My physiotherapist suggested acupuncture, is it worth it?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 5 months ago, I just started seeing a physiotherapist two weeks ago and he suggested I try acupuncture but I am on the fence about it because I have seen a lot of studies suggesting that the positive effects felt from acupuncture are placebo effects or that they don't last long. Have any of you tried it? Did you find it worth while? 

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    iv been having it for 2years its good for certain symptoms of fibro .i.e I B S

    bladder problems anxiety but it wont cure your fibro . but i think its worth it 

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    I have tried acupuncture and it did help a little. My physio gave me physio for half my session and acupuncture for the other half. I think if you are going to benefit you feel the benefits quite quickly so it might be worth trying it a few times to see if it works for you.
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    I've had acupuncture twice about three weeks apart for tight muscles in neck and upper back due to the fibromyalgia pain.

    I find it does loose them and my posture feels better.

    I was sceptical but have found some benefits

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      Was your acupuncture on the NHS.....I just wish I could have a few more sessions.....they are so expensive privately

      Isnt it typical that you would have a bad day on your day off.

      Hope today is better for you


      Eileen   UK

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      Hi yes my dr does the acupuncture. She said I can have as many sessions as I like.

      Luckily I don't always have a bad day on my day off, but a duvet and some Xmas movies defiantly made my day better. Xx

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      Its funny how different areas have different rules and regs.

      Some dont get offered it at I tend to get 6 weeks {once a week} and a break of a few weeks then the same again.....but that is usually it for quite a long time.

      You are lucky.


      Eileen  UK

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    My attitude is anything is worth a try oncewink

    I havent got fibro but have osteoarthritis and kyphoscoliosis {C shaped curve in your spine} also OA in my spine so I suffer problems with my back.

    My physio suggested I try some acupuncture....I agreed......It depends what you are expecting.   I'm afarid there isnt a cure for arthritis {that includes fibro} we can manage it and ease the pain which is what acupuncture did for me.

    Mine was a 6 week session, once a week, then a break for a few week and another 6 week session.

    I found that for the first five days afterwards it was great...not pain free but a lot less pain then the last day before the next one was due it started to get sore again

    To me that was a result.   The only thing was being free on the NHS they are only allowed to give a certain amount of them to you.

    I'm waiting for an appointment for another session

    Give it a try


    Eileen   UK

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      where abouts in the uk do you live iv been paying for accupunture for over 2years at £40 a go iv never been offered any thing like this for free ever in 10yrs. i was also told by an ex nurse i was entitled to phiso for 6 weeks but doctor has never mentioned it and he knows i am not in to meds and use alternatives ,but everytime i ask is there anything eles i can try thru the nhs i just get shurged shoulders and a blank look.

      i dont think they like patceits who dont bow and scrape and take there filthy addictive meds [personal choice] .sorry that sounds rude. but i was always taught not to feel sorry for myself and get on with it ,right from a child so i find it hard to go to the doctors week in week out winging on about this and that pain. but they seem to prefer them patceints

      .i only ever go when i am really struggling and they treat me like a nusence there lucky to see me twice a year .so i am no just dosent seem fair to me, all iv ever done is try ways to get better and not to be a bother and you seemed to get less thought of by GPS .

      if i could go to them and they could give me a pill a day to give me my life back i would ,i just dont want to become a pharmacy junkie is that so wrong .

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      Hi toswas

      I live in the North East

      I was having physio some years ago.....I've got OA iots of places and among others   lol   kypho scoliosis........that affects my back badly and my physio who is trained as an acupuncturist asked if I would like some.

      Never tried it so I said yes.

      I think I said in my post they are only allowed to give so many of them because it is the NHS but anything is better than nothing.

      It was one a week for six weeks, then a break and then anothe one a week for 6weeks thats all that was offfered in the year..


      Eileen   UK

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      Hi Eileen,

      Thankfully my physio has recommended a place that runs on donations so I can pay what I can afford. Lucky to live where I do, I guess. It's nice to hear stories of acupuncture helping people's symptoms, it's making me want to give it a shot. smile

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      Thats great news.....Even if you only try it a couple of times what have you got to lose if you can afford it

      I'm waiting for an appointment for a new session and after that if thats as much as he is allowed to do on the NHS I'm going to ask if he can refer me to a private one and give that a try. It will be expensive but you never know the occaisional one might help.

      Good luck and let me know what happens


      Eileen   UK

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      Whearabouts in the UK do you askem but didnt mention where you live?

      I disagree with you about them not  liking patients who dont bow and scrape to them. I do not bow and scrape to them.....if I dont think they are right I will tell them.

      They might not like it but it doesnt stop them treating me.

      What are you having acupuncture for? What have you been diagnosed with?

      Have you had a diagnosis from the hospital or have you not gone any further than your GP?

      If you havent had a diagnosis from the hospital....go to the GP {you dont have to take their meds} and ask for a referral to the hospital.

      Be firm but should get a referral.

      Then take it from there......I dont think you mentioned what was wrong with you??

      You can go to the GP, ask for a referral to the hospital, they wont give you meds but will write to your GP, it was from the physio I was getting that the acupuncture came.

      Let's know what happens and wah you have been diagnosed with


      Eileen  UK


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      thanks for reply i am in the north east to . filey in yorkshire .

      i suppose its just a case of differant doctors . 

      .i have mine fortnightly because weekly used to drain me.

      sometimes you think is it really helping but it does my lady is on a 3 week honeymoon and i am feeling the diferance already.

      roll on 10th of dec and my next treatment . i am trying to get some money together to get a course with a  chiropractor . because that helps my back no end

      . but  i want to pay for a several treatments up front , as its another £60 AWEEK  its hard to find sometimes weekly . so i am trying to get a lump sum together . so i can have  a course to get me feeling less stiff and tight . say for 8weeks then hopefully will need only  to go once a month .i have scoliosis to in my upper back to. life really is a pain for some of us

      sometimes. still got to keep going. hope you are well today. very cold here .

      regards tina .lolcheesygrinsmilebiggrin

      regards tina.

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      Hi Eileen,

      It's great that you can get so many free sessions, I don't think the HSE offers anything like that over here. I checked out private acupuncture here and one of the places I looked in to cost 50 euro per session, so that would work out at about 40 pound. 


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      Hi Tina

      I'm a bit further up....Newcastlewink

      I doubt that I could afford that as often as you gocry

      I still think its worth you trying even if youonly get a few sessions, its a few that you wouldnt have to pay for....I'm at Hexham General.

      I've never gone to a chiropractor ....used to go to an osteopath a long time ago {before kypho scoliosis was diagnosed} I did go back to him but he would touch my backcry

      My scoliosis is in my lower back as is some arthritiseek

      but I have a slight hump at the top of my back....thats the kypho bit apparentlyrolleyes

      On top of everything I had a second hip replacement in January and ws doing some NHS exercises to strengthen the muscle...... weeks post op and there was a crack!!!!! Ambulance came, had an X Ray and the diagnosis was "you've fractured your Greater Trochantor bone"....I had never heard of it before but its up at the top where the replacement was done.  Anyway the consultant that saw me said "nothing we can do about it, it will heal by itself but will take a long long time"eek

      10 months later I'm still on 2 crutcheseek  I did speak to the consultant/surgeon that did both my THR's and he said "I know you like straight answers so No it wont heal!!!!!! A bit of bone has broken off and moved quite far away from the joint......for a fracture to heal both bits of bone need to be touching or nearly touching.

      As you say ....we've got to keep going!!!! If we dont laugh we would cry wink

      Its freezing up here as well....Yesterday was bad.

      Doont know about you but my poor joints dont like this weatherbiggrin


      Eileen  UK


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      HSE?  Where abouts are you?

      We are very lucky in that respect.....dont know that every area offers it but ours does so i coulnt myself lucky even if it is only a few sessions

      Your price sounds about the same as our private prices here.

      I just thought if he couldnt do anymore sessions I would like a referral.....I dont want to go to just anyone......then I would try it but I couldnt afford it very oftencry

      If your physiotherapist offered it will he not do it?  We have 2 trained acupuncturists in our physio department. The one that has done mine is head of the physio dept.

      I hope you get something sorted out



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      I am in Ireland. The HSE is our national health service. 

      Same here, I definitely would not be able to afford to go regularly to a private place, I don't think many people could in the current economic climate.

      I don't think he does acupuncture himself as he referred me to another place for it. 


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      ouch that sounds awful . yes i cant win , if its to humid like this summer was i cant breath and sweet pours of me and i just get hotter and hotter , so thats i anightmare. but when it gets really cold i ache all over . 

      i think there must be about 6 weeks in a year where i can cope. 

      pity we are so far away would have been nice to meet for coffee once in a while ,dont know about you but this condition seems to isolate you from people . i am trying to get down to banbury to see my sister in law but iv just had a flare up , so havent made it yet . 

      shes moving back to soutthampton soon after the break up of her marriage and i want to get to see her before she goes . 

      any how will keep trying to get there ,thats all ican do .keep trying.

      trying to sort out christmas i like tradditional paper decs and mangers inside and out , and then lots of lights around my garden . cant stand all this tinsel tat dont mind tinsel on the tree . but thats all . hope you get of your crutches in the near  future . .  

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      Why on earth didnt i pick up where you were from?

      I'm from Ireland but from the North.

      Dont live there now I'm in North East England but I still have family there and go over as often as possible.

      So the one he referred you to.....does he charge a lot?

      Nip over the border cheesygrin


      Eileen  UK


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      Hi Tina,

      Well I'm not likely to get off my crutches fact I'm on them permanetly now because this fracture wont heal......a bit of bone broke off from the hip joint and has moved quite far up my body For a fracture to heal you need the 2 pieces of bone touching each other {or near enough}

      I've accepted that now.....bought myself pink and black crutchs.....Thought if I have to use them I might as well have ones I like...not NHS dull grey that make one heck of a noisecheesygrin

      I'm now looking for another coloured pair but not pink this time.wink

      Its the same as clothes or make up.......get them to suite yourself not just any old thingsbiggrin

      Humid weather doesn't affect my breathing but believe it or not it affects my joints but not as bad as the cold months..

      It would have been nice to meet for coffee. If you are ever coming in this direction give me a shoutwink

      I hope you get to see your sister before she moves

      As for Christmas.....I'm very late.....bought a lot of presents but not everything and decorations??? That will be very last minute cheesygrin


      Eileen  UK

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      thats a shame but i no what you mean about doing something funky with your aids, i have a stick and have stuck litle sparkly things on mine .biggrin

      isent it a danger having a bit of bone floating about .that would scare meconfusedcheesygrin

      i get my decs of ebay and wrapping paper i got 10 sheets of thick coolwrapping paper for 2.50 which is brill no post and packing.i got my paper bells of ebay,as well, and most of .my presents .i cant do shops get knackered so easily . and they are always so hot .i cant stand

      what i like about winter is although my limbs hurt i can sit by the fire or when i go out i can wrap up .when its hot and humid theres nothing you can do esp this yr i nearly went in sanelol

      , iv brought a waist coat jacket that has pockets for ice packs ,they use them abroad for man that work in hot climates out doors . i look like something out of doctor who but at least i can keep cool eek,unfortunatly i didnt find them till the end of summer and i had to get it from germany ,but i am now ready for next

      i also sleep on the cool mats in summer but mine go in the freezer not the fridge . honest its like going to bed with a pack of frozen fish lol .lol

      iv just got no control on my body temp . it often works the other way as well where i get really cold and cant get warm .this blooming fibro is so frustrating .lollol hope you have a good night . and a plesant day tomorrow. may your god bless you and keep u safe.


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      Hi Tina

      Do you remember Dave Allen? {Comedian}  When I read your ending it sounded just like himcheesygrin

      Sorry maybe before your time I cant remember if you said your age....he was from the South and he finished his shows, May your god go with you

      Anyway back to the crutches/sticks......will your little sticky things stay on?

      I stuck some on an NHS crutch but they kept coming off and you found them in all sorts of  places  LOL

      One night i was bored and the NHS sticks have holes down them so that you can change the height.......I am not artistic at all but I sat with different colours of nail polish and painted little petals around each hole and the hole in the middle was the middle of the flowercheesygrin  At least that stayed on and it will come off with nail polish remover then when I discovered I would be having them for a long time I thought see what funky ones you can find that are a reasonable price.

      So thats how I got these but I now want another pair, different colour but every time I look the colours I like are out of stock.....its a German company.  Checked ebay and amazon but no luck.  I'll just have to keep plugging on and looking.

      That must be awful being so hot most of the time......I would rather be cold than hot....preferably not cold {cool maybe} but better than hot all the time.

      I suppose the only way to look at it is the amount of things on the market to help us is your ice packs, me and my heat pads, your cool mat and my electric blanket LOL

      I bet our mothers wouldnt have had all these things to help.

      Apparently that bit of bone isnt floating about has moved and there it is staying acccording to the consultant......if it was floating it might float back down and the fracture would healcheesygrin  So I'm OK with that bit of it.

      Controlling the pain is my problem.

      Oh well, I was going out tonight but cancelled it because Tuesday I was volunteering most of the day {for Arthritis Care} then the evening we had the last comittee meeting of the year.....there was more eating than meetingeek  It was held in a small hotel, we went through some of the minutes before she came to take our order, some more while we waited for our order then stop, finished off after the main course before the dessertcheesygrin  I wish all comittee meeetings were like that.....great night.

      Then yestereday....out in the afternoon, part of it visiting my brother-in-law who is just out of hospital after a hip preplacement then at 7pm my Life Group {church}....out this morning, probably out for coffee and a bit of shopping with Peter this afternoon and then SUPPOSED to go to this ladies nigt at Dobbies Garden Centre......I've cancelled that. I need a night inwink

      So thats me for today I think.

      Do you think I have the gift of the gabcheesygrin


      Eileen    UK


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      unfortunatly i  am old enoughsad to remember DAVE Allen  i thought he was irish , certainley had an irish accent,  he only died a few years back i think and up untill he gave up he was an 80 a day plus smoker,eek the thing i remember about dave was he had a bit of one of one his finger missing.  i love comedy its the only thing i think that keeps me sane well nearly rolleyes  talking irish do you like mrs browns boys i love it,lol it has me in tears with the of the cuff remakes ,biggrin the remark about grandadad crackes me up oh look here he comes the man god forgot.biggrin it works so well because its the family bond thing on and of stage. cool the royel family is another faverite. and of course all the early ones like steptoe and soncheesygrin george and mildred etc and of course fools and horseslol

      yes you have the gift of the gab hunlol but theres nothing wrong with that life is about comunacationrazz  if we all did more talking there would be less wars i think.sad and less cruelty neither which i can understand confused

      i love music as well as comedy all sorts i just think its one of gods greatest giftsrazz ,not that i am religious i belive that theres a higher being someone who sees all , not sure who question, i tend to believe in naturewink and what i see and feel smile i wonder at trees and rivers see such great beauty in a spring day or a crisp frosty winters day lol. or in the kindness of someone , thats where i see god . not that i have any problems with what others believe ,its just how i see things i dont expect everyone to be the samecheesygrin whats your fav song or songs ,? mine are blue moon elle fitzgerald, and its a wonderful world louie armstrong .i like lots of 60s/70s pop and i adore motown .cool do you like films?

      i have 3 faveritesbiggrin christmas one, its a wonderful lifelol, truely madley deeply smile, and educating rita .

      and of course the classics like gone with the wind and casaablanca .see i have verbal dioreeh cheesygrin to

      . we have brought the lee evens dvd cant wait to watch it at christmas he is so  funny one of the best we have today , mind i have heard rumours he is giving up touring so i hope it will mean he will do more tv,

      lol I LIKE quaotS i  steptoe  AND SON are full of themcool bottoms up and mAy THE DEVIL MISS YOU  

      . .i am abit of a nerd love quotes and dilogue suppose thats why i love poemsrolleyes music lol films razz and plays cool and books

      . what religion are you ? IF YOU DONT MIND ME ASKING  sorry i put caps on by mistake , and what is life group. if you dont mind me asking?

      life group sounds like a catholic thing to me . 

      l did my family tree a few yrs back and found out so much i found my nans excact addrese where she was born 38 Alexander street newcastle neutral iv tried looking for the adreese on google maps but cant find it cry

       i also found that on my grans side i am 8%FRENCH  TRACING back to very distant great great great etc grandfather  Pierre Guilbert born in picardie in 1723 and died in Nouvion in 1777 , now one of my brothers live out in france .

      i was born in london and moved all over now live in north yorkshire just a stones throw from where my gran was born cool so fascinating have you ever done your tree , its really interesting to know where you come from biggrin  .

      i even managed to track down my last great uncle still living and believe  it or not only 11 yrs older than me lol it was my great grandfatehrs second marriage . but alass they didnt make much of an effort to stay in touch and i gave up confused . shame but i did try , he had been misssing from the family since 1952.

      so i did well to find him i just wish i could have found him when my lovely grandfather was still alive cry as although married by the time his half brother came a long he never forgot him and i know it was very much a saddness of him that they lost contact cry 

      yes some of my stick on butterflies and bits full off  my stick but most are  still on

      frown lolcoollolrazzbiggrincheesygrin   seem we both have the gift of the gab hun.

       i suppose you could email the supplier of crutches to ask if he will  let you know when his got new stock in

      .or maybe see if you can pre order. funny how you always seem to have to go abroad to buy anything differant or of quality . 

      hope your day is a plesant


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      Hi Tina

      Yes I loved Dave Allan and I remember that finger as well or part of a finger.

      I didnt know about the smoking????

      I do like comedy but I've never seen Mrs Browns boys   I dont know what I'm doing when that is onquestion

      George and Mildredbiggrin  you are going back a bit now LOL  I loved it

      I dont mind you asking waht religion I am.....I'm one of those people that if I did would tell you to mind your own businesscheesygrin

      No dont mind at all.....I'm a pretestant, Anglican.....but not high church {all smells and bells}cheesygrin

      I dont think there is such a thing as low Church of England {High Church of England} but we are low churchcheesygrin  Quite casual, nothing at all formal.

      Nope Life Group isnt a catholic thing.....well it might be I dont know....lots of different churchs have Life Groups, House Groups, Home Groups, different names but the same thing

      With us there are about a dozen of us meet on  a Wednesday in a couples house.

      Half of it is Bible Study the other half of it is us drinking coffee and having biscuits and generally being daft.wink

      I have often thought about my family tree but dont know where to startrolleyes  I'm originally from Northern Ireland but went to Austgralia for 2 years then Manchester then the North East .....must be nearly 40 yrs now

      My mam is still alive.....91 years old and my brother....63. Apart from cousins etc I see no one else there now.

      Which Newcastle was your grandmother in????? North East England, or Newcastle under Lyme, then there is Newcastle in Northern Ireland and Newcastle in Australiacheesygrin

      Give me some hints on where to start doing my tree please.

      Where I would find the time I dont know....I belong to our Arthritis Care branch and am a volunteer for them and also on comittees.

      We are quite an active branch.....Seated zumba on a Monday.....You can sit all throught it....still energetic, some stand all the time others sit part of the time and then sit.

      We have yoga 2 Fridays in the Month.....Walking group once or twice a month so they are a busy group. We go on Holiday March to The Peak District for about 5 days.

      Summer is Cardiff.....dont think we are going to that

      Autumn is Chester.....we might be there.

      I think we do both have the gift of the gab cheesygrincheesygrin

      Its now 8pm and I'm only getting started answering posts

      The next thing is to go back onto the site {crutches} and see if any are back in stock.....possibly pre- order

      Hope you have had a good day


      Eileen   UK

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      hi eileen you certainly a very busy i dont know how you do it i cope with the pain fairly well but the fatigue cripples me althou i do keep trying the list of stuff iv tried would tell anyone how hard i try .sadlolcrylol 

      i am not sure where my nan was born it just says Newcastle upon tynne i know its not the irish or austriala one defo in the uk.

      i started my search on curious fox .com and went on from there most of the people on there are very helpful will tell you were to get more info and how to get copies of certificates .. if you ask them. lolfrowncry i did have some extra help from a friend of my husband .i am not sure about ireland but i know one part of ireland is very hard to get info i would suspect it would be southern ireland. i cant believe you have never seen mrs browns boys. but then you do have a full lifecool i hope you got your crutches ordered .confused iv never heard of your church but it sounds a friendly placecheesygrinbiggrin you didnt say if you liked music or films or poetry 

      i dont know many who like the stuff i like. but we are all differant surprisedloleek your mum sounds like a right old trooper , my gran only made 87 she would have lasted longer if my granddad hadnt died she just gave up when he died , cry  do you have any pets .cheesygrin  i was born in 1960 so am 54 oooh where does it go .i can remember being a teenager and worring about being 21 cheesygrinsmilecheesygrin any way i am really tired so will finish now . i hope you get your crutches .cool so that you look call.hope you have a good night .


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      Morning Tina

      I understand about the fibro and the fibro fog as some people call it and also the fatigue.

      I'm just coping with pain all over and if I try to keep busy it takes my mind off itlol

      My volunteering for arthritis care involves 2 of us having a drop in point {various places} One of them is a walk in centre and the other is a large hospital....We do have other places but those are the main ones.

      People come out from the consultant saying they have been newly diagnosed what can they do.....we have got lots of information leaflets etc to try and help them.....I had one lady came out, newly diagnosed...her question.......How do I cure it??????? HELP!!!!!! I know the answer and you do but what do you tell someone who has just been told.....There isnt a cure?  Anyway that keeps my mind of myself especially when I see others worse off.

      I've never hear of Curious Fox....most have a look when I have wont be this morning.....I've had the night from hell.....didnt sleep more than one hour then dozed, woke up about an hour later etc all nighteek

      So, pleased I've not got much on today because i couldnt cope the way I feelcheesygrin

      I would imagine you're right about it being the South of Ireland......they aren't part of the UK, have their own money system etc

      Wheras the North is the UK, same money etc  It's the North I would be interested in.

      I went on to the crutch site, almost everything is still out of stock.

      Sent them an email so whether they reply or not remains to be seenrolleyes

      I love music especially 60's 70's musicwink

      Films.....not really bothered about them to be honest......I tend to watch shorter things like the comedys we discussed earlier

      I've got one cat now.......always had that the kids have left home we are down to one cat but when they were little.....guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, cats, dogs you name it cheesygrinNot all at the same timecheesygrin

      You are much younger than I am

      I'm 68 now....Paul is married and is 35 ....Sarah isnt married but has been in her own flat since she was about 18 and is now 33.....actually 34 in Januaryeek 

      Just get Christmas over and have to start looking for a birthday present for herwink

      Well its now 8am so will go and try to get myself properly wakened.  I've been up since 7am but sitting at the computer in the bedroom, took some painkillers and am trying to feel something like normal LOL




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      hi eileencool

      what you do on curious fox is post the information you have ,[ say i am looking for information on the jenkins family that lived at 3 bubble terrance in derby in 1950 , then just wait and see if anything comes back ,and take that info and continue etc .eek

      i found out about my great uncles first wifes family all about her father war record how he was always introuble but left the army with clean record and good remarks on his discharge papers and that was ww1 some clever and helpful people on these sites .cool

      you should try the magneisum oil topicaly it does help with pain iv left it of and havent been sleeping as well i just get fed up with applying it no it sounds daft when it helps but some times i am so tired i just want to sleep i go thru stages . where i cant be bothered but always regreat it

      crycry. i dont know if you can still get in a bath but soaking in mag flakes is brillaint to ease pain unfortunatly we took our bath out when i had a fall last year and broke my nose and hand i couldnt get out of the bath because i couldnt put any pressure on my hand ,and i was certainly not

      going ask my husband for help every timecry so we fitted a walk in shower but now i am mended i miss my soak i still soak my feet in mag flakes which helps my legs smile  yes its good that your helping people who have had diognoses doctors dont tell you much

      , but i do differ from you in i do believe that you can improve your ahritus or even remove it using alternatives , apparently diesease cant live in a alkalin body so by making your body more akaline reduces the

      symptoms and in some cases removes them , raw apple cider vinger and  raw honey helps to do this,

      also oxygen drops daily helps . iv got a very sensistive system due to also having Aspergers syndrom so i have to do everything at the very lowest dosage , like i am on one drop a day in half a pint of water at the moment so i wont see a very quick result . sad but i am trying it.

      did wonders for my dad he had terminal cancer due to misdiognose it had gone to far for the oxygen to reverse his condition but it certainly helped him cope and he lived a fairly normal life till near the end still working .smile i just wish i could have got this in to him at the very begining but we can only do what we can with what we know at the timelol

       have a look on line about both raw apple cider vinger and oxygen .and health bennifits see what you think cool i would never suggest that anyone should stop meds or anything.

      but use along side . and if there is a big improvemet mayby you could reduce your meds , that has to be a good thing lol as when you think about your poor old liver having to deal with all them chemicals its bit worring as we only have one neutral and it has a pretty tiugh job to do.razz so if we can help it why not question 

      my kids are 30 27 24 i dont know how this happened 3 yrs apart everytime , jodie my eldest lives in middleton cheney oxfordshire she has RA  she dosent stay in contact we fell out over a boyfriend of hers 

      she treated him bad and i said she was wrong to doso as she wouldnt have liked it if he had done it to her ,that was it .FAMILYSexclaim

      my middle daughter chose a complete nutter i dreaded a phone call to say he had hurt her or worse still killed her, he was a paronid i cant spell the next word but he heard voices ,

      now dont get me wrong mental illness is the same as any other illness and i hold nothing against the people who suffer , but when he wouldnt take his meds and drank heavy and then start abusing my daughter i did take offense i kept telling her to come home we would sort something out but you no kids the more you say his a bad the more they try to prove you wrong, i had to except it and hope i never got that phone callcry 

      then i did get a phone call to tell me it was other thank god and she was moving in to a hostel she has her own council flat now but if it wasnt for us she would never manage we have brought her the lot

      curtains carpets cooker fridge lucky with the fridge freezer got that second hand for£25  she only works part time in greggs theres hardly any full time work in scarborough because its cheeper to pay for two part timers 

      so she only brings £100/£116 aweek shes got rent and bills to come out of that plus fares to work .we even have to buy her food lucky shes not a big eater she gets no bennifits because shes not a single mum 

       because she is doing a 16 hr week she gets a little bit of rent reduction but not much and the same with the council tax . but tahts it.confused 

      they have you both ways if you work part time they tell you to get full time ,but then they make it cheaper for employers to employ 2 part timers so there are very few  full time jobs to be had .confused 

      esp in a holiday town. 

      its a good job my husband works on railways and has a good wage or we wouldnt be able to help her this much , but its terriable shouldnt be like this it really annoys me , you get the ones who try like my donna and they get no help and the ones who have babies get all the help surely if we want to reduce teenage pregnancys we should encourage kids not to have babies ,confused or am i just being stupid .my son has Aspergers syndrome like myself and what to special needs senior school but when he left they just forgot about him and his just been sat at home ever since adding to my stress , worring whats going to happen to him when i die because being sat at home isent teaching him how to do look after himself in the world , but his social worker never seems to get her finger out to do any thing constructive . i try to teach him things but he needs his own friends and a peer group its not healthy being with me all day . the thing that drives me mad is he is very clever like myself sorry not bosting we find social stuff diffitcult but what we are interested in becomes an obbsession and facts and figures we are mad for them. or is that just mad question oh well thats my tail i sometimes wonder what id i wrong that my kids turned out this way , the answer is nothing i was there all the time they always had what they needed they were fed clothed and loved and never left with baby sitters i cant think what eles i coul d have done. cry a friend said you did your best thats all any of us can do , remember your children a re individuals not replicas of you they have your mother your fathers your grand parents in them . eek i know she is right but you still think its your fault . 

      i have two dogs terriers layla patterdale cross, and my daugters terrier because she cant have him in her flat because there is no yard , its a night mare in this house sometimes because he really is a terrer by name and nature but his good when his a sleep .cheesygrin

      my birthday is the 17th of jan i hated my birthday all my life its such a horriable time of year and my mum always used to say this is for your christmas and birthday very unfair on a child . cry 

      have you ever seen the christmas film  its a wonderful life its beautiful really shows how one person can touch so many people lives .and not realise it.

      i know your not a big film fan but i think your  love it .lol

      well hun iv ran out of steam now eek hope you have a fun day .take care cheesygrin what colour crutches are you hoping to get this time question

      regards and blessings tina smile



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    • Posted

      Hi Tina

      Thanks for the information about curious fox and the family tree.

      OK....Magnesium Oil....topically. Know of magnesium but not the oil.

      Anything is worth a try. Where did you get it?

      I do know what you mean about not always using it.....I use pernaton Gel at night and know it helps a bit but loads of times I just want to go to bed and sleep.....and I suffer afterwards for it....What are we like???biggrin

      Can I still get intoo a bath.....well sometimeswink Getting in isnt so bad but getting out is harder.......I usually end up scrambling round onto my knees and getting up from that position now.eek

      Other times I'm to sore to even attempt it so I have a bath board which  goes across the bath and I just sit on it and fill the bath and bath/wash from there.

      We do have a cubicle shower but it is so small and when you cant balance and need crutches its pretty well impossible.

      So Flakes as well.  I'm always open to any suggestions like that.

      When I talk to people about arthritis I talk about complimentary therapies ....not suggesting they give up their meds but others will compliment them....whereas alternative sounds as if you are asking them to use something other than their meds. Does that make sense? 

      My only problem with complimentawry/alternative is I have epilepsy.....I forget about it now because I'm stable and have been since my last pregnancy and that was 33 years agobiggrin

      A lot of things clash with the meds I take for I cant take primrose oil, or St Johns Wort is another one that is a NO NO.......apart from that I'll try anything.

      I wouldnt like to take any chances since I've been stable for so long.....I would loses my licence {just one small seizure and thats it} I cant walk very far so at least having a car to drive a certain distance then to walk is a big help.

      Hope you understand that.

      The bit that puzzles me is Oxygen??? That to me is to help breathing so Cider vinegar and oxygen How does that work

      I know a lot of people swear by Apple  cider vinegar.  I'm probably having a thing moment  LOL

      If I could get awaywith less meds I would believe you me

      My Son is married and everything is fine

      My daughter......well she's having problems. Was made reduntant from a very good job and had a hard time finding anything else.

      She has a council flat.....She now has a casual job......At the moment its most mornings {restaurant} but after Christmas who can tell?? In the afternoon its in Primark...Manager of a department, its permanent but part time Just afternoons.  Jobs are so hard to come by these days.

      Sarah always gets 2 presents......It must be awful to have your birthday so close to Christmas

      Oh  I've ordered the crutches......purple....just waiting until they tell me when they are due.



      I'm sorry about your must be hard on you and stress does not help illness does it.


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    • Posted

      no hun stress is the worst for illnesssad glad you got your crutches ordered hope they arrive before christmas .razz yes i know what you mean alternative /complementry i suppose it depends  on how u use it i dont use any pharmcy drugs because with fibro and aspergers i am to sensistive they cause me more problems than its worth so i would say alternative. if you use it along side pharmcy meds it would be complementry . eek

      i will private message you with magnesuim details because on this page its classed as advertising.exclaim oxygen the same i will send the brand name its brillaint stuff  .razz  ACV is supposed to be very good at neatrulising the body .which in turns helps prevent illnesses .confused even cancer so iv read .confused  donna thought about trying for two part time jobs but her shifts at creggs arent the same each week so would be pretty hard to fit in a nother part time job not to mention yiou get wacked with extra tax . so unfair . cry yes i dont have any contact with my mum i treid for years to be a daughter to her but she always was so selfish she left me and my brother when we were at school just left a note saying she couldnt stay with my dad.cry it was very upsetting to come home to that she took the two youngest with her and left us .cry i am so lucky that at least i had wonderful grandparents who were just a bus ride away. razz

      my dad left us as well moved in with a girlfriend left me age 13 and my brother 12 to fend for ourselves  we never told anyone just got up went to school and came home and made tea and did home work and cleaning didnt even tell my grandparents . the only time we sore our father was sunday when we were picked up and taken over his girlfriends for the day  he gave us £10 awwek for grub and that was it.cry so i suppose thats why i have always been a bit tougher than most sad and why i love animals so much you give them love and they love you back .razz i wish i had money i would love to rescue dogs that know body wants , and would love to own a horse wonderful animals horses so intelegent smile .yes i would be concerned to if had epilepsy horrid thing they are starting to try the keogentic diet on adults now , works well on children . high protein diet . i think iv spelt it right .eek well hun got really tired eyes so i will private message you with magneisum details and oxygen .if thats ok  eek my husband wont be home till 1am works as a train driver in york . wish he could get a job in scarborough would take 2 and half hours of his day very tiring driving to york each day esp when you have the responability of lots of passengers you cnat afford to full asleep razz his nearly fallen asleep on a couple of occasions and his done it driving home the roads round here are terriable a few seconds your in a ditch . eek dosent help that they are planning to turn the street lights of at midnight so the roads will be even more dark eek

      any how hun defo going now cool stay cool tina 

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      Hi Tina

      Thanks I'll look out for your pm.

      As for the epilepsy i was only 18 months old when it started {whooping cough injection} and I'm 68now.eek

      With 33 clear years I dont want to rock the boat

      If I change doctors or even go to a consultant and they see the meds they say "no one is on those any more" {probably not they are so old but they work for mewink} then they go on to say "we'll change them" no we wont is my usual reply.....but they are so old and you take 2 tablets, now its only one tablet....we'll change to *** what part of NO do you not understand {cheesygrin}  then they say but why????? If its not broke....dont fix it!!!!!cheesygrin

      The meds I'm on are the epilepsy meds which wont get changed or stopped.

      Then I have one blood pressure tablet a day {slightly high BP}

      Naproxon and paracetamol for pain then a stomach liner {omneprozol}

      I also take 2 calcium tablets with Vit d 3 that are prescribed by the doc for the osteoporosis and a bisphonate {think thats the spelling} risendonate??? Once a week thing. I dont like it because you MUST take it before anything else, meds, drink or full glass of water then you must sit up for half an hour.....if you lie down the chances are eventually it will burn your esophagos sp?? If it can do that I dont like the idea of taking it but at the same time after this fracture due to osteoporosis I'm a bit scared not to.

      How could you afford to replace all those {that are free} with complimentary ones????

      That soubnds a very miserable childhood you had and how on earth did you and your brother cope with no one finding out??

      I hope I get the crutches before Christmas

      Hear you

      Off to bed now

      Love Eileen  UK

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      apparently live yogurt with a teaspoon of ceylon cinamon in it helps to reduce blood presure so thats what i do my blood pressure goes up and down depending on how my fibro is eek, but i thought its not going to do me any harm so take it every day and see how it goes neutral

      , i also read that if you soak 5 pices of ockra in a pint of water over night take every morning helps to cure insulin type  diabetus ,due to the starch balancing out the blood sugar.eek but of course you would have to monitor it it would be silly just to stop it razz

      i use my bennifits to buy my stuff i use.  percriptions arent free to me  i would have to pay £7.00 an item  . not to mention the cost to my health . 

      iv been the other side i had 16 yrs of weekly iron injections that were extremly painful and caused me to become intolarant and couldnt have them any more so i had to have a hysterctomy which when they did it left me with a disc put out i spent 4 days in hospital sleeping in a chair it was so bad i asked for pain killer they refused because it wasnt linked to the hysterectomy , and didnt want to except responsability mad

      , then a nurse came out to top up my blood count as it had dropped due  to the op 6point 8 i had two iron injections which not only made me really sick , cry but on third one the nurse injected me out of the 5 finger span to close to my tailbone and it all swelled up nearly crippled me very dangerous crythe injection must go into muscle .

      so you can see why i am no great fan of pharmcy meds or doctors eek  although i agree with you hun.razz

      if the stuff you are taking is working for you dont let them mess it about razz, its only because they get back handers to push new drugs , you stick to what suits you .lol i am glad you have the confidence to stand up to them eek but for me doctors are the very last stop

      . my mother inlaw had that med that you have to stand up afterwards she was fine more active than me out everyday all she had was a bit of a stiff hip she took one cocodomil and a small brandy at night as was fineneutral

      then she turned 60 and started going for those medical check ups that your surgery starts pushing on you shes gone down hill ever since now she has a form of demematia .now . cry  there is actul proof that some meds especialy sleeping tablets scale up the path ways in the brain causing symptoms like dementia eek. of course thats not every case but a lot of people are suffering needlessly eek

       i am 54 and have been asked to go for mammagrames a few times i turn them down  simply because the way they yank your bust  about would hurt me like hell eek and if the fat cells expand making your bust bigger then what do you think they do to pre cancerous cells which left alone are often reabsorbed by the body causing no problems.

      if these cells expand it will break the ring of fluid around it preventing the cell spreading hence then it can spread and grow . theres a thing called thermogrammes that uses heat i would do that but not mamagrameslol i suppose you just have to be sensisble and do what suits you . and keep going the best you can .cool well i am really shattered now cup of tea and bed i think. stay cool hun cool i hope you have a better night tonight . tina

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      Morning Tina,

      Never heard of Ceylon ciinnamon.....cinnamon yes  ??? problem there thank goodness

      All my prescriptions are free

      I'm not at all happy with spinal injections......I'm always terrified of them hitting the wrong place {like they did with you}

      When I was pregnant he wanted to give me an injection in my spine {cant remember why now???] anyway I said no....most injections can be done in the arm or bum or somewhere else....he wasnt a happy little bunny but he agreed to it.

      Dont use sleeping tablets so thats another one I'll ignore  LOL

      I do go for mammograms.....horrible things arent they?

      I did have a better night ...thanks Tina. I couldnt have coped with another one like the previous night

      Hear you later......Going out this morning but should be in this afternoon


      Eileen   UK


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      ceylon cinamon is just cinamon from ceylon its the best quality and free from bulking ingredients nothing added to bulk it out like other cinamon .

      oh god spinal injections would freak me out to.eek   i wouldnt know about mamagrammes because like i said i dont have them smile they cause more false positives unnessery surgeryeek and new evidence shows increases the risk of cancer ,so much so that sweden and denmark have withdrawn routine biggrin mamagrames . except where other signs of breast cancer are showing like definate lumps .  

      like i say i belive there is an alternative called a thermagramme using heat to detect cancer . id be up for that if neededcheesygrin

       i am so glad that you have the confidence to stand your ground with these little gods in white coats , they do tend to push you around and come the i am better than u and  i know better than you , but i dont belive thatmad you are the best at understanding your body and how it works its just a pity that more people arent like you and stand up to them when neededcool

       i think the medical profession have something against my family , my brother nearly lost his leg due to his gp saying it was a trapped nerve which it wasnt , only the skill of the surgeon saved his leg but he lost most of his calf, cry his wife my sister inlaw was fobbed of for months being told her stomach pains were just hormones eventuly she got so bad they put her in hospital for observation after 4 days still in pain they released hercry

      lucky for her she collasped before leaving hospital turned out she had gangereen of the stomach and if she had a got home she wouldnt have made it back in time she would have died cry

      wont bore you with the other examples . neutral  i am glad you get out and about hun you must be like super woman on them crutches dose it hurt your shoulders and neck when i see people on crutches i just think how painful it would be for me on my neck and shoulders , cry 

      mind you your pain is caused from Arthritus  not fibro so i suppose its more localised then mine  .eek  still bloody painful . all the same .

      i feel like a hypocondriacte with pain everywhereeek

      the worst thing for me is i can knock my shoulder or my knee not even bruise the area but i can have pains all over due to tight muscles tendon and ligaments thers no give cry in them.

      . if you pull a piece of elastic taught then try to stretch it more it wont give , put if you have a piece of strechy elastic it streches easy .eek thats me all over .sometimes i think i need a bubble wrap suit .lol  razz

      no disrespect but arent your perscriptions free because your over 60 

      saying that your more active than me hunrazz you keep going keep busy 

      i so cant wait to start on this coursecheesygrin just evrything seems to be holding me up at the moment , i really like to be busy esp like to be out and doing stuff  but this bloody condition gets you from all directions 

      i have to be honest the  fall i had last yr really frightened me if i had been somewhere remote say with the dogs i wouldnt have been able to get up , and proberly would have been there for hours in the cold and bleeding quite alot, cry i was lucky that it was in town and people came and helped 

      which i was very grateful for . someone called an ambulance because i was in shock and couldnt walk without support lol, i must admit that it reknewd some of the faith i had lost in people .razz

      and scarboroughs AE were very good razz. but they couldnt get over me having a broken nose and hand and not wanting any pain killers they kept asking me confused. i had mild concushion that was worse i hate feeling dizzy . i used Arnica gel and tablets for my nose and then after a few days colidaul silver inside to help it heal .razz and a product called polar frost for my hand which eased the pain really well .smile no pain killers at all .

       i only use them when i have an earache toothache or siatica there the 3 worst pains in my book .esp on top of fibro pain . i suppose your the same any other pain on top of the pain you have already is just to much cry .still one day maybe if i can keep trying new stuff something will work .  i just want to get better unlike your conditionsmile ours isent physical condition.its not even auto imune. 

      our joints hurt because we put to much strain on them because our muscles and tendons are to tight and not doing there jobmad

      , and our nervous system is sending out loads of wrong signals this condition is caused by stress and trauma i truley believe if i can remove them i can get my life back .razz so we will have to just wait and hope .

      hope your day went well hun and that you dont  knacker your self out to much . razz 

                               regards tina 


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      Hi Tina

      Ok thanks for the info about the ceylon cinnamon

      Although I dont want injections anywhere near my spine I did have spinal blocks for both hip replacements and they were great.

      You've got to stand up for yourself against hospitals and docs....its your body not theirs and you feel the pain....not them.biggrin

      You have had a lot of bad luck in the family.....medical wise.

      No the crutches dont hurt my wrists sometimes.

      They are the elbow crutchs.....I dread to think what the old crutches would be like....the ones that go under your arm....they must be awful.

      Fibro must be awful...I know a few people in our Arthritis Groupthat have it.

      My arthritis is in one ankle, both hips, lower back, and neck

      Then Kypho scoliosis which hurts must of my back.

      Yes prescriptions are free because I'm over have to have some perkscheesygrin

      Osteo arthritis isnt an auto immune diseas.....thank goodness

      R. arthritis is.

      You were verylucky that people were about when you fell.

      Arnica is good....I use it for arthritis as well {topical}

      I always had the tablets when the kids were know how often the fall and ruise themselvesrolleyes

      I remember being over in Belfast with my mam and had taken both kids over for a while.....Paul and Sarah were in the back garden with their uncle Billy.  I didnt know what they were doing. Paul would have been 5 years old and Sarah 3 and a half. Paul came running in....Mam did you bring the arnica over with you????? Yes why?

      I've just hit Sarah on the head with a hockey stickeek  They were playing and he swung the hockey stick and she was behind him and it hit here forehead.....I had to laugh after wards.....5 years old anbd he knew exactly what to come shouting forcheesygrin

      I'm fine today.....went to our Metro Centre, hired an scooter, I wanted to do some shopping and thats not easy with 2 cruthcescheesygrin So I did a lot of riding around on the scooter, just got off to go into shops.

      That is me in for the night.

      I'm meeting Sarah for Coffee tomorrow afternoon.

      You take care


      Eileen   UK


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    • Posted

      so Arthritus is a condition that effects  joints , does it cause more problems where you have been injured in the past , eek

      my eldest has rhemotoid arthritus so i know that is auto imune she got it at 27 . i know young children can get ahritus its a very complicated thing isent the body .eek yes i was wondering how you did shopping on crutches scooters are a good thing for that sort of thing . 

      i wish i had learnt to drive when i was young i could do so much more if i could driverazz yes arnica is amazing stuff iv got one from amazone and its cooling and smells gorgouse its the best one iv ever used .and a fare price.razz

      i am trying to sort out what works best for me iv got to cut back on my spending because my bennift stops next july and with all the changes i proberly wont get it a gain and thats a worry for me neutral because i have two things i am still paying for eek my cyclone massage pad that i got talked into buying thru one of those medical companies cry wait for it cost a £1000 pounds i pay 40 pound a month for it and iv still got my credit card to pay if i dont get better on the programme and they stop my bennift steve will have to pick up the tab surprised 

      its awful how these companies prey on people who are desperate to be free of pain cry  yes your right got to have some perks to getting older.razz  i am feeling a bit down tonight so will finish now razz i sometimes feel like givening up hun because i v tried so hard for so long to crack this and had so many dissapointments i dont think i could cope with another dissapointment ,but on the other hand if i dont do the programme i could be missing out on a of a recovery and a normal life. eek so iv got to give it a try .cry. hope you have another good night hun . razz god bless 

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      Hi Tina

      Yes lots of people think its only oldies that get arthritis but it isnt

      There are 200 different kinds of arthritiseek

      Rheumatoid and Osteo and Fibro being the main ones.

      Rheumatoid is an auto immune.....affects your immune system, lowers your immunity to all sorts of bug

      Osteo is what doctors refer to a lot of the time as wear and tear but if its a child how can it be wear and tear???

      Anyway....thats not autoimmune.

      My ankle.....I had an accident and 6 years later have OA in that but the rest ???? who knows?

      Most of my things are diagnosed as idiopathic, chronic, degenerative arthritis or whatever.

      Idiopathic meaning known cause {not that I'm an idiot}eek

      Chronic,  long term, and dengenerative, will get worse basically.

      Peter does the grocery shopping....if for any reason he's not here I do it online.

      Smallish things I take a reasonable size back pack.

      Today for instance I bought a lot of Christms Cards, 3 hand washs for Peter and 2 for me, some baby wipes, some tisssues magazine thigs like that....they take up a lot of room so I hire a scooter, take a backpack and put it over the arms and round the back of the seat and my things go in there. Always have a spare canvas bag that I can set between my feet if I need it.

      Other times I just go in to the Metro centre to practice my posture, walking etc when I'm not talking to anyone andcan concentrate

      Always end up at Starbuckscheesygrin

      In that case I just have a small back pack for purse, mobile etc.

      I was in my lagte forties when I learned to drive...had no desire to drive but moved out a bit and the busfares were much dearer and half price for the kids and people kept nagging me to drive. I'm so glad I learned to drive.

      Will they actually stop your benefits? I known nothing about them.

      We are both on pensions, and my only benefit is my blue badge.

      You're right about people preying on people who want a cure.

      There isnt one but you can get things to help but I wouldnt pay a lot for things ...just in case.

      I'm not sure what this programme is that you mention???

      Have you told me?

      My way of looking at it is not curable but it is treatable and you can manage it with various kinds of pain relief. {me....not you}

      My osteoarthritis....well when I accepted it I found out how to do things different ways....OK some things I couldnt walking as far as I used to ...or as fast.

      Then when I got this fracture 10 months ago and was told it would heal but would take a long time.....I was so didnt heal but I was told it would and I kept thinking....why wont it heal.

      Now I've been told it wont heal.....I feel a lot better and am just working at relieving the pain

      It doesnt mean I dont have my down moments....I think we all do.....pain can really drag you down. You use the words a "normal life"

      I've accepted I'll not have a normal life {not the same as someone with no mobility issues anyway} and I'm happier than when I was stressing over everything.

      Things like my washing. Wash basket is upstairs, I used to put one wash in a plastic wash basket, carry it down put it in the washer and that was that. Take it out again and into the basket and hang it outside.

      Now the way it has to be done  LOL....Upstairs, I've got a nylon duffle bag, put a wash in that, drag it across the landing, thrown it downstairs.....making sure the cat isnt therecheesygrin Go down, drag it into the kitchen, pull out a kitchen chair, put the washing in.....using the grabber if necessay.  Then when it is ready to come out, sit down on the kitchen chair, pull it out {gabber possibly} and instead of it going into a basket i throw the clothes over my shoulders, walk out and hang them...means I dont have to bend to get them either.

      It sounds long but its not really. So rather than say I cant carry the washing down etc  OK I cant do it the way I used to but I can do it this way!!!

      Tell me about the programme please.

      Hope you feel better tomorrow

      I'm going off line now as well


      Eileen  UK


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    • Posted

      razz what i mean by normal is to go out for a socialbe drink with friends 

      or a meal be able to eat all the lovely foods that are good for me that for some reason my body wont tolarate cry, and get about more outside with more energy , this might sound wrong its not meant to redface but i have two perfectly good legs and arms and the only reason they dont work proberly is because everything is so tight due to the fibro , rolleyes

      some peopel say fibro is a form of ahritus some say its not that dosent help , if it comes on after illness or injury or stress in my case all three for many years then surly its got to be something to do with the brain eek

      as we only use about 10% of our brains and the specialist have not been able to understand how it all works still  after years of research how do they no either way eek

      , i can undersatnd that breaking a bone that ahritus could set in because it has been weakened by the break

       but just to become ill for no reason dosent make sense fibro has up two 26 differant symptoms  ahritus dosent as far as i know , my eyes are affected i had them tested early thinking they had got worse eek but nope they were the same the optician said its the fibro affecting your eyes muscles like it affects any other muscle eek

      . maybe a short course of steriods ,would help ,but i couldnt bare to gain anymore weight or run the risk of loosing my hair razz i wish it was like the old days where you could disguse things with your doctor and feel sure he had listened to you , now its 6 mins you hardly have time to sit down; let alone explain whats worring youcry

      i dont no what work you did before you retired but from your replys and i gues it was along the medical lines as you seem a very caring knowledgable  person .

      i was going to ask you if you would look at the programme for me, you do  get a free sample and vido of the guy who put it togethereek and give me your feed back , but i didnt want to impose on your time 

      . i am not worried about the price £116 is nothing compared to what iv spent already and its a gaureented refund after you have tried it for 6 months if you feel it hasnt helped you , that seems fare enough to meeek

      ITS CALLED THE GUPPTA PROGRAMME  its named after a fellow sufferer and man who put it together . its based on the theroy of the Amygdula Hypothesis . . Amygdala Thalamus Cortex . where brain has been in a constant  stress thru injury illness or just life eek

      ,and its been flight fight flight fight  then after so long it stays in fight mode producing the chemicals which arent needed which then build in the body causing pain fatigue and other stuff it sort of makes sense eek

       if your body is producing chemicals it dosent need it will make you ill .confused  any way i am still not dressed so suppose better try and make the effort although dont much feel like it .cry by the way the man who put the course together is trying to get it excepted by the medical proffesion as a treatment  for fibro chronic fatigue and simulair conditions cool 

             regards tina 

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