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LS & Partial Labial Adhesion

I was diagnosed with LS and have a partial adhesion..I started using Estrace to get my vaginal tissue healthy and Clobetazol to improve and keep the LS in check, which both have done. Initially, the doctor was in agreement that surgery is a reasonable end game for the labial adhesion, but today, the 6 week follow-up, he behaved as if we'd never spoke of it. He said I should keep using the estrace for 'overall tissue health' and the Clo to 'soften' the scarring and massage and manipulate, to eventually separate the scarred adhesion. I have decided to Not continue with the estrace since for me it was specifically for the purpose of a procedure. I have no issue with the Clobetazol,(two weeks on/two weeks off), but since the point NOW is to soften and Pull, I will return to also using an excellent quality apricot oil (both externally). I know this is a mouthful, but can Anyone relate to Any of this? I'm still really bummed from my dr. appt. today when the same page he claimed we were on at the first visit was a completely different page today. ):

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