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Jargon buster

Atrophic vaginitis – inflammation of vagina/ vulva leading to discharge

Cervix – the neck of the uterus, at the top of the vagina

Climacteric – transition from the reproductive to the non-reproductive state

Dysuria – difficulty passing urine

Dyspareunia – painful sex

Frequency – needing to pass urine often

HRT – hormone replacement therapy

Incontinence – involuntary leakage of urine

Local HRT – hormone replacement therapy applied in the vagina

Menopause – the last menstrual period

Nocturia – needing to pass urine at night leading to wakening

Perimenopause – the phase before the menopause takes place and can last from 5 to 15 years

Postmenopause – the time in a woman's life after the menopause

Premature ovarian insufficiency/ premature menopause – is when a woman goes through the menopause before the age of 40. The average age for the menopause is 51

Prolapse – the descent of the uterus into the vagina cavity

STI – sexually transmitted infection

Stress incontinence – leaking of urine when coughing, sneezing or laughing

Systemic – circulating throughout the whole body

Thrush (candida albicans) – a fungal overgrowth especially in the vagina

Urethra – tube from bladder to outside through which urine is passed

Urgency – needing to pass urine urgently!

Urge incontinence – Involuntary leakage accompanied by, or immediately preceded by a strong desire to void

Urodynamics – the study of pressure and flow relationships in the investigation of functional disorders of the lower urinary tract (LUT)

Uterus – womb

UTI – urinary tract infection

Vagina – genital canal leading to the uterus

Vaginal atrophy – drying and thinning of the vaginal and vulval skin

Vaginal flora – the micro-organisms in the vagina

Vulva – the external female genitals (lips)

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  • Posted

    Hiya Jay will print these off ,then when told anything Gyne dr wise know at a glance .

      I've been looking up bits and bobs like we do ,now at hand .Thaks again .

       How have you been today ?Any better ,

       Glad to see lot of newbies finding this site ,past few weeks 


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    • Posted

      Hi Marlene

      how are you 😀 hows hubbys back today ..

      ugh.. i feel rubbish still... but taking the mess and hoping all clears up..

      feel a heaviness in pelvis like my uterus is going to drop on the ground 😞

      jay hay xx

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    • Posted

      So still crook Jay ,sorry about that truly ,you go out of your way finding out all you do ,now your out with this going on ,how you managing with the animals ? And all those stairs .cant be happy bunny up and down them all day ,you gave any thought to going to see that Gyne dr .I would ,you said he knew his stuff.Make that call 

       Husband bit better ,still can't move easily ,can tell how he holds himself ,rolls over to get out of bed .Men there own worst enemy ,was going to osteopath ,then said yesterday think it's easing off ,yea in his dreams ,osteopath 3 mins walk away .what you do with them Jay .xxxxx

         When your fella home next ? 

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    • Posted

      Hi Marlene

      I manage fine, afraid you have too no matter how you feel, stairs good exercise, my dogs are good lads so easy to look after, two big german sheps, two cockers and a spanish dog i saved from dying 4 years ago. 

      I dont need to call my Gyno Marlene he told me Thursday evening my smear results and given me the treatment plan and correct medications, i fetched them friday ..

      So just got to complete them all and contact him if any problems after the treatment..

      I am on two antibiotics, finished one and now on laurimic 

      All will be good soon

      Jay xx

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  • Posted

    Great read but in my ignorance.

    Perimenopause I get that!

    But I thought you then go into Menopause how long do you stay at that stage until you get to post Menopause!

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    • Posted

      Hi Astrid..

      one year no periods is menopause reached .. 

      i just got there.. 😃 and confirmed by a scan as non functioning ovaries, no follicles etc..

      jay jay xx

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    • Posted

      useful info 

      The time of a woman's life following menopause is called postmenopause. During this time, many of the bothersome symptoms a woman may have experienced before menopause gradually decrease.

      But as a result of several factors, including a lower level of estrogen, postmenopausal women are at increased risk for a number of health conditions, such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

      Understanding Menopause:

      See What to Expect During After Menopause

      How Will I Know When I Am Postmenopausal?

      A woman is considered to be postmenopausal when she has not had her period for an entire year.

      Having your doctor measure your follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level is another way to help confirm if you are postmenopausal.

      FSH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain). Your FSH levels will dramatically rise as your ovaries begin to shut down; these levels are easily checked through one blood test.

      What Changes Can I Expect During Postmenopause?

      Once you are postmenopausal, you may regain your energy, but you may also be at higher risk for certain conditions.

      Jay xx 

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    • Posted

      Hi Astrid

      yes thats right 

      i had peri for 9-10 years 

      i havent had a period since 2 sept 2013 

      when you have no periods at all in 12 months your classed as menopause reached .

      jay xx

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    • Posted

      hi astrid

      so i am now post menopause ...

      it is confusing jargon how its described ..

      its almost like your have peri 

      then you reach menopause after one year

      then your post menopause / menopause reached 

      jay xx

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    • Posted

      Astrid ,I'm 67 just and I'm still in it ,my cousins in there 60 's still in it ,2 look like they've just got out of a shower,hair soaking ,hey post meno.i get odd heat but nothing like they do.I knew some women have it for a while ,how naive was I and them .i read an article where a female dr (Gyne) well into her 60's saying she planned staying on HRT forever ,one of her patients was past 80 still on HRT ,my mouth dropped when I read that .

          Just prayed I had genes that got rid off it well past my sell by date .

        Some women sail through it virtually unscathed,I'm not one alas 

       Think how is for 1 not same for another ,I began at 48 had iffy few yrs then a lull of 4 years thought all done then got illness ,I got all those symptoms back exactly like I did at 48 ,so a second menopause .

       Drs don't know much ,women here know more about it .Do what you need to do for you now,go with your gut feeling about your health .Never let you down .Wish I knew at 48 what I know now .No IPad back then I wish .

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    • Posted

      Marlene I have no clue where I am and at what stage, I had a FSH test while I was on contraception 5 weeks ago, came back at 26 but worthless due to inaccuracy of hormones whilst on contraception.

      Had the contraceptive Nexplanon removed 1 month ago and no period yet, so I am as usual clueless lol xx

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    • Posted

      Hi Astrid 

      your body will soon get its natural rhythm .. And then you can suss out how many periods you get etc..

      i would jot them down in a diary .. I did all mine for years..

      i watched mine drop over 9-10 years - each year a couple less..

      last year 2013 i had just two periods and this year none... 

      soon you will know where your at .. Just take abit of time ..

      jay xx 

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    • Posted

      Anytime Jay always here to please ,HaHa tell it as it is for me and mine ,me and my cousins it's meno this meno that ,all 3 of us have IBS.Post menopause is as big a bitch as the peri,for some but not all .

         All 3 of us got that Gyne going on like you at present .Hope one of these fine days I'll get up and hey presto it's died the death I wish on it every morning and last thing at night .

          Want something what Dotties on,All of us 

          Oh Happy days xxx

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    • Posted

      Hi Marlene

      oh no i hope all three of you havent got infections like mine..

      they need treatment ... Or wont go..

      i like my magnesium oil spray 😊 had two lots today in the lower back where i get my monkey spine pain... Its nice .. Not greasy ... seems to have a relaxing effect on me does magnesium...

      four squirts in the hand then rub into back 😊

      i need someone tasty to rub it in my back for me 😊😊😊😊

      ' ummmm a gingerbread man is about all i will get at the moment ' 

      Jay xx


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    • Posted

      Hi marlene 

      since i been taking those pro biotics that you have too..

      my digestive has improved no end ..  infact its alot better in last few days too.. 

      i am taking an extra one while on antibiotics as they kill all of your good bacteria as well as the bad ..

      jay xx

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    • Posted

      Go on Amazon ,get FSH kit ,or a good chemist shop sell them ,use them like a pregnancy kit .these kits aren't expensive ,days your really out of sorts you know those days then use it ,see what that FSH shows up,told my daughter to get them in .Those done at Drs surgery ,can give off wrong reading numbers if not tested on those mean days we get .thats why females are being told no not menopause ,but hey you are all along ,this happened to me at 47 I knew something not right .Took an old Dr months later 1st visit to him ,hey looked at my age then said let's see if menopause ,one blood test later ,yes menopause 48 ,could have saved myself months of worry ,had one of the othe 3 Drs had done that FSH test in the beginning .Pea brains they were ,with degrees .Astrid you won't be clueless long xxxx
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    • Posted

      Hi Marlene 

      i got those home test menopause sticks.. Off ebay got about 5 for few pounds years ago..

      my first FSH blood test came back normal as periods were not minimal enough each year for a true blood test result..

      doc said hormones too erractic for true blood test after, but he said i was in peri all the same from the symptoms..

      but .... The home tests did say positive for peri meno..

      so just shows you..

      but rememebr that Astrid is still adjusting from the hormone implant so she wont be in her natural state yet she only had it removed a month ago.

      but it may work .. But astrid may still have hormones from the implant in her body still yet .. 

      Jay xx

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    • Posted

      I thought that after posting ,Don't know how long that takes to get out of the system ,those packs will tell her that ,but at least she will have them at hand ,Told my girl to get them ,she keeps a diary .Has done for fair few months now .xxx
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