Multitude of symptoms = anxiety, or something more serious?

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Hello friends! This is my first time on this site, but I REALLY would love the opinion of some other folks here!

I'll start from the beginning! About 6 months ago, I had a cold that left me with a bout of chest tightness and pain that I started worrying about day in and day out. About 3 months ago, I finally was seen by a doctor for that, who took a chest X-ray, which was normal. After that, the pressure seemed to go away. However, I had gotten into this cycle of constantly worrying about my health and being hyperaware that something is seriously wrong with me.

Here are some symptoms I have had:

-Anxious feeling occasionally (only when I get worked up about health)

-On and off shooting pains throughout my body (can be literally anywhere, any time and not severe at all). This can also happen in random places in my chest, back, abdomen, legs, arms, basically anywhere.

-IBS like symptoms and bloating occasionally

-Smaller appetite

-Last 3 weeks, R leg heaviness and noticed a kind of cool/burning sensation on the outside of that thigh the last few days, as well as an achiness today

-Occasional tension headaches

-Occasional dizziness upon standing

-Vision differences - it's very difficult to explain this one, because my vision is clear and I don't feel dizzy. My vision just feels off- almost as if it's not steady, it just does not feel right

-Feels like occasionally I can't get deep breaths in, or that the automatic inhalation does not come easily to me unless I yawn or make an effort

-Allergic rhinitis / post-nasal drip for months and months with a productive cough for 3 months. Been seen by the doctor about this as well, thinks it is allergic rhinitis. 

Doctors I have Seen

-PCP last week (going again tomorrow for my leg) --> physical exam was normal, bloodwork was normal

-neurologist (for something completely different, incidental MRI finding) --> neurologically in tact and full strength, MRI normal, except for what was a finding, which is a potential venous angioma, I'm being evaluated for that currently.

-Dr. at my university health center (recently graduated), who took a normal chest X-ray back in March and again cleared me with normal physicals.

In terms of my leg, part of me is very nervous for a DVT / PE, seeing as I am on hormonal birth control, but I understand that it could also be a symptom of anxiety. It just seems odd that it's one leg and not the other that is affected.

I also want to mention that anxiety runs in my family as well, specifically health anxiety. My mom has been on anti-anxiety medication (SSRIs) for years and has also experienced some of my same symptoms, specifically the vision differences, as well as muscle paralysis and numbness and tingling. My aunt and grandmother also experience anxiety. 

I am wondering if you all think there is something very serious I should be concerned about, or if most of these symptoms can be chalked up to generalized anxiety and that I may benefit from a low dose of medication? I will ask the doctor tomorrow when I see her, but just wanted to get other opinions.

I'm just finding it really difficult to continue on this way. I feel like I am so scared of something happening that I don't want to go anywhere, and I am just sick of feeling hyperaware of everything.

Any help would be appreciated! smile 


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    Hi Abby

    Dont worry about it being anything serious it will stress you out more and it sounds like you have been cleared of anything horrible. I suffer anxiety and also prob with SI joints which tends to give pain down whole left side of body from fingers to toes. Its all very odd. Could you have a back problem or pinched nerve? A small dose of valium probably wouldn't hurt in the short term but I'm not a doc so hopefully you have one you are comfortable with and chat about your worries. Jo x

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    Hi abby, i can so relate. A health issue i have is overtaking my life. I concentrate on every symptom. It literally is making me sick. My husband is so sick of my not doing much. We are usually very social,dinners out,camping etc. I think hes ready to trade me in. Anyway,most of it is probably from anxiety. The worry can make a person sick and if you do have a current health issue thats probably helping to set it off. My health anxiety is not only keeping me and probably alot of people from living a full life but with me it means ongoing health bills. We have a 6000 deductable before anything is paid for by ins. So I just keep watching the Bills come. Husband and I are not happy campers. I hope you can relax and not hyper focus on your health,i am on meds daily. If it werent for them i would really be anxiety ridden. You might want to give them a try if they can help to normalize your life.Xx
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    Best to wait to all your test results are back but it does sound like anxietyeek
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    I think in your post you have answered your self. it appears to be generic in your family my love my mother suffered occassionally I have had it for years and my lovely daughter has had bouts and I worry about her more because I know what she is going through and will go through.Im trying gently to coax her into meditation using oils and relaxation which she does as I dont want her to suffer as I do she says shes fine but I know she will go through the same so by introducing her to the "holistic therapies" now maybe she will not suffer so much but that is something that works for us every one will respond to what suits them. I dont know where you are from but I also use bachs remedies you can take them whenever and they are made up from flower essences. I also take perscibed medication which helps too. my doctor told me once that some people are predisposed when it keeps occuring and it was part of my personality. I dont think I can ever get rid of it but Im trying to look at ways to help cope and manage my life. I do have good periods and can go for a long time but now I recognise when I need the extra help and use the resources needed to help me cope when Im going through the bad times. with your symptons its your body fighting all the time can be so tiring. In a sense its good that you can talk to mum that will help you understand what you are going through and you can support each other. and I think being able to talk about it definately helps. Im so fortunate I have a good doctor my family and my manager and colleges are so supportive, it hasnt always be like that so I know it can be lonely and scarey too. 
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    If the pain went away once the doctor gave you your results then you should be fine. You suffer from anxiety, as do I. 
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    Thanks everyone for the concern and helpful advice smile

    I saw my Dr. today, she thinks it's definitely nausea and prescribed me 10 mg of Celexa / Citalopram to try. I just took my first dose tonight and now am experiencing some definite nausea, which is not common for me. Could've been the salad I ate out at dinner, but I also know that medications can have an adjustment period with some side effects. My mom is on the same med and had no side effects, so I was hoping for that, but everyone is different, so I'll keep an eye on it! I am really looking forward to hopefully feeling more like myself in a few weeks.

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