posts on ere before posting this one as I would have realised the side effects are pretty normal at first so sorry If Ive wasted anyones time by posting this.

    so glad I found this forum, I know plenty of people suffer with depression and anxiety but its really comforting to read about others experiences, I find it very difficult to talk to anyone about the way I feel in public as I am so embarrased about my condition...

    Cheers smile

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    Hi Str33tboy.Iwas reading your post and would like to say stick with it and see how you go.I feel that is you read the posts on here you will probably know already but everyone reacts differently and I think most will agree that the side effects do subside slowly.I am glad you mentioned the teeth gnashing.I have noticed that ober the last week or so.I have got my teeth clenched with my tongue rubbing the roof of my mouth all the time and did not even think this was a side effect till I read the post.My goodness the side effects are endless aren't they!!.I hope you get some help reading the posts on here and You realise that you are not alone.We are all in the same boat and I would say that you have just made yourself a whole lot of really good friends!!Good luck and keep posting.Love P xxx :wink:
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    Hey Pinky smile

    Thanks for your reply smile Im defo going to stick with it. I actually feel a little better this afternoon than I did this morning, so Im hoping that Im heading in the direction as far as the side affects are concerned! Still grinding away on my teeth tho! Just waiting for my login to be processed on the site and then I shall posting away like nobodys business im sure. And its good to know there are people out there who I can call friends that understand what we are all going through.


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    Hi there

    I felt pretty rough when I started on Citalopram - very dry mouth, sweating. But that soon passed. Within a fortnight I was feeling far less desperate, with no ongoing side effects.

    I am not a habitual moaner about doctors, but some GPs are truly awful about depression. The first I went to turned aggressively to me and demanded 'What makes you think you're depressed then?'. After 6 months on C'pram I went for a check up and this time the GP (a different one) said I had to come off them immediately. He never asked how I was feeling and I was in his office for about 30 seconds (honestly). In one way it was good because my anger motivated me to change my GP. The new one is far better.

    Besides being ruthless (and a bit motivated) about getting a new doctor, I've also found exercise (especially when you least feel like it) and some Buddhist meditation very helpful. But the C'pram helped get me to the stage where I could start to develop these other techniques for dealing with my depression.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!


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