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nephrotic syndrome

My son has nephrotic syndrome. I need to know please why he experience trouble of breathing when he is sleeping? does this disease has anything to do with the glands? his doctor prescribed for him an allergy syrup. he can now sleep without snoring and shrtness of breath, he is on Prednisone 5mg when he is sick. if anybody experience this problem can you pls respond and tell me what is the relationship between NS and the swollen glands.

thank you all. sad

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  • Johntot Guest

    I was diagnosed in February 2013. Prednisolone didn't work and damaged my physique (fat,stretch marks etc). As I first leanred that they weren't working for me I immediately went on a very strict diet I created, combined with exercise, which began to reduce the about of protein in my urine and increased the albumin level in my blood, basically getting rid of NS(I'll expand on this below). As my Doctor saw an improvement he started reducing the prednisolone from 60mg to 0mg and put me on an immune-suppressant med - Cyclosporine. And since, had 0 side affects from.

    The diet I created was basically cutting out all processed food. Cutting out high salt, high fat content, high carbohydrate content and overall light and frequent meals. I drunk only water and lots of vegetables and fruits I juiced for a year straight until I started introducing drinks like coke etc: at least 3 liters of water a day. I still keep this up as it improves everything and I go to the gym almost everyday weight training etc.

    So at this point I only have trace amounts of protein in my urine and my blood tests look the same as a normal healthy persons. My Doctor is working on the plan to stop all meds but at this point I'm not bothered as I can pretty much do anything I want with no repercussions on my health.

    If you want more specific info just ask

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