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After seeing my gynae doctor last week and having a further scan I have been told I have a fairly large ovarian cyst (size of a small melon) that has ruptured (from an accident I had back in August) and is now bleeding into itself. He has Booked me in for an urgent op but that's not until 3rd April which is 4 weeks away today, it was his first available slot. He said if I get any severe pain at all before then I am to get to a&e as soon as I can as I'm in danger of it now twisting or bursting. I am very uncomfortable and really don't think I can go another month like this, I can't bend properly and I'm not allowed to walk my dog. My abdomen looks 6 months pregnant and I feel bloated and heavy all the time. Also I am having trouble sleeping cos cannot lay on either said and if I lay on my back it pulls. I feel like I have cystitis all the time cos the cyst is sitting on my bladder and I am completely constipated, not to mention very miserable. I am scared because when I asked my gynae doctor how will I know if it bursts? He said you'll know because the pain will be tremendous and you will be vomiting! This is what happened when I had the accident back in August and originally ruptured the cyst. I do not want to go through all that again as the ambulance men had to give me 4 shots of morphine before they could even straighten me out and take me to hospital.

I work in a busy kitchen for 3 hours a day, lifting/bending, sweeping mopping and I am getting 'twinges' and 'stitches' around my cyst during and after my shift. I cannot be put on 'light duties' as there are only 2 of us and my colleague does all the cooking and I'm the washer upper, put away, sweep and mop the floor, empty heavy bins etc etc...the job is pretty full on.

So my question is do I carry on until my op which is a month away and just try to be careful (not always easy when bending and lifting is a big part of my work) or should I take my husbands advice and get signed off until after my op? He is worried that I will put too much pressure on the cyst and it will burst.....I really don't want this to happen, but feel bad if I take time off cos I don't like to let people down, plus I don't get any sick pay so I'm also worried about the financial side of things too, but friends and family keep saying my health is more important and I should stop. I just don't know what to do for the best and would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you

Mel x

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    Oh Mel, it's times like this that you really have to think of yourself.

    You have been told not to walk your dog, and your work sounds to be a lot more strenuous than that, you can't risk it bursting and you being really ill.

    Can't you ask your GP to refer you for a second opinion, a month seems way too long, when you're in this state.

    If not, I would definitely get signed off, you are not letting anyone down, and try to deal with the financial implications as best you can.

    Your husband is right.

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    Hi Mel. I think you should see your GP, tell him what you've just shared on here and ask if you can be signed off until after the op. Tell him everything and take hubby with you for support if you can. You do not want it to twist or burst, that could mean even more time off in the long run. Best wishes, x rolleyes

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    Hi I was the same as you. I needed emergency surgery within 4 weeks. Due to NHS waiting list issues I ended waiting 3 months. In the end my cyst twisted and I ended up rushed into emergency surgery at Christmas.

    Like you I was unable to bend or go to the toilet. I was wearing maternity clothes in the end and couldn't work and as I am self employed I didn't get paid.

    4 weeks seems like a long wait but if you have a date try to rest as best you can. You will need time over after to recover.

    Although it was a complete nightmare I am now recovering and getting back to normal. Honestly the first sign of any pain get to a&e and don't let them fob you off.

    Good luck

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    Thank you ladies for all your advice & support, I really appreciate you all taking the time to reply and give your opinions. It has really helped xx

    I finished my shift today, walked home as usual and at around half 2 had really bad shooting pains and was getting short of breath. Luckily I was able to get hold of my mum and she drove me straight to a&e. I skipped through triage and was passed straight to gynae. They took about 6 lots of bloods and put a line in my arm and gave me pain relief and a name band on my wrist, everyone who saw how much pain I was in said you'll probably get sorted now....unfortunately after seeing 2 doctors and having yet another scan, I was told I do need the op asap because it's ruptured and bleeding and I'm basically a ticking time bomb, but they just have no free slots whatsoever until my op date of 3rd April. I've told them I'm really scared as I don't feel right at all, and have constant pain in my abdomen, and really bad pressure. They have put me on the cancellation list as urgent. I really don't think I am going to go another month.....I don't understand it, I know the NHS is really struggling and there is a long wait for patients to be seen (although this has been going on since my accident back in August 2016) but how can they tell me it's urgent and it has to come out asap as its bleeding but then tell me they can't do anything until the 3rd....I am now in constant fear of doing anything for the next month 😕 very unrealistic with 2 kids and school runs, clubs etc..... The hospital were lovely this afternoon and tonight and kept saying how they couldn't believe how long I had been putting up with the pain and how long I'd been waiting, but then in the next breath saying we cannot do anything until the 3rd. It's just crazy... I can see this twisting or bursting for sure now, which is really unfair. I feel so sorry for you 2cgcr60 for having to wait so long and go through all that. It took for your cyst to burst before they would operate, it's wrong, people shouldn't have to get to that stage before they are operated on! It has caused you complete unnesscsary suffering, which could of easily of been avoided if they had seen you sooner. It just doesn't make sense. Surely some patients conditions are more urgent than others and this should all be taken into account?

    I am so pleased that you are on the mend now, wish you a full recovery xx

    The only good thing that came out of this tonight is I am now signed off work until after my op, which although is not great for us financially, it's what everyone has been telling me to do, even you lovely people 👍🏼 so that's one worry off my mind I guess. 😳 x

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