Need Answers - Is this Anxiety and what to do next ?

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Hi guys,

I've posted many times before and a wonderful lady called Cia was very helpful. However I'm starting to wonder if this is even Anxiety I am suffering from or if my doctor is not doing his job properly.

I suffer with what I've been told is Dereilazation. I constantly live in the state of a dream, nothing seems real and the best way to describe it is always feeing u pleasantly drunk with aching legs and arms. I can't get my words out some days.

However over the last week I have been away from home in Spain and my symptoms have worsened a lot.

* for every minute of my holiday literally from he second I wake up to the minute I go to sleep o fee drunk and agitated. It's gone on for 6 days none stop.

I feel -


*Drunk like I've had 2/3 Pints of beer

* My memory is Terrible and I have woken up 3 times panicking not knowing where i am.

*Feel dissorientated and confused. It's like I'm going to wake up from a dream any second.

*Legs and arms aching, Fee week, and like I have got Flu without the runny nose.

It's very scary, and even more so that it has not gotten even a tiny bit better. I have read these can be symptoms of a panic attack, however I am not panicking ?! And it's lasted 6 days straight it's ruined my holiday.

Any advice ?! sad it's really ruining my life now. I am also s*** scared as my dad had fatty Liver Disease and made him seem like he was drunk all the time but he wasent. He's now had a transplant. When I suggest this t my doctor he just laughs and says it's not herreditary, and it isent that. Maybe I'm worried sick and that's what's causing it ?!

I'm 6ft 15 stone so not overweight, have a balanced diet and good sleep. I just want my life back !! Is this even anxiety ?!

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    6 ft 3 ******
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    I have anxiety and have the same symptoms except I don't feel drunk I feel more like my body is there but I'm not like everything is going on around me but I'm not there it's so hard to explain but it makes me not able to concentrate or think strait and it's just horrible

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    I imagine it must be so uncomfortable and scary to be experiencing what you're experiencing. Especially because it has not gotten better.  And I'm sorry that your doctor laughed at you for asking about the Fatty Liver Disease. That was really smart of you to ask and the doctor was very rude and unprofessional for laughing at you for asking.

    What you're describing does sound like derealization (except not the runny nose part. At least, not to my knowledge), which could be associated with something medical or psychological (anxiety, PTSD, etc.). My best advice would be to go to a doctor... a different doctor from the one that you have seen before because that guy sounds like a jerk and doesn't seem like he's been helpful. The doctor will first rule out if there is a medical reason for what you're experiencing. If there is not, then I would recommend seeking out a psychiatrist.

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    I get some sort of similar feeling. I feel like I'm here but not physically. I have conversations and do things but sometimes I can feel like I'm not actually having the conversations like it's not me. I have been told this is anxiety too. However I'm new to all of this anxiety stuff and I'm currently waiting for some professional help about this. Have you ever bought that maybe you don't think that you're anxious but in the back of your mind you are actually worrying about something. I know hat I don't necessarily have to be directly thinking that I'm worried about aomething. But I still get very breathless and panicky. Perhaps your anxiety about the whole issue is making this worse. Have you had some counselling? I've been told it can help you to overcome his depersonalisation.

    Hope you feel better soon, let us know if you can get any help as I would like to know if there is a way around these star he feelings. Xx

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    I would call that panic disorder where you get panic attacks with anxiety symptoms.
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    Wow,This is baffling,I want to say anxiety,cause  with anxiety you do feel out of it, and walk around in a fog, and feel unbalanced. With Dereilazation,it would be like you are outside your body veiwing someone else, and or having time lapses,like missing stretches of time. Going somewhere and not remembering how you got there. I don't think your balance should be affected with this. I would definitly ask your doc to try a antidepressant, and see if it helps. I am not convinced you have Dereilazation disorder. In studies  lamotrigne, and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor have shown promise with this disorder. I would definitly not do nothing. If you don't feel like your doc is listening to you, then find another. Hope with  some meds you find relief. This is awful.

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    Hi guys and thankyou for you're replys. To the people that are saying it may not be anxiety, do you think it could be something to do with vitamaiins in my body? I haven't woken up now in 7 months feeling refreshed at all...

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      I would imagine that vitamin deficiency would havwe added  symptoms. Waking weary is common with anxiety disorder. The involuntary tensing of muscles soon depletes the body of energy. Lightheadedness and poor balance/poor co-ordination are common amongstn anxiety sufferers. I experience both regularly.

      I think your father's fatty liver disease has thrown you into a panic and as a result your symptoms of anxiety have grown like mushrooms. Having said that your doctor is a disgrace for laughing as opposed to explaining and reassuring you.

      Depersonalization/ derealization is also common amongst anxiety sufferers. Whether it is the mind, overloaded with stress and trying to "escape" from the body, in a sense, is possible. But frightening as it is, it is just a manifestation of anxiety.

      Please try not to add panic to your symptoms because then the mind literally goes blank Easier said than done I kow but seeing what is happening to you, practrising regular breathing as opposed to overbreathing, will do much to help you gain a grip on your problems

      Good luck and stay strong!

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      Hi Helen, Thankyou for that awesome reply means a lot!

      I've been back from holiday for a week now yet I still feel horrific. I've had this feeling I would say since Janury but it's just getting worse not better. I wake up feeling exhausted, confused and drunk. I walk to the shower feeing like I've just gotten in from work, and get out feeling like I've had 5 pints of beer.

      I'm completely lost now, I've had cognitive behavioural therapy which has not helped at all which makes me question if it's anxiety or not ! sad but because the feeing is so bad and sort of "out of body experience" it makes me anxious on its own! I feel if I did not have the "funny head" I would not have anxiety.

      It gets worse the more tired I am, sometimes i can't even walk !

      This hell I am currently living in needs to stop. I have an amazing girlfriend, just brought a new house which is exciting yet I can't enjoy my life because nothing seems real! sad

      I just need to feel alert, awake and not spaced out I've forgotten how it even feels !!

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      You are tired and no wonder. When I first was struck with General Anxiety Disorder I could have won medals at sleeping! The lightheadedness, the poor balance/co-ordination and feeling unreal just wore me out and the more I panicked the worse my symptoms became.

      Reading your post it struck me that you have a nagging doubt that this is anxiety you are suffering from. You're lumping all your symptoms together and scaring yourself that the doctor has "missed " something. I say this because I used to feel like that and my doctor then was a lovely man.

      The more I worried the more I deteriorated and the more I felt too damn weary to try to tackle my problem.

      You have a lot to look forward to with your lovely girlfriend and a new home but I understand it's hard to feel excited when physically and mentally you feel like crap.

      If the doctor has assured you there is nothing physically wrong then you have to start from there. Step one. Acceptance. And don't think that anxiety disporder is any less an illness than, say, heart or kidney problems. And the physical symptoms are no less distressing than any other form of illness.

      You don't mention whether or not you were given medication. This can help, it gives you breathing space in your mind and the strength to cope and tackle everything. It can be hit and miss to begin with. Some medications can have side-effects but these are rare If medication is prescribed don't fear it. See it as a "crutch" to help you along, for however long it takes.

      Cognitive behaviour therapy can work for some but not for others. It didn't work for me for instance. I felt it added pressure upon me to "succeed"

      Now then, I have said it before to others and I'll say it again. Knowledge is power. Know thine enemy. The more you know about your condition the more you will understand and the more you understand the less you will panic. This is a huge step into recovery.

      Anxiety disorder can throw up a whole host of new symptoms. I don't say this to frighten you  but to prepare you because it is important that if that happens you are not thrown into panic mode thinking, What's that! What's the matter with me? OH God, there's something wrong!

      You have an anxiety illness. Everyone on this site has it in one form or another. That's why we're here, to support and to care for each other.

      It's a hard slog alone and fearful. It's a damn sight easier being "here" and knowing we are not alone and together we can share and help each othersmile

      You can do it. Have faith. Believe in yourself and all of us.


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      Thankyou so so much for your wonderful Reply again. Every day is still a struggle, I woke up again this morning feeling drunk, confused and aching. It's been another week and still no improvement, to be honest it still feels like it's getting worse. The exact way I describe it is feeing like I'm about to wake up from a bad dream. I keep reading your reply and try to tell myself that it's all stress and anxiety but I truly think there is something seriously wrong with me which just makes things worse. I'm stuck in a crippling circle !

      I went to a back pain clinic today as I have very bad chest pain all the time. She asked me if I had flu symptoms and I said yes have done for months. She then instantly asked ... "Have you had blood work for cancer etc" ?! I told her yes I have had about 5 see rate blood tests now and everything "seems perfect" but now that just keeps playing on in my head.

      I honestly am completely trapped, I just wanna be how I was a year ago. I almost feel like I'm just waiting to die now, (no exasuration) that's how poorly I feel! sad Drained, Dissorientated and well I'll ! sad

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      Mornings, upon waking, can be difficult for anxiety sufferers. The mind immediately focuses upon "How do I feel?" either consciously or subconsciously. Thus fear sets in and with fear the symptoms jump to attention.

      This is a difficult hurdle to overcome I know. It is vital that you get up, even if your symptoms are coming at you from all angles, and start going about your day as best you can.

      The fact that you cannot accept it is anxiety is adding to your problems and making you feel worse. Another hurdle is changing your mindset. You have to tell yourself over and over that yes, you feel awful, but it's nothing "bad"  Nothing's going to happen to me. If I ride it out it will fade away.

      Feeling drunk is a manifestation of fear. Confusion is because you are scared  about what is happening to you Aching is the tensing of muscles because you're stressing out.

      I think that the fact the lady at the pain clinic asked if you had blood work for cancer scared the hell out you and no wonder. I doubt very much she  for one minute she suspected you had cancer in any shape or form. It was her somewhat clumsy attempt to verify you had the tests and her way of reassuring you because she was reminding  you that your tests were clear.

      The symptoms you are experiencing do not point in any way or any direction of any life threatening disease or illness. What you have is what what most anxiety sufferers have or have had at some time or other.

      Wanting to be as you were, thinking you are waiting to die and all that comes with it merely means you panicking and trying to "escape" as opposed to accepting what is happening to you and dealing with things one by oneIf the thoughts and fears and fears are running round and round in you head it is vital you distract yourself, move your body, read a book/newspaper, listen to music, watch the tv. And even if you try those things at first it will be hard to concentrate upon anything but your thoughts. However, practice makes perfect...just don't try too hard. Slowly but surely and with conviction and firm determination

      You are not trapped. There is a door to freedom. But you have to take the first steps in opening that door by accepting this isAnxiety Disorder, nothing more, nothing less


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      Same here , I always feel like I'm on the edge any moment something will happen to me .

      I'm so depressed I think I can't do anything about it not in my hands I don't know I'm just numb feeling worst and weird feeling . always scared .

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