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Hi All

I did really well when I first started, but over the last couple of months (why do I leave it so long), I've gone back to my bad old ways and only take the tabs when I know I'm OK.

Put off going to be weighed all that time and f course I hadn't lost when I went back to Dr, infact I'd put on.

And this is my problem with whatever weight loss regime I'm following. I find that I can do really well for a month or two, sometimes 3, but I find it so difficult to keep going. I lose motivation and lose sight of why I'm doing this and start cheating. Then I go on a really big downer cos I've failed and I know lots of you will understand how that feels.

Well I've got to keep going now. Dr has said (fairly) that he won't let me have them again if I don't lose the weight.

Think I just need a bit of reassurance that it's worth doing. Help me get out of this downer.


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    AliJ.....we've all had days when we've eaten more than we should.....and the trick is to get back at once and forget about what you did yesterday....we've had a holiday weekend here and whilst I haven't gone overboard I have had more than I should have and don't like how it feels at all. So today I am back on track...absolutely.....the feeling of well being (as I've said before) is so good that I don't want to lose it - so you know you CAN do it....yes, you do..forget about the past and other methods.....think about how you want to look, the clothes hanging in the wardrobe that you can't wear....those size (?) jeans, tops, swimsuit (?) all the money you've spent on them is wasted while you half heartedly try to lose the weight. (If this sounds harsh, sorry, but I'm trying to be of help).

    So from the moment you read this....a new starting point....the beginning of a new you......meal by meal, day by by lb....inch by will happen if you do the work...and it is hard work for us. So hard to break the habit of a lifetime in my case. Our weight loss always levels out and that is the right way to lose....slowly but surely. AliJ...we are all here behind you willing you on....please don't give up...there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. My love and best wishes for the new you....((((((((hugs)))))) from Joyce.

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    hi alli

    We've all been there, we've all given up and now we're all trying again.

    I think these tablets are a diamond to some people even with the side effects, because they make us loose that extra pound or two without having to do hours at the gym.

    You have to think what you actually want in life and why you are doing this in the first place.

    Why not set some incentive rewards? ie, every 5 pounds i loose, you treat yourself to something (not food) like a new top or something, and then every stone you loose a professional massage, a manicure, something that is going to keep you focused.

    If your brave enough, you could let your family and friends know what you are trying to do, and they could perhaps sponser you to loose the weight, so in the end there's a little cash prize at the end for you, and your sponsers are watching your every move and you'd feel terrible if you had to tell them you quit.

    Do you have a weekly planner? Mine is massive lol

    It has the times and days on it, it has everything on it, from work, to toddler groups for my daughter, to my planned meals, food shopping, to when it's bath time, exercise time the lot.

    And it does help cos its all right in front of you what your ment to be doing that day and what you have planned to eat.

    I'm getting married in may 2011, i don't want to be a massive bride, i don't want to be the biggest girl in the picture i want to blend in with everyone else.

    Set yourself a goal right now, doesn't matter how small, even if you say to loose 1lb a week, in 2yrs thats just over 100lbs, wow.

    In my buisness setting goals is vital to help me acheieving, as it is with my weight.

    Here's what is on my fridge.


    write this down and put it up, and also





    i hope this helps you and anyone else who reads this post, i see these quotes everyday in my home, and they are a great motivational boost to me and they proberley will be for you.

    One last thing GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nora x

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    You have not failed, you just had a hiccup.

    As this seems to be a cycle have you considered CBT or counselling? I know without counselling I would not have stuck to this diet even with the pills and everyone on here supporting me (thx to all on here btw).

    Maybe it's time for a shift in thinking.

    Try this

    You are going to see how long you can stick to the low fat / low calorie diet. It might be a day, a week or a year.

    You know you can do three month so your target is three months and a day. After three oths and a day it is your choice to continue or not. If you have a few days when you eat fatty foods then OK, but then start trying for 3 months and 2 days. Repeat. Or if after 3 months and a day you want to go on, go for it. See how long you can stick to it.

    If you don't manage your last personal best, then it's still OK. Athletes don't break records all the time.

    This is not a method that works for everyone. My dad is seeing how long he can go without a cigarette. It's been 30 years so far.

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    That's a great approach - I really like it.

    My own method of sticking is that I only commit to the next half stone milestone - at the moment I am aiming for 14 and a half stone. Today I am 14 stone 10, and SURELY I can lose another 3 pounds having come so far. I make no promises at all about continuing after 14 stone 7 but I say there cannot be any good reason on earth why I can't lose 3 pounds - not at all over-facing. If I stop then, that is still a great victory and I will feel good about myself.

    Then (so far) when I hit the milestone, I feel really chirpy and I think hhmmmmm - that 14 stone target doesn't look too far away. I will have lost 4 and a half stone at that point so what's another 7. Do I want to commit? Just another 7 would be really nice. I can't be sure I will say yes to the 14 stone target (and it is a it risky for me even talking about it when I haven’t hit the 14 stone 7 yet) but just a 7 pound promise usually feels do-able in a way that a 7 stones target looked completely over-facing in February. I am so de-motivated by a marathon, but feel I can commit to a waddle of 100 metres. On a low day, I grit my teeth and say \"when I get the next 3 pounds off, I will stop - but I have promised the next 3 pounds so I will do it if it kills me” ...but when I get there, I skip about and cheer and dare to look a bit further.

    Sorry to waffle on about myself – I am sharing with good intentions - read if it helps, and ignore me if it feels self indulgent!

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    Hi Alij,

    We have all been there, just remember there are more ups than downs.

    I get through the days and weeks by saying that I am choosing at the moment not to eat the high fat things until I get to my next goal, three stone.

    We all slip sometimes, monday night I was really hungry and most times this happens, i can abstain, but this time I thought no I will have something so had some cheesy rice cakes.

    Keep going alij,


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