Neurological symptoms?

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Hello everybody,

If you haven't read my last post please do as this one is a continuation of my last one...

So since my last post I have gotten worst, but before telling you guys my new symptoms let me just say that I haven't seen a neurologist yet but I do have an appointment schedule.

So about my new symptoms:

One day I woke up, with what seems to be like 50 "things" floating in my "vision" in my the right eye and some black spots and every day they increase number, they dont stop me from seeing but its annoying to have things floating around,

Also Im having A LOT of difficulty looking up, it just makes me super dizzy, it makes me lose my balance and It makes me feel as my eyes are going to pop of my head.

Im also experiencing ligth sensitive, if I look at a window or a lamp my eyes will just start burning.

My dizziness and balance was also gotten worse, Im falling everywhere! And it takes just a simple movement like standing up to stay super dizzy and fall.

Im also having problems with my stomach as it feels like a ballon is in there!

And also my headaches are getting A LOT worst, im having these horrible pain in the sides of my head where it seems like someone is stabbing me!

I decided to make a second post to see If I could get more opinions of people as of what these could be...

So please if you have any ideia repost to these post,

Thank you so much

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    To me this sounds like either vestibular migraines or a physical problem such as a pinched nerve/slipped disk/curvature issue in your cervical area. Both have very similar symptoms. I will say that the one thing you listed that wouldn't fit is your problems with your stomach. Constant dizziness and headaches typically lead to nausea but I don't want you mean when you talk about a balloon.

    If the MRI and CT scans come back clear, you can expect to be sent to an ENT for testing. If that is clear I would suggest going to massage therapist or chiropractor for an x ray.

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      Hello and thank you for your reply,

      Did you read my last post?? There I said that I allready had done an X-ray from my head down and everything looks fine, I do have a sligth problem in that my column is actually to straight but I was told that despite being very painfull that is not the reason of my symptoms.

      And I was wondering... Would a pinched nerve or a migraine could cause memory lost and confussion while talking?? Those are also one of my symptoms...

      When I talk about a ballon I mean like having a felling of being full without eating anything.

      Once again thank you again for your reply

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      Yes, I read your other post and that your regular dr did the tests and you hadn't seen the neurologist yet. Therefore I listed the tests each specialist will do in order. You will see I said if those are clear to get an x Ray from a chiropractor or medical massage clinic. I have shared in other posts that physical ailments can show up in other tests but since that is not what the dr or neurologist is looking for, it gets overlooked completely.

      Yes migraines and pinched nerves cause memory and speech problems, mainly because the pain is causing you to lose your focus.

      Also, if they said your neck is too straight then that is loss of curvature and that IS a problem, in fact thats MY problem. I talk about it in various posts but feel free to see how the neurologist goes first since you already have an appointment scheduled and an MRI is always a good precaution.

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    Any issues with yiur eyes should be an immediate visit with an opthamologist. Period. I have optic nerve pallor and pvd in right eye. No cure as yet for the optic nerve and they are watching it it has messed with my head. Scary now but i try to be positive. Pvd they have remidies and such.. Dont dismiss that stuff. Let the opthamologist deciede if its something to ignore. They are very trained and i  feel this is a good idea for you. 
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    my daughter has symptoms similar to your with the dizzyness and the things floating in her eyes the black spots and muscle and all over body pain and she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. she also has quite low blood pressure. have you had your blood pressure checked. i dont know about your stomach. also dizzyness can be caused by ear problems. as our ears affect our balance. i do hope that you can find out what is wrong and things get better. its the worst thing when we are feeling very ill and get all those tests and they come back normal. its very upsetting. as we are left worrying and that in itself causes even more problems like tense muscles. she also has the problem of bright lights and wears sunglasses a lot of the time as she cant stand the light. i hope and pray that you get some answers and relief. 
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