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Hi I have been on mirtazapine for 6 years and had a few blips over the years.

my gp has put me on to 45mg from 30 mg, just feel so low at the moment and having the most horrendous night sweats, just wondered if anyone else has had this as a symptom of stress and anxiety. Don't know if there is something else underlying, and this is making me feel worse.


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    Hey guys. I need some advice. Ive been taking this medication now for about a week now. I havent had many side effects from it. But i have noticed a few little things. For example my heart rate is alot faster than normal not a major issuse for me but its something ive noticed. I have also noticed things like my hands being constantly cold and not being able to warm then up no matter what i try to do ive even put my hands in boiling water (not from kettle from tap) to try and warm then up but there still realy cold. Ive also noiced ive gained weight since taking them and had a few cravings for differnt food (chrunchy nut cornflakes mainly) went thro 3 boxes in 2 days very unnormal for me. The main symptom im worried about is forgettfulness ive noticed im forgetting things sometimes little things for exsample i remeber getting a chewing gun out my pocket and eating one but a hour later relised i didnt have it anymore and couldnt for the life or me remeber if i had throw it away or not (very small ) but it was like that whole hour was a blank. More major ones r like i forgot to lock my door when i went out the otherday and for me i always double check my door atleast twice before i leave it. Also i nearly forgot to pick my son up from nursery thr other and lucky it was about 2mins to 6 and my boss said to me dont u have to get littleun at 6. Immdetally i ran his nursery snd told them i was on my way (only takes me 5 mins to get there) also last night i was lead in bed with my little one to get him to sleep wen he was asleep i put him back in his bed i went to the toliet and csme back in my room to go to bed and thought wheres harvey i paniced for about a mintue and then remembered i had put him in his bed and had to go and make sure to check he was there. Also once i had carmed down abit from thay i was lead in bed and it was like confustion i wasnt sure where i was and who i was for about 5 mins it really worried me. Has anyone else had this sort of thing xx
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      I would not call these problems "little things".  You should see a doctor soon.  They may or may not be related to taking mirtazapine.

      Best wishes.  

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      Hi Katie, I think you should keep a dairy of your daily Symptoms as it's hard to remember when your asked to explain.

      I started to forget all sorts of things that I would never normally forget like ~ was my daughter in bed when really she was staying at her nana's that night, it would make me panic because I'd quickly need to remember.

      I described it as zoning out for a while.

      Keeping it to myself wasn't a good idea because it was secretly panicking so that's why I started to keep a diary so I'd know if it was getting worse.

      The needing all the wrong foods and the amount never being enough is a tuff one that doesn't go away. My eating habits instantly went back to normal when I did the very slow taper that's needed to come off the Mirt and I lost all the weight I'd gained within 2 months 😊

      Let your Gp know how much not remembering makes you panic and worry so they can monitor you and make any changes that are needed to make sure it doesn't get any worse. The symptoms will probably settle down once your brain excepts the changes but I do think it would be best to keep a dairy to help you remember.

      I hope it helps knowing this can happen and that your not alone.

      I hope your feeling better soon x

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      Also Katie I forgot to mention that my biggest symptom problem was my heart beating too fast (palpitations).

      The palpitations as well as Night Sweats made my Gp change my meds so I'd definitely keep an eye on your racing heart just to make sure it doesn't get uncomfortable.

      I didn't get the cold hands problem but put it on your list. Mirt causes everyone to have a huge list of symptoms but some people really need to be prescribed mirt and some find the side affects too much to bear x

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