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Since diagnosed with GD, I have only taken Acetyl L-Carnitine, not L-Carnitine. Recently, the information about LC's strong effect on improving muscle fatigue, pain, and weakening (there are other benefits of taking LC) brought to my attention since although I have been in euthyroid for quite a while, muscle problem is one of the few symptoms still lingering. Before plunging into taking LC, I would like to ask for opinions/comments/experience-sharing from this group's users.

Based on the purpose of taking LC for improving hyperthyroidism/GD condition (and muscle symptoms), (1) which form of LC (tablet, capsule, liquid) is the most suitable and effective? (2) when is/are the best time to take LC: with the meal, between meals, empty stomach, morning, evening b4 bed? (3) any significant side effects, especially: increase bowel movement (caused by the magnesium stearate or LC itself?) (4) your experience of effectiveness (improve thyroid condition and muscle symptom). It's very likely any answer of the four could be related to/depended on one, two, or all other three.

Appreciate and thanks in advance.

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    Mike ..  I tried ALC to wean myself off Carbimazole  I took it in the morning after breakfast in capsule form ....  I didn’t try LC only ..  so maybe not helpful to you ..

    But   As I still had muscle pain which was very debilitating 

    For me ...

    ............A very trusted patient opinion on here,  suggested that I try Potassium,  in powdered

    form ...

    .... a third of a teaspoonful   On the back of the tongue  swallowed over quickly with water .

    That’s all ... every morning , but not for more  than a couple of weeks  .... and then only  ocassionally  after that .

    I was astonished as to how fast it worked , almost immediately.

    I was  Delighted with the result of that ... so I  do it every six months or so .. it seems to have helped me enormously 

    Hope this helps ...🦋

    Good luck 


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      Many thanks, Madge.

      You mentioned that you didn't try LC only, does that mean you have used ALC + LC during the healing process? What effects came from your experience of the combination?  

      Potassium has been out of my radar for health remedy for some time... I need to dig a bit more b4 starting it. AW, the way of using it you described seems like a bit more similar to the "block & replacement" mechanism with a much shorter repetition (or relapse). Since you mentioned you still had very debilitating muscle pain, do you consider this problem with a goal to a complete heal (long-term recovery)?  Thank you for your input.

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      No Mike ....my muscle pain has gone  !

      But that , I believe , is probably due to a number of great things I take ..to stay in remission .

      I meant that I ONLY took Acetyl 

      L Carnitine  .., and NOT  Regular 

      I’m in remission from Graves Disease 🦋  and  from the associated symptoms .... 🙏


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      Mmmmmm...    Good  Wuestion ... not sure HOW  to answer that  as I’ve never been tested for muscle Loss    

      alas ,   I  DO know that I am less strong than I was before Graves ..  so I guess Graves did it’s worst

      With my strength  having run me to the wall during  a huge Flare Up  which resulted in my diagnosis  2014

      But I kicked it back  and built back up  my Immune System  which is leaving my Thyroid in peace now .  🙏


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      Hi Madge1979!

      I would be pleased to hear from you about which type of potassium you use for your muscle pain since there are potassium chloride, phosphate, bicarbonate, gluconate and orotate. I want to try for my muscle pain.

      Your reply will be highly appreciated.

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      Kalim.. this is Madge here

       .. not Mike ..

      The type of Potassium that I used to heal my muscle pain is very readily available .. it looks just like ... salt and tastes similar too ... it’s Potassium Chloride.

      Please do not think that Potassium Chloride ALONE will solve the problem of your muscle pain.... as it’s likely to not be enough on its own .

      After I and many others here became Euthyroid .. ie .. normal

      We decided that we must work 

      To keep our Immune Systems 

      Strong again after all that Graves’ disease had made our immune systems use up ...

      ie.. we must replace all the ingredients that make it up.

      Our Immune Systems are about 80%  percent in our Gut   !! 

      .... and therefore it makes sense that we address it there .

      That entails taking 


      Minerals and

      Nutrients ..

      And there are many that we take 

      SOME of them are :  -   

      Vitamin B12  

      This Should be SublingualB12

        ie .. melted under the tongue ( for  speedier delivery .)  and ...where there and many blood vessels there .... rather than through the Gut ... which is slower .



      B Complex



      Omega 3,6 and 9


      Vitamin D3  plus ... K2 mk7

      Vitamin C

      Vudamin E   ( water  


      I Take 40 Billion  per day

      You may think that this list is a lot  to take .....

      But I can assure you that they brought me back and have kept me in good health since I introduced them to my Immune System 

      I was NOT simply GIVEN this list of Immune System  ingredients

      ........I researched them all separately .....it was hard work to do so ... believe me 

      I then made it my daily regime to take them all.

      I do not need any form of medical drugs  to live my life

       ( only a small dose blood pressure pill each day ) 

      I feel so much better than I did before Graves disease diagnosis 

      For me and others here ... it has worked.

      ONE  VERY IMPORTANT  CONSTITUENT ... not mentioned  ..  is Acetyl L Carnitine 

      I took this to wean myself from Carbimazole ... the anti Thyroid Medication that many have to take when diagnosed  Graves’ disease .

      Linda187 is a bit of a Whizz with this nutrient ...  she can advise if you need help understanding how it works for Graves’ disease 

      Muscle related symptoms .

      Because I’ve mentioned her in this post .. she should respond here .

      It is very important for the benefit of other sufferers on here to pass on our experiences, 

      Successful or not !

      That is why I come back here to share what worked for me .

      Alas , many people once they become well and Euthyroid are so happy with their  improved health ...    they forget to come back and share their experience and give others hope .

      So let us know if you choose this type of treatment  how it works for you Kalim

      The best of Luck 


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      Hi Madge!

      Your reply really very much in detail. I appreciate at the bottom of my heart. I will work on it and of course share my experience here on the board.

      Once again, thanks you very much.

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      You’re more than welcome Kalim..  🦋

      google each one of the 

      Supplements ... to see the benefits in HYPERthyroidism and Graves’ disease 

      Always buy the best ones you can afford  and take high doses where necessary ...and remember it’s not always enough just to supplement ..  but to get your 

      Numbers and your bloods  up to 


      I buy everything I need on Amazon  which is great for next day delivery .

      Best of luck Kamil...🦋


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