Nausea and pain month after gallbladder removed

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Anybody's experience would be appreciated because I'm completely lost.

I had my gallbladder out a month ago. I'm extremely nauseated every day. And this pain is coming from my lower sternum. I can deal with the pain but the nausea is so bad I get really shaky and can barley get out of bed. I've been back to the doc, surgeon and hospital. Cts, x-rays, blood work several times. Can't find anything wrong. Ive been eating pretty normal and healthy yet I've lost 15pounds which is not good because I was only 100pounds to begin with. I see my doc again this coming week but don't if that's gonna help because they can't anything wrong. I'm 26 and was healthy and now Im like this. I don't get it. Anybody else have these problems???

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    i have read on hear of people suffering the same symptoms and it settles down... I have been left with  no side effects from my removal .. But if I over indulge had get very nauseated and am sick ...

    so of course don't stuff myself .. But gallbladder problems can affect while our gall bladders are still in our pancreas and liver .. If our livers or pancreas were affected by our rotten gall bladders .. We will have problems after the removal ..

    if your pancreas had become inflamed before your gallbladder was removed it will be prone to it after .. Be triggered by alcohol and fatty diet .. And the symptoms of pancreatitis well google them.

    then if you look up fatty liver we are prone to that after removal as our poor liver works overtime producing bile when we stuff ourselves ..that's I think what I trigger when I over indulge.. 

    I am not saying you are over indulging .. But just pointing out that these three organs are linked .. 

    Try cutting out fat and alcohol and ask your doctor for a scan of your pancreas and liver .. 

    They can be treated .. Hope that helps 

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    Nausea, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion are common side effects after gallbladder removal. For most these symptoms settle down within 3-6 months and for others they can last a bit longer. I had nausea vomiting diarrhea however I had a large cyst on my ovary which I believe was causing a lot of my problems and not my gallbladder. Like you I had many tests and was told it was a side effect of the surgery and would settle down. The nausea is the worst as its so debilitating. I tried every drug and nothing helped except ginger root tea and acupressure wrist bands and acupuncture. I know a lot of people that had these side effects and it did settle down but took time. Unfortunately doctors don't warn us of these side effects but they are common. When I was in hospital they kept telling me they hadn't seen this before but I spoke to a lot of people in there that either went through similar side effects or knew someone that had gone through it. I found it was worse in the mornings and by evening it would be a lot better. Your body has to adjust to the loss of the gallbladder. My gp told me she has seen a lot of patients have side effects but it does settle down and she only has 1 patient who had diarrhea long term after the operation. X
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    Meant to also say weight loss is common too after the surgery so wouldn't worry about that just yet. Where exactly is the pain you have? Did you have gallstones or diseased gallbladder? Was your gallbladder inflamed? Hope you feel better soon. X
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    Sorry lyou are struggling with this.

    I had my gall bladder removed 5 months ago.

    No nausea thank goodness but I still have quite a lot of stoamch ache.

    Have to be careful what I eat.

    Hope this settles down for you

    Take care and keep in touch

    Sarah xxx

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    Hi the nausea could be the disgestion changed bile is not longer prompt to help digest food so we can't eat whatever we want without some consequence. Just after surgery I had nausea because I had gastritis that got better and 6 months later I started having  nausea again so bad that I couldn't sleep and I realise I was eating more fatty foods like salmon and red meat. Your body will have to adapt to this but people with no gallbladder should always watch out more their diets because we're more susceptible for gastritis, nausea,and also diahrrea. I had mine taken out a year ago and still have issues. All the best x
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    Thanks everybody. The fatigue and nausea has settle down somewhat. Still have diarrhea. I do have a large cyst on my ovary that they found. It's the size of a tennis ball and having it removed as soon as this surgeon calls. So that might be the severe pain problem. I don't want to be cut open again. But I need it done.

    Some asked why I had my gallbladder out and I didnt go into that just the problems I have now.

    Well I was rushed into the er 6weeks ago in extreme pain. All abdominal. I couldn't even walk. I had a perforated ulcer and rushed into surgery. I was in so much pain I don't remember alot just signing consent for surgery and blood transfusion if needed. After I woke up I was in extreme pain. Hooked to a pain pump and fluids and a NG tube up my nose. I was cut about five inches down my stomach and had a jp drain. They had to clean my stomach out and surrounding stuff. Doc came in told me what had occurred and said he also took out my appendix and gallbladder. His answer for that was if I had any problems down the road with those it be hard to remove since I had this type of surgery done. So no I had no problems with my gallbladder at all. The recent cts conclude I have no more infection from the perforated ulcer. So no problems from that. And these symptoms I have now are most likely from having no gallbladder.

    So before this day I was fine, no symptoms of anything. Had no idea in the world I had a ulcer to begin with. I really wish he would of left my gallbladder alone. I'm not a doctor so idk if that would have been better for me or not but I might not be having these issues if he did.

    And what about my consent to do so before hand? If the thought was life threatening then they have the say to do it I think but his answer didn't sound like it was a do or die situation. He took it out because it could be harder to get out later.

    And that's my story. Sry so long and prayers to everyone for a healthy recovery and thank u again for replying.

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