my life with an ankle fracture

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I was driving home one day from dropping off a friend it was around 8:30 pm. I was coming down a freeway when I noticed car lights coming straight at me and they WERE!!! So I got hit head on and come to find out the person responsible was a drunk driver!!!! I got a shattered ankle and broken tib and fib it was the worst thing I have ever been threw. I went to the hospital in Alice and I was in the most horrific excruciating pain I have ever endured never felt the pain I felt not even child birth compared I was hollering the whole time since I got to the hospital and they told me they couldn't give me pain meds until I had xrays cat scan MRIs ect. So by that time they out my leg in a splint shipped me off to another hospital that could do orthopedics so as soon as I got there I had a room ready for me still no pain meds well I was still screaming giving nurses a piece of my mind though not there fault I didn't know what to do because I needed some kind of relief so finally a docto came in a told me well you have a pretty bad break your ankle shattered in 3 places your tibs broken and your fibula at that point I didn't care I asked the doctor to please give me something for pain and he said okay okay so then he began telling me that I needed surgery first thing in the am and I was so relieved thinking I was gonna have some relief also they had given me some delated which helped for 1 hour or so but that surely wasn't the case the next morning I got called to the op room and I was getting ready for surgery when the orthopedic doc came and told me I'm sorry but I was looking at all your cat scans and xrays and I see a little something on your hip I'm gonna have to check it again I can't take you to surgery for your ankle if your hip is broken because that's a bigger problem so I started crying please give me the surgery I'm in soooo much pain agghhh so the aniestigioligist came and told me I can give you a nerve block and you will be numb for 24 hours so I said hell ya he gave me the nerve block and I felt 100× better I was thanking the Ana. So I went for xrays came back and the doc said everything looks good with your hip. Yes!!! That was good news well I went for surgery woke up in the recovery room not knowing what was on my leg as soon as I took a look I couldn't believe my eyes I was in shock and of course the pain came back I had an External fixator in my ankle going up to my leg I had 6 screws in different parts of my bones like a ka Bob kind of lol but anyways I was in pain the rest of the hospital stay constantly begging for meds because I was so hurt that thing was going threw my foot for Christ sakes I was not doing do good so when I got out the hospital I got sent home and I wasn't ready but the docs said I was so I had no choice being at home with this fixator and 3 little children is a challenge. 2 weeks later I go back for my second surgery which they are gonna take off that horrible thing and add the pins and screws I thought I would have relief but I was completely wrong. Its been 3 weeks since my last surgery and I'm in pain every night and day I never have relief is that normal how come I can't even lay foot on a pillow it feels so bad help me what should I do?

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I know the pain I had with my surgery but most of it was gone within the first 10 days.

    I can't even imagine what you've been going through.

    I know that I had a great deal of depression the first three weeks. But you just have to take one day at a time. Keep your foot elevated and ice it (as long as that's what the doctor is telling you). Do not do more than you are allowed and try to be as positive as you can.

    If you're in such awful pain have you discussed this with your doctor? If not call them and have a discussion.

    I hope that you start healing faster please keep me updated.

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    It is sad to hear about your accident and the way you had it, but it's equally sad when one knows he has caused his own injury, because s/he wore her favorite high heel shoes an icy night out.

    I have family and can feel you, it's extremely difficult to have to care for 3 little kids. Maybe you should try and find some woman to help you with everyday routines that have to do with cleaning etc.

    I'm also recovering quite slow and I've seen that most people have different recoveries from almost the same injuries. I also see that the vast majority of people eventually heal and come back to their feet, some sooner and some later... but they come back!

    So, try not to get so discouraged, although it's very normal to feel down when in such a pain.

    For the pain, why don't you take some kind of more 'drastic' medicine (f.ex. lonarid) or even make injections?

    I'm not an expert but maybe you have such a pain because of the broken tissue etc around the wounds (f.ex. if you've torn a ligament, like me, you'd expect to have more swelling).

    Be patient and if it's comforting, think that many other people, with jobs, families and worries, suffer just like you, you're not alone.


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    Well you are are not alone, but that is severe. Sorry to hear.

    My husband always said you don't need to die to find hell, it's here on earth.

    I'm 12 months post snapped fibula with my own ongoing ghastly story, but here's the thing.....

    You will have PTSD - POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. You not only broke bones, you were in an horrific accident, coupled with severe ongoing pain, and have kids to look After. I recommend from experience that you ask/demand pain management, and a PTSD psychologist to help you deal with this curse.

    It will get better, but it will take time. Have you got a knee scooter? Great for mobility if only to the toilet! Deep breathing, distraction. Adult colouring book. Great therapy. Something to take u away from leg.

    Keep in touch, people on here are fantastic!


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    So sorry to read about how long pain management was postponed. I broke my ankle on Friday. I was started on pain injections in the ambulance. Got another pain med in ER and then sent home with something like candy compared to what I had been given at hospital. Pain was not controlled over the weekend. Doc in ER gave me a sheet of paper and told me to find someone to do surgery. Monday was interesting to say the least. But was scheduled Tuesday for surgery. Met surgeon that morning and told him about pain over weekend. He said he wasn't certain he could repair that day. What he found when he removed cast would determine.

    I too woke with an external fixator. I cried. I was so disappointed. Seems I had some nasty fracture blisters where doc wanted to make incisions, as well as severe swelling. Three weeks later, ORIF surgery. The recommendation to do nerve block after surgery was a bad choice. Seems surgery went long and I was waking up before or during the block. Did not work. I was given so much pain medication I had no emotional control for the following week while it cleared my system.

    I stayed in touch with my doc about how I used the pain meds he prescribed. At one point, he said they wanted the pain controlled. Do talk to ur doc about meds. This is hard enough without uncontrolled pain. As Tituscanby1 pointed out, this is not just a physical injury, but emotional as well. My husband and sister were both incredibly supportive and when I cried, which sometimes, was beyond my control, they were compassionate. I have had to deal with panic attacks that seemed to hit at night. For the longest time, I had an unrealistic fear of falling. Not totally gone yet. And by the way, when u advance to weight bearing, you'll need to overcome the thinking you'll break the ankle again just by putting weight on it. This is a long process. I have told people when they ask how I am, I'm not as bad as I was, but not as good as I hope to be.

    Best wishes!

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    OMG!  Reading your story made me feel so bad for you!  The more I read, and seeing what all you were, and are going through, the worse I felt for you.  I am just so sorry this happened to you.  And to think a drunk driver was to blame!  I honestly can't even begin to imagine what you're going through - and not only physically, but emotionally.  

    I wish I could answer your question, but I just do not know the answer.  I am certain others will comment and try to give you some of their suggestions or advice. 

    I hope that you are able to get some relieft from pain soon.  I am thinking about you!  Please keep us posted.


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    Hey there just checking in with you to see how you at every feeling and how your pain management is going. I hope it's much better than you have been.

    I'm sending you positive thoughts.

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    Hi this sounds like what happened to me head on collision shattered ankle leg broke in 3 places my foot was hanging on only by skin. I woke up with external fixator up to below my knee. My accident was in February 2011. I have endured 4 surgeries over the past almost 6 years. My experience has been very painful. I have got worse every year I limp in pain I can barely walk it's swollen everyday. I just went to another surgeon and the only thing now is to have a total ankle replacement I'm hoping this will happen in the next few weeks. They say it will take my constant pain and swelling away. I have never even got to wear my shoes again I wear open back clogs it's to swollen The best advice I can give you is get another opinion don't wait as long as I have it's been a very painful few years good luck

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