Missing friends: Arial, Nicky Jane, Aly, PJ ...?

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Hi all,

I was wondering about some absent friends. Has anyone heard from Arial, Nicky Jane, Aly and PJ lately? If you're out there, we'd love to hear from you.


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    Aw, bless your heart Breezman classing me as a friend :D

    I come to the site 3 - 4 times a day and read all the posts. I find it difficult to post how well I am when so many people are having a tough time. My heart goes out to Katy especially and I just don't know what to say to her. I'm so lucky to have a very loving and caring husband and can't imagine what she's going through.

    I hope you are well, my friend. I see you are now a moderator - wise choice P UK.

    Keep strong and keep smiling everyone.

    HUGS :D

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    Hi PJ,

    I think we who have suffered or are suffering with depression form a fraternity. So many posts here have been so very supportive, and we come from all over the place and I suppose we do not have to see each other to be \"friends\". I am glad you are feeling well, and if you did feel like postiing, know that \"getting better\" posts are as important as struggling to cope ones. We like to know that somebody is climbing back to the light too.

    Thank you for the compliment re moderating. If I can help this organisation who has and continues to help me, then the system works.

    It's good to know you are getting along ok and that you do have a supportive partner. Take care, and thank you for responding.

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    Hi Breezman

    I hope your good days are outweighing the bad. I have not posted for a while for a couple of reasons - I still sometimes have trouble accessing the site even on this new mac but lately I am sorry to say I've been in the wars so to speak. First I burst 4 blood vessels in my left eye so couldn't see too well thought I'd leave the computer alone, then a couple of days later I fell and as a result tore the ligaments in my right ankle so am now on crutches and in pain. I've been a bit of a miserable bunny but am now coming round. It's so thoughtful of you to wonder where we are - thank you.

    How are things going with you? I see you are now a moderator - congratulations - I think you will do very well, you give such sound advice to others even though you have troubles of your own, you are so generous with your time.

    Hi also to Tiny Tears, Melbi, Stiltman and all hope you are all doing OK.

    Love Nicky Jane x

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    Hi Nicky Jane,

    Thank you for your good wishes and compliments. Such lovely people contribute to this forum, it's like a fraternity of common interests and a genuine caring spirit which seems to bind us all.

    Knowing you have burst blood vessels in your eye I can understand you not posting. When you are up to it, I'd be interested to know what caused that. Regarding your torn ligaments, I had an accident 2 years ago and tore my anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee, along with the calf muscle, chipped the kneecap and the cartilage. Soft tissue like ligaments take a long time to recover and I don't know if they ever get back to where they were. I had an MRI scan last Wednesday and am told I must have a full knee replacement now because the ligament is nearly worn through because the inside cartilage moved out which brought the bones of the joint to bear on the ligament. Frustrating and painful it is, but I am determined to run again, even though I find walking slow and difficult at the moment. So I can understand perfectly that you are a miserable bunny. I didn't even know I had an anterior cruciate ligament before I tore it.

    As for being generous with my time, I divorced my wife of 32 years last year and am determined not to wallow in what might have been or what is. I count my blessings every day, and I have many. It is true that I have some health issues, but what can be done is being done. Since I live on my own for the moment I want to contribute, especially to this site which has been so supportive to me.

    I will be out of action myself for a little while as I have to go into hospital. I have gallstones and kidney stones and an ulcer and and and ... I'm feeling a bit second-hand at the moment but I'm assured the doctors can do their magic and release me looking and feeling much better.

    Thank you again for your kindness Nicky Jane. I wish you a speedy recovery and if you can be considerate towards yourself it really, really helps with soft tissue injuries. In fact, I just remembered that I wrote a poem to my physiotherapist. Hope you like it.


    Dentists, I’ve decided, have copped a bum rap all these years

    With tales of piercing drills creating adolescent fears

    The horror stories flowed quite free, when I was just a kid

    The dentist was a monster, with all the things he did.

    But if you took the basic steps, like brushing after meals

    And went for general checkups with a missionary’s zeal,

    The dentist would inspect the mouth for any little cavity,

    And finding none, would not indulge in torture or depravity.

    The physio, however, lurks about with tension strap,

    Just waiting for the man on crutches, to fall into the trap.

    “C’mon ya wuss, just one more bend!”, the madman says with glee

    As the patient struggles gamely, to raise his injured knee.

    ‘You’ve got to push much more.” he adds; the patient breaks a sweat

    and shuts his eyes, and pushes, and cries out; and I would bet

    The physio has never torn his cruciate ligament

    Or chipped his damned meniscus, or had to suffer splints.

    It’s torture, plain and simple, no embellishment required

    There ought to be a law, the RSPCA should be advised

    I s’pose there is a bright side though, when all is said and done

    When the physio is finished I’ll get up, and then I’ll RUN.

    My physio accepted this in the spirit I intended and I gave him a framed copy which he hung on his office wall.

    Take care of you Nicky Jane.

    Breezman xx

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    Nicky Jane, I just remembered, I have Mac computers too. I was having trouble recently with mine, as I am trying to start a business on the net too and my Powerbook was getting slower. I had dial-up because I live in an area of Australia that does not have access to all services. I managed to get broadband, (Wow!! SO quick!!), but still my access was slow. A friend mentioned that she had recently found the same thing with her IBM compatible, and incidentally needed to update her Adobe software. She noticed an improvement in access speed. I did the same with mine and found the same result.

    Sometimes computers present symptoms which cannot be overcome by addressing the symptoms. Can computers get depressed? (lol).

    Just a thought. Mac users are a rare species where I live, so research becomes an ongoing habit.

    Luck and happiness! xx

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    Hi Breezman

    Hope you are well today. Thank you for your concern & kind wishes of a speedy recovery. I am feeling more positive today and my eye is nearly clear, the Drs said there were several possibilities as to why it happened, a sudden surge of high blood pressure, rubbing the eye in my sleep too hard or that is was just \"one of those things\" personally I don't think they know why it happened but there is no lasting damage thankfully and I can now wear my contact lenses again. As for the ankle it is a slow process and I'm sorry to say that I am not the most patient of people - too independent for my own good to have my mobility restricted. However I am keeping off it as much as possible, keeping it elevated etc. I really liked your poem and I'm glad your physio hung it on his wall it really is apt.

    I wish you all the best for your forthcoming hospital visit, I hope things go smoothly - we will all be thinking of you and will miss your posts be sure to let us know when you can how things went.

    Take care Nicky Jane x

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    hi breezeman, and thankyou for regarding me as a friend. i think friendship is a wonderful word and used in the right capacity as you have done is fantastic.

    hope you are well, and smiling , you too are a friend to us all, of this you have so proved in your many thoughtful postings.

    Unfortunately i have broken my leg, in plaster and with crutches, so not easy to get to computer.

    will try to keep posted though, and once again, thanks breezeman.

    Best wishes and love to you,



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