mood swings following drug changes

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I am so embaressed to say that I have had huge mood swings since a change in my drugs.

I was on 75mg amitryptelene and was told by my neurologist to increase to 150mg, I was scared of this immediately but you try don't you. I went up to 100mg then a few weeks later to 125mg, it completely dryed me out I couldn't drink enough water or juice so I started to reduce it again and this was when my mood swings started. I got down to just 25mg and still I was struggling with all of the above. after a couple of visits to my Dr She changed me to Duloxotine 60mg and I have to take a month to get my body used to this.

here comes the ashamed bit my wife and daughters were leaving for the weekend and I thought I would do Valentines on thursday, roses, Lileys and a glass table with all of our photo's from the years gone by and I decided to do something that I do not do.....a bottle of wine.

My wife has to wrk very hard because I have been unable to work, she came in looked down had a drink went and had a shower and got in to bed with very little conversation, not a thank you......and then I had a severe mood swing that I have never had before and started punching our bedroom door ....this is not me at all and I am reaching out to you all out of embaressment and ashamed of my actions.Now sat at home alone for the weekend while the girls are away and terribly ashamed of what I have done. Never have I done anything like this before this.

Any words of wisdom against this damn Fibro would be a help, I am considering taking myself away from the family for month in April to try and sort myself out for them . HELP !!!!!

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    I don't often come on the site.Sometimes it actually stresses me.

    Having just read your comment,first I have to say it was brave of you to be so honest.

    I have had Fibro for nearly 15 years.

    I too am on Amytriptyline,10mg,I was put on 125mg and became a zombie, it even affected my bladder.

    I only take 10mg when I am really bad,and take para/codeine (over the counter)

    All the drugs are bad in some way,it takes a while to get the right dosage that suits us.

    Anyone with Fibro feels frustrated that others (friends and family) have no idea what it is to have this awful illness.

    I live alone,so it is easier for me,but it must be terribly hard for you  to stay at home and look after the children.

    Write an email to your wife,basically telling her what you have written above.

    Whatever you do,don't isolate yourself.

    I am wondering if maybe you could ask your doctor to have ativan 1mg(this is an anxiety tablet...they don't like prescribing it for long, but I have taken it for 10 years now,because sometimes I feel a panic attack coming on.

    Tell your doctor of this incident,be as open as you have on this site.

    I hope this helps a bit Graham.Take from it what you will.

    By the way I stopped drinking alcohol about 5 years ago,it doesn't mix with medicine.

    Good luck and try and be strong,you sound very level headed.


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    Hello Graham,

    Oooh I feel for you. How difficult this condition is, it's no wonder we flip sometimes. I am often horrible to my partner, simply because I feel horrible myself. Obviously thjs is not right, but luckily he is a very kind and understanding man. I don't know what to suggest, there is not a quick fix for Fibro, so time apart might be good for family, but not you. You need to accept your limitations, pace yourself and develop a good relationship with Doc.

    Take care, Anne

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    Feel fir you Graham, I am also on Amithriptyline but only 25mg per works well fir me...but when I was first diagnosed some 20 odd years ago I was put on them 3. X a about a zombie.i came of them slowly, even though I wasn't on them very long...Made me realize just hiw very hard it must be for people who are detoxing of drugs. It was horrid...the doc at the hospital put me on them..I took myself off them, then when I was seeing a consultant some time later..he couldn't believe it all....all I can say to you is, you weren't yourself, it was the meds....your wife and family know try not to stress too only makes the Fibro worse..hope all goes well for you..writing a letter to your wife as suggested is a great idea.:-) Australia
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    Hi Graham,

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad time and i really sympathise with you, but i also sympathise with your wife and family. I think the mood swings are drug related, especially as you aren't like this normally. The fact that you went to some trouble over valentines day and your wife ignored the effort suggests that shes really struggling to cope with your illness. Only you can know what these issues are, whether its you being unable to work, not being able to contribute in other ways or something else. Whatever the reasons, she was sending you a strong message by ignoring your efforts and you, either conciously or unconciously picked up on that and took out your frustration on the door. I think you need to be looking at some long chats with your wife and family at the very least. Getting your drug balance right will help you with mood swings but you also need to look at the deeper issues here. I know this will be difficult to hear and difficult to action when fibro leaves you weak, tired and in pain, but you sound like the type of person who will be able to make these moves. Best wishes to you and your family.  xx

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    Morning Graham....Sorry to read your post, hope you are feeling a little better today? I were put on AntiDs, took them for a short time only then weaned myself off. Doc told me they were to aid pain, and not for depression. The ammount of times I have to tell them I am not depressed, just fed up of the pain..I find it so hard to get through to these doctors...I end up walking out. Tuesday, I am going to hospital to the Pain Clinicexclaim What on earth are they going to do,I wonder.. Have you been to one? I hope they don't sugest AntiDs, I will probably end up walking out of there.. Keep Smilingsmilelol Anne..
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      The pain relief I take are a very old antidepressant...I'm not depressed either, but they actually work...scientists found out that they numb the nerve endings, that way the pain doesn't travel from nerve to nerve via nerve ending...I take one dose a night before bed, have done fir years-no increase...and I get a great nights sleep, that way I can handle all the pain and issues the next day..being stress free is the Fibro key's almost a catchy phrase,,,:-) xxAustralia

      ive been to a pain clinic-awesome keys...

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      Hi Anne,

      yes I go to the hospital Pain Clinic last week I was there and had a new type of treatment BoToks (don't know how to spell it) the poison is used as a pain relief apparently hasn't done anything for me so far. will update you if it helps.

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      Wow Graham, Botox....I heard that is used for some medical conditions...well done you, hope it really works well for's normaly been used for wrinkles in the face etc..-.knife free facelift-  .but apparently it does wonders for muscle pain...they give it to a lot of people who suffer from has had miraculous results for them....can't wait to hear how you go...hope all else is well, been praying for you and your blessed..:-) xxxxAustralia
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    Hi Graham,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your latest issue with your Fibro.

    I can't speak for all of us but certainly Fibromyalgia and some of the medications we take can certainly affect our mood.

    You have been honest and open about the incident and this alone shows that this episode probably isn't the "norm" behaviour for you.

    I have taken Amytriptyline in the past for nerve problems in my knee but can't take it for my Fibro, it had a negative affect on my condition.  All the changes you've had recently with your medication is probably not helping, your body and mind must be all over the place.

    Duloxetine also has it's own issues with moods and certainly is not recommended that you drink any alcohol with it until you are used to it (and then a bottle of wine might be a bit too much.)

    This incident could be a combination of all the changes in medication, the wine and the fact that you made an effort and your wife didn't see it.  One thing I have been told over and over by my physio, psychologist, pain consultant etc.. is keep the channels of communication open between you and your family.  Talk about things, tell them how you feel and listen to their thoughts.  

    I know it's hard, god I'm the worlds worse at saying "I'm fine" when actually I'm really not but this is what leads to moments like this, out of character incidents, family being shocked, astounded at your outburst like they never saw it coming, when actually the signals have been there all the time but we try so damn hard to mask it.

    Please don't beat yourself up, go and see your GP & a psychologist if available to you. I took myself away from my friends and family last year for a few weeks and it helped me regain my identity (not fibro - pain - moaning clair) but it hurt my family as they didn't understand why I had to do it.  If I had spoken to them, they had listened more and tried to understand it might not have had to happen.

    Talk to them, the best way you can and if you think it would help take your wife to see your psychologist not for a session for them to mediate if necessary.

    I hope this helps you feel less alone and that by reaching out you have taken the first step in turning this around.


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