Need help identifying cause of symtpoms...

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-will begin with palpitations and irregular/numb heartbeat

-extreme pressure/pain in back of neck, ears and head

-will become weak and confused (couldn't even put on a coat or speak eventually)

-movement will feel unresponsive, almost as if there is a delay

-eyes really dry, hands become numb and hard to move

-face becomes numb, random areas too

-afterwards, constant vertigo (especially before sleep), short term memory loss and ear pain (maybe hearing loss too)

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    I would like to also add:

    -experienced blotches/black spots in eyes

    -burning in ears afterwards and muffled sounds

    -extreme discoloration of skin, finger nails, and brusing after they did blood work in the ER (as well as ECG and CAT scan and X-ray, found nothing)

    -sometimes time will slow down and move in incraments, everything appears unnatrual... void of emotions, can only focus on 1 thing at a time, everything feels slower than normal. sometimes afterwards I will feel an increased sense of touch and light/sound sensitivity.

    -I'm 24, had panic attacks since I was 19. NEVER experienced anything like this. I realize it's anxiety related but it's not just a panic attack this time.


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    You need to see a neurologist to identify these issues. ask your GP to recommend someone.

    It is more than likely anxiety but best to put your mind at rest.

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    Yes and ear problems etc can be a symptom of high blood pressure. See your GP/neurologist immediately. Best Wishes!
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      Yes, I definitley have high blood pressure when this happens... at least when I start to freak out. One time a vein in my eye actually popped and spilled blood all over my eye, and the last time I went to the hospital I had some kind of fever induced shock and wasn't myself until about 24 hours later. Also, about 5 minutes before driving into the hospital I felt like my heart was being shocked; it was like a strong squeezing sensation and I felt I was going to pass out any minute. 

      My normal pressure is about 130-80 and during this time it reached 186-99 and averaged out about 160-90. Also the squeezing from the apperatus bruised my veins afterwards. For now I'm just taking Aspirin and drinking lemon juice to lower blood density.. not really sure what else to do.

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    If you've had tests which showed nothing was amiss, I'd suggest these are just symptoms of anxiety and stress.  The medication can give you strange symptoms too which can slow your actions and feeling down - but this often wears off.  I believe Citalopram may affect the way the blood clots, which may account for the bruising, plus Citalopram can cause bruising too.  Dizziness is also a side effect.  Have a read of the Patient Information Leaflet that came with your meds as there's a lot of info there that may explains your symptoms.

    How long have you been taking the medication?

    When you suffer with anxiety, you often hold your body in a tense position, unbeknown by you.  This will make your muscles tired and hurt.  Anxiety causes lots of physical symptoms.

    I was 20 when I first had major anxiety, which led to depression.  I had similar symptoms to you and I felt I was in a bubble, detached from everyone else.  When I started taking Citalopram I began to recover and have been well ever since.  It was as if someone had switched the lights back on for me.

    Exercise is good for anxiety and it releases endorphins, our feel good hormones.  It will help to relax you too.

    Do speak with your GP though.

    K x

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      I actually wasn't taking any medication at the time... and when I mention these symptoms I am by no means exaggurating; time was literally slowing down for me, and I have a feeling it could be from something like brain swelling or hypoxia. I don't really want to talk to my GP again because she simply overlooks anything I tell her as 'anxiety', which I agree it is, but I am fairly positive there are other underlying issues causing these symptoms that are worsened when I have anxiety. 

      as for the meds I was taking before; Escitalopram (not sure if that's the same one as you're taking) and Lorazepam.

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      Hi Ad

      I know there's no exaggeration - I so appreciate how symptoms of anxiety can be very frightening, weird and physically painful and debilitating.  Anxiety isn't just about feeling anxious, but can manifest itself as a whole host of other things.  Someone I know has been seeing the doctor since last summer with a mounting number of ailments from crawling skin, restlessness, numbness in the face, legs and hands, painful limbs, lack of concentration, feeling unreal, exhaustion, voices and visions, darkness and was convinced he had Multiple Sclerosis or some other neurological problem and was becoming very scared.  Anxiety was mentioned many times, but he was unconvinced.  Nothing was found from numerous hospital tests and blood tests ...... and it all came to a head months later when he broke down and it turns out he's suffering from extreme anxiety and depression.  He's now having CBT and is on medication with lots of support from all his friends and family.

      Escitalopram is good - I take Citalopram which is similar, but slower working.

      If you need to sort this, whatever it is, you'll need to go through your GP.  She'll put you in touch with various other areas ie neurologists etc, to rule anything out.

      K xx

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