Nausea when anxious - anyone experience this? Health Anxiety/GERD

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I had an episode of being sick a few months ago after taking antibiotics for an infection. It has completely ruined my life. Since then I've felt like I can't digest food properly, have had intermittent nausea after eating, can't eat large portions, feel like my throat is choked up and am not sleeping at night at all as a result of this.

My GP diagnosed GERD and I guess I have a few questions. Firstly, do people with anxiety in here have gerd/indigestion and vice versa? If so, what triggered it?

Secondly, do you experience nausea with anxiety? The slightest twinge in my stomach gets me going now because I'm terrified that I'm either terminally ill with various diseases - I have diagnosed myself initially with MS, which has progressed to the big C and motility disorders/hormonal and heart issues. The symptoms change so much I can barely handle them. So I don't know if I'm making myself worse with worry as people are saying my worry is increasing stomach acid production.

Do people wake up with a churning in their stomach when they're anxious? This is waking me up every 2 hours at night. I'm fearful of what each day will bring with these symptoms. I'm scared of it getting as bad as it did in August when I had oral thrush and felt like I was choking immediately after these awful antibiotics.

Finally, what the heck do we do about health anxiety? People around me are telling me my anxiety is governing this condition I have but I've lost sense of myself. I'm doing CBT which is helping me rationaise things but to be honest until I feel completely well I'm going to be OCD about what's going on. For someone who suffers from OCD, this is horrible. No time frame on symptoms, test-and-treat approach, no definitive answers are available as of yet (not GP's fault sometiems GERD just develops) and random symptoms that creep up on me. Trying to figure out triggers but when they symptoms grab me my anxiety goes through the roof and I make them worse.

Sorry if this is garbled, please help! Hopefully someone can shed some light on things!

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    I should also say it's affecting me because I can't see and monitor what's going on. I am usually one who avoids goign to the doctor - I've had headaches, fibromyalgia, joint pain, cysts before - and I've been anxious about them, don't get me wrong. But not being able to see what's going on, and due to my appetite and food intake being affected by this, I can't avoid the doctor on this one. I know avoidance is unhealthy but this is all driving me crazy, it's so hard to partake in my life when I've been dominated by this!

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    Yeap health issues can drive us nut and can be life changing. Your are ok and don't let other critize how you feel until they are suffering.

    that said antidepressants can bring the scared/worry level down quit a bit.

    ask your doc?


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    Yes I get nausea and have difficulty eating breakfast so usually do my chores before eating later.   Also have times when food seems to get stuck.  Make sure nothing is wrong physically.   Try to take a deep relaxing breath before eating, chew your food until it is nearly liquid then swallow.  Anxiety is a feasome foe but it can be beaten with lots of laughter, exercise, positive thinking and making sure everything in you life is the best it can be. 
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    To answer your first question, yes! There is a link because of the brain/gut link. Your gut is heavily influenced by your brain. I have severe anxiety and have suffered with extreme anxiety symptoms the past couple of years. It lead me to be 100% sure that I had MS or ALS. It took going to a counselor to realize that you can manifest some pretty scary symptoms with anxiety. 

    I have what seems like ulcer symptoms but have test negative for h plylori. I have had an ultrasound, a CT, a upper GI series with barium swallow, blood test, and the h pylor breath test. All have come back negative and normal. I have this aching and gnawing burning in my stomach everyday. I get cramping at night when I'm sleeping.

    I went to the doctor again last week asking him to refer for an endoscope and he said there was just no reason to unless I wanted to for peice of mind. He said he believes it's non-ulcer dyspepsia and anxiety. 

    I am on anxiety meds and now have read there is a link between them and ulcers. So there goes my brain again, running with it. Point is, there is a connection with these issues and anxiety. When you are under anxiety for long periods of time, your body will become tapped out. 

    The way to handle health anxiety is to find a doctor who understands it, find a good counselor, and do whatever is necessary to train your brain out of these thought processes we fall into. The dreadful what ifs. Instead of "what if I have cancer and they are overlooking me", instead say, "I am healthy and I am fine." The point is so many people have pains and conditions and never mention the pain they are in. It is those with health anxiety who can't let it go. So you aren't alone. I could tell you the dozens of symptoms I've had in the past two years but I don't want to give you any ideas. Just know I too have OCD and have been diagnosed. I went through brain training and it takes daily work to battle this. Hang in there. We are in the same boat!

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    I should also say that a lot of my symptoms came up after antibiotic usage. I think there is some relationship there. It really throws off your system for some time. I take probiotics and eat a lot of fruits and vegtables.
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