My eyes, please help me

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I'm new here so sorry if this was posted in the wrong area.

So first of all, I am 14 year old boy and I have been experienceing

Weird things in my vision, okay so when I look at the sky I see

Sparks of light moving all around and sometimes just a spark

Of light about the size of a star, oh and its not just the sky it

Could be just a bright wall or any bright blank platform, and

This just all of sudden started happening, a while back just before

This started happening I saw a thing on the internet that said if you

Roll your eyes back and forth you can strengthen your vision so I

Started doing that for a while and then this started, and Im really

Scared that I caused this and that it's permanent, I really hope there

Is a fix. Thank you!

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    Oh yeah I forgot mention, I have floaters so I know its not those

    Thank you!

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      Yeah I was thinking of telling my parents to take me there it's just I

      I went a little bit ago and I said something but it wasnt talked about

      As much as I wanted it to be, so maybe if they take me again,

      I will make sure that I bring it up loud and clear.

      Thank you so much for replying

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    Hi,it probably has to do with the vitreous fluid in your eye and is probably nothing to worry about,ive had so many strange things i cant list them all. If it keeps up or gets worse go in to see the eye doctor at a clinicxx
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      Oh yes. Definitely can,if you werent there long ago,you are probably fine,sadly most eye docs blow many symptoms off. Im about to go back again,i was so worried about my symptoms,he thought nothing if it. I believe the quote was you wouldnt believe the things ive heard. Ive been to eye doc about 6 times this year. 3 docs total.
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      Thank you for your response it means a lot to me.

      But you're fine now though right? I am curious though,

      What kind of things were you experienceing? How old were you

      When this was happening? Sorry for all of the questions I just

      Can't help but to be curious. Thank you again!

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      Hi,got my first floaters,mid 20s,scared the heck out of me. Late 20s got prenant,more eye issues, google wierd vision symptoms,ive pretty much had them all,also Google entopic phenomenon,phosphens,sorry if i speeled it wrong,also,visual snow,im now almost 60, have something called pvd both eyea normal for getting older,but can happen in younger life. If you can read an eye chart and they do a dialted pupil exam and all is normal,the other stuff usually wont concern the

      Doc dont go to an optical store for exam,go to an optomotrist or opthamologist at a clinic

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      Don't worry about the typos, I feel sorry for you after

      Reading all of that, and I have heard of that, I was concerned that

      I had it And that what I am experienceing is apart of that, and I'm still

      Not sure, and now I have an opportunity to talk to someone that

      Experiences it, if you wouldn't mind? Does it have to be like

      Moving static in order to be considered visual snow? Or can it

      Just be like a still image of static? Thank you again for sharing

      All of that. Yeah my heart really goes out to all of the poor people

      That have visual snow it saddens me knowing that people have

      Live like that. I mean when you think about it some people aren't

      Fortunate enough to be able to see at all, but for some reason

      Visual snow seems terrible on a different level than blindness

      You know? Maybe I am just being silly. Again thank for your time

      And it's really great talking with you.

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      Ages ago,i used to get symptoms of visual snow,some symptoms,i still have are talked about by people on the forum,thats why i told you about it,my main problems now are age... and pvd,plus start of mild cataracts, always something,hope you find out what your cause of symptoms are,lots of times a person never really knows very anxiety causing.. main thing is to keep on being able to see. Xx
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      Yeah, it is very anxiety causing, and it must have been way worse

      For you, because really when I think about It I could still live like

      This but, I seem to wake up each morning feeling so scared

      And depressed, and throughout the day my happiness fragile

      It can can go well for a time and I will try to forget about it but I

      Always End up going back to those thoughts of hopelessness,

      But if you're right and it's just something funky with the

      Vitreous fluids would it ever go away? And one of the things I

      Held on to for hope was because I am so young my eyes will

      Correct as they are still developing, it may sound far fetched

      But in these situations you look for anything to hold on to.

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      Oh yeah another question I've been meaning to ask,

      Can visual snow get worse over time? I ask because I'm still

      Not sure if I have it and if I do then it's not too bad now but

      If it can get worse then thats a scary thought.

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    I sent you a reply but it went to a moderatoe first as it containa a link to a web site.

    however your condition is a normal phanomenon called (The blue field entoptic phenomenon) or ( Scheerer's phenomenon).

    browse for it on wikipidia :Blue field entoptic phenomenon.

    see the photo in the right side in that site, it will show you the same  picture you just described above.

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      That actually seems about right thank you so much!

      Execpt for one thing, mine doesn't have to be on blue light

      Just a bright light, and even sometimes in a dim light,

      For example the skh could be grey outside and I would still

      See it, and would this all of the sudden start happening?

      Is there a cure for it? I would imagine not considering the

      Blood cells are what you're seeing. Thank you for your reply!

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