Multiple mobile gallstones, waiting consult

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Hi all,

I am joining this forum now! Several months ago I was diagnosed with IBS after having more and more issues with food causing frequent bowels. This reached an uncontrolable level going several times a day and more and more foods causing issues. After bowel tests I was diagnosed with IBS. Roll on 3 mths and I developed reflux, this was awful, constant burning in my throat and the H2 blockers didnt really help, so sought help from a naturopath and the internet and reducing MOST foods I have it controlled without meds, however on a second Drs visit upon feeling my stomach I was sent for a US scan after her feeling a tender spot over the gallbladder area. Multiple mobile gallstones were seen, various sizes up to 1.5 cms. I have now been refered to the specalist but still waiting for the initial appointment, for the last 3months. I am under the hospital for a rare lymph disease, so my specalist sent me for  CT scan to check everything else is OK and I get these results friday. 

I have been suffering with nausea and dizziness for years, as well as frequent loose bowels, so just thought it was nothing, also often had to remove my bra from pressure, so wondering if I have been having lots of signs for years and just didnt realise until they got worse and couldnt be ignored. My mum and both cousins had their gallbladders removed young due to gallstones and all had reflux as well as IBS diagnosed with it, so my Dr is thinking it maybe the source of everything. I am not overweight anyway, but since lost 8kg in the last 3 mths. I am living on chicken and small amounts of red meat, jasmine rice, coconut yoghurt with no more than 3 nuts and blueberries, most foods seem to aggrivate the reflux, but seem OK with this, suffering today though due to Xmas indulgence as potatoes are terrible for me. I feel like I need to stretch my right side under my ribs a lot now, which is progressively becoming daily but never had any of the 'typical' gallstone pain, like my mum and cousins and most people seem to have! Its very mild and niggly under my rib but easy to pass of as a bit of gas and ignore ( think I am just more aware now, so noticing it) I am more and more getting gas in my tummy, rumbbling loud if I eat the wrong foods and as I was paleo/primal for years, think  that all the fats, even though healthy, have ended up bringing this too sudden investigation and progression of symptoms and intolerances. ( all the foods casuing issues are nuts, coconut oil and dessicated, tomato, onion, bread, dairy etc..) My diet is super limited and boring right now.

My symptoms are only this niggling almost muscle cramp under rib feeling, gas, indigestion diagnosed as GERD, light headiness, bowel disturbances with food, some causing huge intolerance issues ( diagnosed as IBS) , bloating, expecially after food, headaches ( not sure if connected) and tummy aches a lot of the time.

So hi all x


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    Hi Stuart

    When you get appointment to see the consultant they should be able to answer most of your questions. As it is their specialized field.

    I too lost weight , constipation though and horrendous pain from sept to having my Gall bladder removed on the 7th december.

    There are so many issues besides the pain when you have gall bladder trouble.

    The operation is so quick now by keyhole surgery and i was home the same day..

    Good luck x

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      Thanks Gill, 

      Yes pain seems to be the least issue, unlike my other family members. 

      I am suddenly suffering constipation now, the opposite as I was but this is likely due to removing all trigger foods and my diet being limited!

      I am hoping the consultant date comes quickly and my CT scan results are all clear and good smile


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      It was pretty quick for me ...after seeing consultant ..letter for pre op within 7 days then a week later date came for op.

      It is weird trying to get back to normal eating 2.5weeks later , i am still losing weight , i yhink i got a phobia about eating and its difficult to get past that,

      But thats just me 😊. 

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      Yes I am scared to eat at the moment but all mine id udue to the reflux it causes rather than pain! 

      I have no idea when I will even get a consult, anxious about the CT results on friday though.

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    Hi Star,

    Welcome to this site.  Your IBS could be caused by bile acid malobsorption (BAM).  Bile is a caustic yellow fluid that's released into your small intestine by your gallbladder to aid digestion.  When your body can't reabsorb your bile (it requires a hormone that some people's bodies stop making).  As a result you get diarreha and gas. Bile will be present in the diarreha, which usually occurs right after a meal, when you have to run to the toilet.  Bile can also back up into your stomach.  Antacids really don't help.  BAM is also diagnosed as IBS, just sort of a "catch all" for lots of symptoms people have, such as you do. Also, a diseased gallbladder can't properly measure the bile, and usually releases too much.  

    I hope this information helps.  Best of luck to you, and let me know how you get on! 

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      Thank you smile

      Hoping my scan results are all good, without any other issues and I get my consult soonish, I am thankful I dont have intense pain. My bowels seem to have switched the opposite lately and now struggle to go since removing all trigger foods and such a limited diet!

      Will keep updating smile


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      Ct scan all good, My hopsital consultant ( I have a rare diosrder so under the hospital and she sent me for the CT scan)  has refered me through the hospital due to the weight loss and niggly ache and reflux as My letter says cat 3 and thats a  yr wait to just see somebody! Hopefully will be seen earlier.
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      Gosh, that's a horribly long time to wait to be seen!  I hope you do get to be seen earlier!

      Please stay in touch, and let me know how you get on!  Best to you! xx

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    Hi there i'm new to this discussion as well. I went to the doc's back in Oct because of pain in my tummy & i was sent for scans on my kidneys ect. I received a letter asking me to go & discuss my results with my doctor (this frightened me as I have had scans b4 & have never been asked to see the doc after 😢wink. I went to the doc's on tues 20th Dec & he said my kidneys r fine but my gallbladder has to go !! He prescribed 2 lots of pain killers & buscopan but nothing seems 2 work (1 of the painkillers i can only take at night because they make me wozzy & off my head lol) - the doc has refered me to the surgeon but i don't know how long i'll b waiting (& I have to keep a record of pain) 😢 i've been on weight watchers 4 the past few months & have lost 23lb but now i'm frightened to eat anything x Shall i try & get in to see my doc again or just wait 4 the surgeon's appointment. Getting fed up now I feel rubbish all the time & it's interfering with work 😭

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