Massive broken ankle

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September 12 2015 I was walking in my kitchen and told my wife something was wrong as I was falling to the floor. She thought I was having a heart attack. She noticed my left foot was pointed in the wrong direction. Anyway I broke all three bones in my ankle. I have a 8" plates on each side of my legs.surgeon said it was the worst ankle break he had ever seen. Terrible pain. I have no idea how this happened I was just walking. Surgeon does not believe that is what happened he said no way I could have that much damage by just falling down. Anyone have tan idea what happened to me.

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    Morning SCPLS.

    I know how you feel.

    My knee caps dislocate very easily.

    I fell whilst getting out of the shower on the morning of 17th Sept.

    as I fell my ankle bone pushed into my skin.

    I managed to pop it back in place, thinking it was just dislocated.

    I tried to stand up and was in great pain.

    My wife rang the hospital, who decided it wasn't urgent enough to warrant sending an ambulance.

    My wife had to drive me, whilst my foot was getting bigger & bigger.

    I had X Ray and was told it was broken, put in plaster & sent home.

    I returned 4 days later to be told I needed an operation, resulting in 3 pins, no plates.

    Im at week 7 and still not walking, still swollen, still off work,& not driving.

    It has been a long and dark journey for me, and after reading other posts realise that I'm not on my own.

    What recovery time do they estimate?

    Are you still in a cast and crutches?

    I hope that your ankle heals quickly for you 

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      I am still lying in the bed. I hate the fact that I have no independent. I am on crutches. Still non weight bearing. I can't put any weight on it until I go back to the doctor on November 25 2015. Worse 50 days of my life. So disheartening. I have to get back to work. Oh I counted the surgeon put 35 staples on one side of my leg and 35 staples on the other. He said I have tremendous soft tissue damage that's why I am healing so slow. Oh by the way for 43 days I had a massive infection on the inside leg incision. Antibiotics and soaked in a bucket 3 times a day filled with salt.

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      Wow, you are having a tough time.

      When I got X rayed, the consultant gave me a sick note for two months.

      I was devastated, I came home, sat in bed worrying about everything.

      My work is manual, so on my feet 10-12 hours a day.

      The worst is the lack of independence, not being able to drive, work or provide.

      I feel so guilty asking for help, and keeping thanking people & apologising.

      My wife is getting really fed up as she is working then effectively my unpaid carer.

      Luckily the worst I have experienced is the constant swelling.

      Im back at hospital on 12th Nov, no physio as yet.

      Hope your leg starts to heal quicker now the infection has gone.

      It made me feel more positive posting on this site, where you know that you are not alone.

      Good luck

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    Hi. I dislocated my right ankle and broke 3 bones. It was the worse pain I've ever know and I though child birth was bad. I could not possibly walk. My leg tremered with pain and I was given pain killers that put me on another planet. I had an operation plates and screws. I am 11 weeks post op and still part weight bearing with black air, cam boot. I'm still in pain with swelling to my foot and ankle. I had a bad fall on a very steep hill while descending the hillside. The doctor told me while looking at the X-ray that I was at the worse end of the spectrum of ankle breaks and that I've really messed it up. I don't know why your injury was so bad according to what happened. I would ask your doctor what he thinks. I'm still waiting after 11 weeks to get back to normal and fully independent. Most people think I should be running around by now but they have no idea of the trauma caused to my ankle. I'm not young either and these things take time. Hope you recover soon. You are not alone and I find comfort in here with others going through the same thing. It's good to compare notes. All the best.
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      Hi Susan

      Im a professional land surveyor. I need my feet ankle and foot to walk through the woods. With pins in my shin I don't know how I'm going to be a walk in the woods doctor says going to be very hard putting a boot on. Very discouraging. Doctor does not believe it happened the way I said it did he said that's way too much damage for just walking across the floor it really is a big mystery me my wife walking in the kitchen I was carrying my dinner plate I said here take my plate something's wrong this is not right as I was falling backwards to the floor I think my ankle actually exploded while I was standing up doctor said you have way too much soft tissue damage for that to have happened when I get out of this forum is a lost of your our independence..

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      The pain in our ankles is what I don't think people understand I've never felt anything like this its just a constant pain. pain pills help for a while but they don't last long. its like the outside walking world don't even know us broken ankle people exist it is definitely a life changer it puts a total halt on your life and your plans. Being dependent on others is the worst part.
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      When my ankle broke and I couldn't do anything for myself, my mom took care of me. She was on high alert. If I as much as coughed she would rush to my room. I kept thanking her whenever she did anything for me. The thanks were so many she told me to stop thanking her every time. I felt like a burden being so dependant on her, but her only complain was that I kept thanking her. I love my mom so much.
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    Hi SCPLS, 

    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. It seems like your doctor missed the compassion gene. Why would he doubt your story. The only thing I would suggest is having a bone density scan to see if that contributed to your break. My friend broke his ankle like yours making one step up to a curb. He is walking fine now, says he can't hardly tell which ankle it was anymore. It must be very hard to worry about your employment as well when it takes all of our energy to heal. I broke mine Sept. 25, distal fibula, plate and 3 screws. I agree the lack of independence is the worst. I worked as a nurse and I feel more comfortable caring for others. Luckily, I'm retired. I have a few suggestions towards healing, Symphytum (homeopathic) for bone healing,  Bryonia (for bone pain), Magnesium at bedtime. I'm wearing TED hose for swelling.

    I wish you a speedy recovery!

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      HI SCPLS,

      It's been 8 1/2 weeks for me. I seem to have good day alternating with bad day. I had set the goal of getting into this boot, but when I did I realized I still couldn't walk without it and my ankle hurts while in the boot. I am 62 years old and my energy was as dwindled as my leg. I can see I have to build back up. My leg muscle was really atophied, but in a 9 days, since I got the boot I can it getting better. I am moving my ankle some, but it hurts more than when I was nwb. I have some swelling. The turning blue thing is already gone and so is the walking on glass feeling. There is improvement, but it seems slow. I did drive the car yesterday and went out to lunch with a friend.  I couldn't bring my purse. I went to Macy's today and shopped for a few minutes. When I got home I couldn't wait to take that boot off. My ankle is sore and the skin around the incision is so sensitive. It's suppost to snow on Tuesday. I'm worried about trying to walk in it. I have lots of step in the front of my house. This is a long slow process, but it is better now than before. I'm assuming I'll be out of this boot in 3 weeks. I've walking around in my house with the boot off with cruthes and the walker putting a little weight on my foot. I feel like I'm dragging my foot. Hope you are improving everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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    Really sorry to read.your post and wish you a speedy recovery as it does sound extreme how it happened to you but when I got speaking to other patients in orphapedics they had injured themselves doing everyday things.

    I found that people question how these injuries happen and can't belive it, mine happened walking backwards on.a wood flooring.

    The bone scan suggestion makes sense, even for peace of mind due to the nature of how your accident happened.

    I hope you're in a better place physically and mentally since you posted this and try to stay patient as best you can

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    Hello SCPLS.

    Sorry to read about your ankle. I broke my left fibula playing ice hockey on Sept 25th. I went feet first into the boards at high speed. I had xrays and surgery Oct 9th to correct the displacement. I am now the owner of a stainless plate and 7 screws. I was placed in a half cast or splint for the first week after the injury by the urgent care dr then an air cast boot by my orthopedic surgeon for the week before surgery. After surgery I was back in a splint to prevent any movement for the first week post op. At my first post post op visit I was placed back into the air cast boot and was zero weight bearing for 2 more weeks. My only way to get around is on crutches. My second Dr visit was 3 weeks post op, my instructions were weight bearing as tolerated with the assistance of crutches. I am now 6 weeks post op. I can walk around the house with out my crutches, and I have tried to walk without my air cast on. I am still getting swelling and the feeling of pins n needles in my foot. I have also been doing some lite range of motion exercises. I'm hoping to start physical therapy after the holiday, I'm ready for this ordeal to be over. Good luck on your recovery.

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