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Neuralgia & dental problems?

Age 69. Slightly complicated! Symptoms suggest both types of neuralgia. Is there a connection? I had two red spots on face(+ one inside my thigh). Very dry, painful, left eye. Not diagnosed as shingles. Some friends had shingles. After treatment for \"conjunctivitis it began to subside.

Meanwhile I broke a tooth on the R.H. bottom jaw. No pain then. Dental check and appointment to treat. Then pain started, with slight twinge to cheek. So slight thought nothing of it. Dentist found tooth embedded in jaw. Took a half hour digging, hacking with every possible tool. broke off top leaving root to deal with later and maybe send to hospital. Needle injections hit the nerve at side of face and also above top jaw. Day after tooth removal I left for week's holiday.

Suddenly the side of my face erupted with violent stabbing pains such as described in the main article and others in the list of websites. Like a trapped back nerve I had years ago. Worst pain in eardrum area. I had fatigue and drowsiness. There was pain in the tooth cavity from the extraction but this was extra. Desperately trying not to spoil our holiday I tried to keep going with periods of bed rest during each day. First week-end was agony. Took Iboprofen with limited relief. Gradually towards the end of the week it calmed down. My husband, only understanding it as \"toothache!\" wanted to take me to hospital to have the roots out. I declined as we had to get home again. We are now home and on Monday I have to either go to the Drs. or back to dentist. Could this have been spurred by the dental treatment? Is there link with the previous eye and spot problems? I am not out to complain to anyone just to understand.

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