Losing the ability to resolve things.

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I am a designer / improver type personality. I think in the past 5 years my ability to resolve things is significantly diminished, and I don't think its my age (47).

I used to have a problem designing something, then after a while, find a fix, then that fix would fix something else as well etc.

Now. I find that I'm continuously going from one trial solution to another without resolving anything as neither of the solutions actually fix the problem.

If feels like I'm abandoned. ie that whatever you want to call

'inspiration' (aah! what if you do this in green instead of blue?) has been replaced by the design equivalent of writers block (blank, or a lot of lines on a bit of paper; next day is a lot of lines on another bit of paper and nothing makes sense)

Positiveness (a fix will be there) has been replaced by negativity (this will never be fixed)

and encouragement (good onyer for trying) from others to discouragement (why are you wasting time on this?).

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    I paint landscapes and used to enjoy it.

    I used to find the inspiration seemingly without any effort at all, and everything appeared to come to me so naturally.

    As I got older I found that doing the very thing I enjoyed became more and more difficult, not because I didn't want to do it, but because the inspiration seemed to be slipping through my fingers like sand through an egg timer.

    The harder I tried the more impossible it became.

    Over the years I have done a lot of soul-searching to try and find the answer to this problem, and have finally come to the conclusion that it has only a little to do with getting older.

    It is not because we lose our creative imagination either as we age.

    It is in part to do with losing our ability to concentrate as intently as we could when we were younger.

    This is because the sheer volume of things happening in our lives does tend to increase with age, so rather than overload ourselves I believe that we tend to cut-off and spread our inspiration around a bit more.

    The nett effect of this is that when we want to do something that we really want to do there is insufficient inspiration there to do one thing really well.

    Added to this is the fact that as we age our brains become so much more cluttered with seemingly useless information that does also tend to hinder our imaginations.

    So how did I fix it? Well for one thing I taught myself to relax a lot more and somehow to find more time for myself, when I could do other unrelated things that I also enjoyed doing.

    I also made a conscious effort to stop stressing-out about other things that were going on in my life, and just went more with the flow so to speak.

    It took some practice, but hey presto, my imagination seems to reappear as if from nowhere, maybe not quite as urgent and intense as it was when I was younger, but nevertheless it did come back and I find that today when I have the need to paint the inspiration does seem to appear from nowhere.

    I hope this helps.


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      THANKS archemedes

      Same interests as since 1980's

      Model Railway, Ride on Railway, Programming

      Designing a custom table for model rail.. The frames have to join, but they also have to connect to the legs and be stable. This is what prompted the new thread. If I work on the legs I come up with two designs which don’t fit into the frames, so I redesign the frames only to have the base or legs not fit anymore. I used to be able to do this ‘naturally’ ie the connector between all of it just clicked into place in my mind.

      The stress or socks in the dryer as I call it is definitely one thing, but maybe because of all the other things that I don’t get credit for these days, I want to make something that is memorable and individually mine.

      As I type, Im thinking of a bank finance meeting from yesterday that wants to do and payments of bills from my Super. The advisor isn't from the bank so there is no loyalty / trust I can put into him.

      I want to get a "bare minimum survivability" report so I can work out things like if I change jobs, what minimum pay do I need, especially since I'm attempting to get a second mortgage on a second apartment.

      I'm single (and probably will stay that way)

      I want to feel that I have a future plan that I can use as a base for ‘operations’ ie my life. The planner is going off in other directions and it is more complicated and expensive so things are not a solid as I want. Seems like I will have to look at a second opinion as well.

      This hour, I'm doing my time sheet, this forum, trying to resolve worry about the financier looking thru my finance stuff and affecting my super without me knowing what he has done, having three visits from engineers to get books, annoyed that I cannot get my (admittedly complicated ) model railway table designed properly and still trying to resolve that as I type, copy another statement for the financier, expecting three major mail deliveries, setting up 3 and cancelling one, and sorting out returns.

      I'm also annoyed that a phone call conversation went in a positive direction of "wouldn't it be good if the did XYZ it would fix so much," only to have the usual comment from the person, "I know no one will listen to us. By the way did you know we will be outsourced soon?". So another valuable resource gone.

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      It sounds to me that you are very much overloaded with all sorts of things going on at the same time, all of which need immediate attention.

      Added to this, because things do not seem to be working out with any one of them to your schedule or just how you expected, you do not feel able to move on to the next stage, and therefore you appear to be constantly 'treading water'.

      In such circumstances I find that, as difficult it may be to implement, a step by step approach is best, dealing with the absolute priorities in order.

      This can sometimes clear the haze and allow ourselves the mental space to move to the next priority.

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      Yep! overloaded, but the reason for the overloading is inibility to resolve stuff. For example, send some books internal mail from Sydney TO Melbourne.

      It came back next day. The mail people must have thought it was Sydney bound even though it must obviously have come from the Sydney pickup pile. So I put TO FROM in big letters. Yesteday afternoon, it came back to me again.

      I have put a new FROM sticker on it saying FROM Sydney in thick, red whiteboard pen. I expect it to come back again.

      I should not have needed to even think anymore about the mail after the first send, but I now have had 3 days of frustration.

      I have 18,000 manuals and send / recieve hundreds a year. Why is this one such a hassle?

      Cause Its from a project instead of the normal, I suppose.

      I can't resolve this cause its someone in the mail centre saying umm it came from Sydney with a Melbourne arddress so umm it should go to sydney.

      Reading this forum I'm not the only one who has this stuff happen to them so I made the general comment that if only we didn't have to fight all this stuffing around, there would be more happier people and less deperessed people smile

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    Hi Froggy.   I am not in the least bit creative but find I have lost interest and concentration in 2 of my life long loves - reading,  and listening to music.

    The reading thing bothers me most as as soon as I could read as a kid I always loved books but for the last 18 months can't read any even though I have got at least 4 great books to read which I should have devoured by now.   I have tried but can't concentrate and find my mind wandering elsewhere. 

    The advice I was given by a friend was to read a very short story and try to build it up from there.  Maybe this would help you?   Or am I talking completely out of my hat?  

    I do think it is true that are emotions become flatter with age and concentration becomes harder.  I am older than you at 61.  

    Hope this helps a bit love.   bev xx


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    Everyone seems to be impinging on everyone else’s lives.

    I used to do one job, and came back with a finished document but now I have to coordinate or "Socialise" everything which is the latest go-word

    So everyone has an opinion and changes to do BEFORE I even get something done, so it gets delayed and it now isn't my work any more.

    Hyper, I think it was you that mentioned family interaction being something of an altercation nowdays.. It used to be that family discussed personal issues.

    Now I seem to have to discuss personal issues at work, in order to defend my actions on something.

    for example, a software upgrade stuff-up which I knew was going to happen, did happen, and I was angry about it. I was doubly angry cause I warned my boss it was going to happen and they are "don't worry about it"

    I was accused of breaching work values by being "upset and not talking to people" by this same "Don't worry about it boss" who worried about my behaviour.

    I then had to defend myself by saying that it is a natural personality reaction.

    The boss doesn't understand people: he asked everyone else about my behaviour but never asked me what the matter was and if I'm OK (still hasn't after 2 months!)

    If I went home and discussed with family, ie you, I'd get upset at you because I've already been through it all at work, which stressed me out.

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      Hyper, I think it was you that mentioned family interaction being something of an altercation nowdays.. It used to be that family discussed personal issues

      Wasn't me Froggy!   Time for me bow out of this conversation!  x

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    Heh looking at what I wrote, it seems like no only do I have Socks in the dryer, but socks in MULTIPLE dryers!
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