Menopause in later life.

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I am hoping there will be someone out there who can relate to my predicament.

I will be 59 in a few weeks and am still going through my Peri menopause!  I had a blood test which confirmed this.

I am feeling so tired and dizzy, migraines, joint pain and stomach probs.

I cannot remember things which is so frustrating!  sad I am bleeding all the time, not heavy but it keeps on going!  I take iron tablets due to having low iron levels.  Now I've started itching especially around my nose and face.  I am really fed up with it now it's ruining my life!

I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago so I'm not sure what symptons relate to what?

Please help I am desperate. sad Thank you

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    Hi Lesley 

    hello to you, oh dear...  do you take anything to relieve  symtoms ? 

    HRT or natural remedies ..

    have alook at Menapol Plus ( natural) amazon uk or ebay

    or Estroven Max ( natural) 

    Vit B6 very very good for symtoms .. 150mg B6 daily...

    B12 Jarrows 5000mcg Cherry flavour for energy .. one daily 

    we lack B6 and B12 in peri.. 

    Jay xx

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      Hi hun hope your ok, Ive been to the hospital today for my 6 monthly check and the doc said i'm definatley in peri.  She has suggested Evening Primrose Oil capsules.  You know i took Vit B12 & B6 for about 7 weeks but one of them was making me swell up and my stupid sensitive stomach didn't seem to like them BUT i've been looking on Amazon at the Jarrow B12 ones you have suggested, I'm just about to order some. Are they the Methylcobalamin ones cherry flavou?,  Do you just chew them?? also which Vit B6 should i move onto without them upsetting my stomach.  Thank you nurse jay x
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      Hi anxious face

      yes it the red Jarrows Methyl 5000mcg cherry flavour and yes you chew them

      cant say about  a B6 thats different ... off hand ..maybe theres a gummy type not sure about that one sorry... i always taken mine from the farmacia here .l

      Jay xx

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      Hello Jay

      Unfortunately I do not take anything unless I really have to due to a fear of taking tablets!  I am off to see my GP tomorrow so I will have a word with him, I'm not sure I will get far though.

      Some days I find it very hard to cope because I have other problems and they all seem to feed each other!

      I will see how things go tomorrow and try from there.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it. 

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      Hi Lesey

      good luck in your choices... tablet fear must be frustrating for you.. needs must sometimes if its going to help us and replenish the vits we lack so very much during the meno phase.. its a big and very long path ... 

      i will just mention that Vit B6 also assists the peri weight gain... and absortion of certain foods, turning into energy aswell ...

      i dont take HRT either... and wouldnt...

      good luck Lesley 



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    Lesley, I am 57 and started going through perimenopause about 6 months ago. Actually, I probably started ten years ago when my periods were every other month or three, but I didn't have any real problems like I'm having now. I've read that it gets worse right before you're done and into menopause. I have a previous post here describing my ordeal. I have been bleeding for 6 months off and on, mostly on, with no more than two days dry. I am sick and tired of bleeding, but I started using progesterone cream two months ago, and it has made a big difference. I no longer pass the huge clots and bleeding is light to spotting. When I stopped for a week when I thought I was probably having a real period, like the directions say, the hemorraging clots came back. When I used the cream again, in 12 hours I had stopped bleeding. I know that I am estrogen dominant, especially since I am obese and diabetic.

    I absolutely have a brain fog that I didn't have before 6 months ago! It's embarrassing. I keep forgetting things. And yes, I feel lethargic and not motivated or energetic. I do take evening primrose oil, 1000mg 3x day to help stop the interrupted sleep at night and it works. Next I'm going to try the chasteberry. Also, I get itchy at times and have lots of new joint pains, but I attributed to my arthritis worsening, which could be aggravated by perimenopause, since hormones affect your whole being. I imagine peri aggravates your fibro.

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      Well I don't want to say I'm glad someone is like me but I must say I am relieved!  I will have to look into the creams and other pills like B6 and B12!  I dread getting up in the morning as my poor husband suffers so much from my aggressive tongue lashings!

      I get very scared sad Silly is'nt it?  I am obese but not suffering yet!! with diabetes..  I am struggleing with my weight and it's hard to lose right now!  I am sorry to here you have Arthritis It's a dreadful thing to suffer with!  Fibro is bad enough!  I do hope you get over the Peri sooner rather than later! I have been suffering for years myself!  Please keep intouch, it's nice to have someone to talk too. Take care x

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    Hi Lesley,

    i am so sorry that you are suffering and I did have all of those symptons, except the bleeding in peri and now in meno at 58 and other symptons have come up!

    Fluctating hormone levels are horrible!  I would look into HRT---bioidentical estrogen and  progesterone which can be individualized to your needs.  You may even need testosterone.  Get you levels checked by a knowledgeable doctor---not a GP.

    I on on ERT and it cleared up many of my symptons and still tweaking as my body is changing.  I also take a lot of supplements which has been mentioned by many of the ladies on the board, but the only thing that really worked for me is hormones.

    i hope you get relief soon!


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      Hello Sandy

      Many thanks for your reply, My GP would not let me take HRT because I am obese, but I could take evening primrose and vitamin B6/12  once I can pluck up the courage to take them!

      I suffer badly with a fear of taking tablets.

      I must admit my symptons change so much from day to day so I could certainly do with help but it really depends if I can pluck up the courage to take any treatments!  That's another kettle of fish altogether!   Thank you again! 

      Lesley x

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    I totally understand where you are as women's hormones can change daily, even hourly. As I mentioned in my earlier post I am in meno (probably entering last half) and sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but would be almost unfunctional without ERT.  I never knew I could get so angry at my husband and feel annoyed at everything he did until I went off hormones for a short time and other horrible symptons.  I do have some other thoughts for you since you cannot take any HRT at this point.  I do not know how old you are but the Birth Control pill might ease your fluctating hormones?  Acupuncture and chineese herbs might also help.  They could make up herbs that you could make into a tea if you do not like tablets or pills.  The acupuncture can also help you take off weight and for me carbs was the biggest thing I had to cut out to maintain my weight.  I hope this may help.

    Big hugs from across the pond in the US.........


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