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About 13 months ago I lifted a cooker into my kitchen,as soon as I put it down there was a sharp,heavy pain in my chest.I've never felt anything like it before.For some stupid reason I left it 2 months before seeing a GP,despite the pain.They kept fobbing me off saying it was a just a case of a strained muscle in the chest.The pain would not stop and I kept going back and fore the GP's.After 3 months they did a stool sample and I was told I had a H.Pylori onfection.So I did the triple treamtent for 7 days.After the pain just would not let up.So the GP over time sent me for some blood tests (all cler) heart tests (All came back OK) and an Ultrasound for gallstones (again all clear) I was still taking omperazole as the "Injury" had given me brutal reflux issues.The constant pain,vomiting and general rubbishness I felt was getting me down.After 10 months I finally got them to refer me too a Gastro expert (Still waiting for an appointment!) Anyways I'll right the pains I have an maybe someone can help me.

-Pain in upper left abdominal area that very rarely goes away.And can sometimes make it feel like someone is pulling the left side of my body down.

- The pain radiates and shoots  too my neck/back/arms (mainly the left arm) 

- Vomiting and generally struggling to keep food/drink down.

- Headaches/feeling woozy

- Random shortness of breath

- Random sweats

- Stomach pains

- Pain in the middle of my chest (Think it's my ospheagus)

- Sometimes feel like something is stuck in my throat

I've had a sneaky feeling it might be a hernia but the GP has said it probably isn't.I know some of these symptoms are because of reflux and the meds.But I'm desperate to know what the left abdominal pain is.........


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    I think the only sure way to tell is to have an endoscopy. I'm sure from what u have said it's a hiatal hernia too! These can be repaired but they only usually like operating on them if they are big.

    Some of your symptoms are from meds.

    Try licorice tea when you have reflux and if ur bad at night raise the bed with bricks 6-8 inches.

    Avoid all trigger foods and tight clothes.

    Have you been retested to see if treatment for H pylori was successful. Sometimes first lot of treatment is not enough. But i would look for a natural alternative as more antibiotics will put your stomach into further trouble maybe. Chinese med is good. Also using Manuka honey 3 x day for 3 months may help kill HP.

    Find a good gastro doc. What country do you live in?

    Good luck


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      Thanks for the reply smile 

      I jsut find it a coincidence that I had no issues till I lifted that cooker...........then it all went down hill rolleyes

      Yeah the anti-acids really aren't pleasant sad 

      Some good advice there,thank you! 

      I have asked multiple time to be re-tested but my GP flat out refuses too...........she says there is no need to sad Again some great advice.......might do that anyways as I don't think she'll re-test me.

      I live in Wales and I've been on the waiting list for 4 months now.I have checked too see where I am on the lisyt and i still have another 8 weeks before any appointment is likely sad I just want answers to put an end too the constant worry.

      Thank you again buddy I appreciate it smile 

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      I would go to another doc then if she won't test you!! My mum had HP and it took 3 lots of the triple therapy to get rid of it. Although those antibiotics are pretty heavy duty. If you have dysbiosis of the gut, the therapy will make it worse. Get high factor Manuka honey. Try 3 teaspoons per day for 3 months. Take it on an empty stomach. U can mix it in some WARM water. Not hot, as heat may destroy its medicinal qualities.

      You definitely need to have endoscopy. My bet it's a hernia. Got to be if it coincides with lifting!!! Bloody doctors (whadda they know 😜wink.

      I'm from UK but I live in Perth WA now. Wales is lovely. My dad use to take us for a day trip to wales when I was little. We lived in Sutton, Surrey!!!!! Me dads name is Michael. Bloody good name.

      Hope you get it all sorted soon.


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    Hi Michael,

    Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time.

    It does sound like you may well have a hiatus hernia, or a strain, or tear to your phrenoesophageal ligament.

    From my own experience I would advise you to make a list of your symptoms and concerns before you go to see the gastroenterologist, AND take a partner/friend with you to that appointment. Ideally someone who can be tactful, polite but assertive if either of you feel the doctor is not taking note of what you are saying. EG, "Thank you for that doctor, but I know Michael has been really worried that he might have a hiatus hernia, do you think it would be a good idea to do the tests for that anyway?"

    Again, from my own experience, I had four endoscopys. Only the first one suggested I had a hiatus hernia, the next three, done at top London teaching hospitals did not see any hernia. When I went for anti-reflux surgery, the surgeon found a massive hernia with some of my stomach up in my chest. So I think it is important to have a barium x-ray, AS WELL as an endoscopy, to rule in or out the possibility of a hiatus hernia, as that may be crucial in any decision you make about possible surgery.

    Good luck.


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      That's very good advice about taking someone with you to appointment with gastro.

      That's interesting because I have had 3 endoscopies. The first one didn't see a hernia, the second one saw a very small hernia and the third said I might have a hernia? This totally confused me! Do I have one or not???

      Just before my reflux started 3 yrs ago I was seeing a chiro and she use to pound very hard on my mid to upper back with me laying face down. I had never had reflux before in my life and then it just started. I've always wondered if the chiro caused a hiatus hernia?

      Can you please tell me what anti reflux op you had. My reflux has flared up and I can't think of anything else other than finding a cure. It's taking over my life.

      Thanks for your time.


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      Hi Dominique,

      I had an endostim machine implanted in the UK. First, and during the same surgery, my rather large hiatus hernia was repaired.

      I am not sure that I would call the surgery a "cure" so far, but I have had a LOT of improvement.

      If you are interested, I can give some advice for consultation; assessment and treatment in Europe; UK and USA for Endostim.

      Best wishes.

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      Sorry Dominique, have just re-read one of your posts, and realised you live in Western Australia.

      I am aware of one guy on the east coast of Australia who has had an Endostim implanted, Dan Grundy, but he does not feel it has helped his principally LPR type symptoms. I am unclear if his surgeon has continued with endostim surgery in Australia.

      Also, Rebecca Griffin was involved, as a patient, in an Endostim trial in New Zealand a few years back, and has written up her experiences quite extensively, and overall has done really well. Again, I am unsure if her surgeon has continued to implant endostims after the New Zealand trial, but I could help you find out if you are truly interested.

      Kind regards.

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